I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 97 Part 1

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Chapter 97: New Friend (1)

The sunshine was bright, shining on the girl in her pajamas, but she felt no warmth at all.

Maryse seemed calm as she walked down the street barefoot.

Many passersby were looking at her with strange eyes.

Without combing her hair or washing her face, and wearing only her pajamas, with bare white feet, she walked on the streets like a little crazy person.

Maryse's dissatisfaction grew higher and higher as people's gazes became more numerous.

She didn't know when she would reach the end of the walk, but the thought of returning to her little nest became stronger and stronger.

But haven't I played enough yet?

This idea flashed through Maryse's mind, and she paused for a moment, wondering what she had been doing all this time.

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Eating, sleeping, playing, and repeating every day…

Very happy.

Is this the freedom and life I desired?

Even though there were people waiting for her and chasing after her, what was she really doing?

A dark figure suddenly flashed by within her field of vision.

Maryse paused for a moment, not being able to see clearly.

At that moment, two fashionable young girls approached, one of them bent down with a smile and looked at her.

"Little sister, what's going on with you? Why are you walking on the street in your pajamas?"

[The short video for today has been filmed. Does this little girl have a problem? Why isn't she speaking?]

[Let's take a video, it should be able to attract a lot of attention.]

[How can I say it to get the most gifts…]

Get lost!

Confronted by the two girls who were obstructing her way, Maryse's mind immediately churned with malice. Even if she could speak, she didn't want to say anything.

The inner world of these two girls reminded her of… her father.

Soon, the power of her mind was activated.

Maryse's eyes gradually turned silver-white, controlling the two girls and making them turn around and leave.

Heh, I thought they would be given some excitement. Aren't they looking for more attention?

She thought about it and went to the nearby cinema.

Whenever employees or customers saw Maryse, their eyes would go blank for a moment, then they seemed to be unaware of anything and continued doing their usual things.

Thus, she slowly entered the projection hall and after continuously using her psychic powers to investigate people's thoughts, she saw the movie playing on the big screen.

Maryse was slightly dazed.

She had watched this movie before with her mother.

That was twenty-one years ago…It has been a long, long time since then…

That family is full of her own traces, and it shouldn't be her who leaves.

She gazed at the large screen, attempting to revisit the emotions of the past, but suddenly noticed some differences.

What is that?

Inside the large screen, there was a blurry smoke figure standing. It was composed entirely of black smoke particles, resembling the outline of a modern detective wearing a hat.

Was that the shadow just now?

Maryse fell into contemplation. If she wanted to complete the task quickly, she had to immediately force it out.

"The target is that one! How about setting fire to it?"

She was slightly startled, how did she say that? Wait, her body, which should have been completely manipulated, suddenly had a moment of freedom at this moment?

Maryse was overjoyed!

Then, she had a moment of worry that the Savior might have died, although he always manipulated the fragile body of the poor little girl like a maniac, he ultimately gave her a lot and helped her escape from danger.

Maryse immediately became a little anxious, knowing that those who are good to her are in danger, she feels very scared and nervous.

I haven't paid back the favor that I owe you yet!

Take care and don't get into trouble!

However, she soon realized that her body was still under the control of that guy.

Oh, that's fine then. You better hurry up and get into trouble…

Maryse quickly realized the situation, that she could now speak, and that was all.

"Ah, is the mouth unsealed?"

Maryse stuck out her pink tongue and wagged it quickly, understanding in her heart.

"Hmm, the tongue can move now, so can other parts be liberated too? Oh Savior, please help me! Pretty please!"

"By the way, wasn't my suggestion just now not bad? Why not try setting a fire? Hello, hello, can you hear me speaking, oh dear Savior?"

Then, Maryse discovered that her body had actually moved.

She exerted her Psychic Domination over a man, who took out a lighter and walked over slowly.

The Savior actually followed her words!


However, lighting up the big screen with a lighter seemed to be rather difficult, but Maryse paid no attention to that and continued to speak on her own.

"I have a few things to say. Could you please give me advance notice next time before manipulating me? I am willingly under your control now, but I also have my own dignity!"

"What if I was taking a shower or forgot to put my pants on? Walking around like that would be social suicide, wouldn't it? Oh, it seems like the Thought Filter can block it out, like wearing a mask or something."

"But that's also terrifying. Hey, did you even hear me talking?"

Maryse fell silent, knowing that her words were of no use. How frustrating!

The lighter was paired with some combustibles and aimed once again at the big screen, and finally the flames burst forth.

The people in theater were astonished to witness this scene, and all were stunned.

"What is that fellow up to?"

"I don't know."

"What's going on? He's burning the big screen!"

The blaze gradually intensified, smoke billowing out. People quickly fled while the staff who tried to put out the fire were all driven away by Maryse's psychic power.