I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 96

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Chapter 96: The Paper Figure Started Speaking!

With his hand, Bai Yan controlled the movements of his pixelated character, "Psychic Dancer."

This mission is quite distinctive.

This time, the game mode includes an element of "tracking."

The interface of the mobile game displayed a pixelated version of Tatsumi City's streets. "Psychic Dancer," who was wearing pajamas, had arrived at the street corner where a shimmering golden light was blinking at the top.

Bai Yan instructed "Psychic Dancer" to move forward and step onto the golden light spot. Soon, a new prompt appeared on the game screen.

"Alien clues have been detected. Please continue to move to the left."

Without hesitation, Bai Yan continues to control "Psychic Dancer" to move towards the left direction, repeatedly stepping on one golden light after another, constantly changing the direction of movement.

Finally, the prelude CG started playing.

Suddenly, a pitch-black humanoid figure appeared in the nearby alley.

It flashed by in an instant.

Then, at the spot where it disappeared, a new golden light spot started twinkling again.

"Hmm, is that the guy?"

Bai Yan nodded lightly, and once again controlled "Psychic Dancer" to move forward, touching the new golden spot of light, and then received a prompt.

"It entered the cinema."

So, did it go to the movie theater next door?

Bai Yan had noticed that, just to the right of "Psychic Dancer," there was an old cinema.

"Very well, let's move on… Huh?"

It was at this moment that two young women, approximately in their twenties judging from their avatars, suddenly approached and surrounded "Psychic Dancer."

"Little girl, what's going on? Why are you walking around in your pajamas?"

Fresh subtitles popped out.


Bai Yan fell into contemplation, and then saw the interactive options below.

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<ol><!-- wp:list-item -->

<li>How dare you look at me?</li>

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<!-- wp:list-item -->

<li>People who meddle in other's affairs should be stripped naked and do a handstand.</li>

<!-- /wp:list-item -->

<!-- wp:list-item -->

<li>My dad abandoned me, I'm so hungry, boo hoo.</li>

<!-- /wp:list-item --></ol>

<!-- /wp:list -->

Hmm, I have now fully realized that all of your options are quite malicious, little one!

In fact, when Bai Yan was playing the first round, he had already vaguely guessed something.

The options displayed in the conversation will be linked to the specific personality of the Core Operator.

Therefore, these three options are all things that "Psychic Dancer" might do or say.

That second option is a bit too extreme. Which "Psychic Dancer" from which worldline would behave so cruelly?

If we were to switch to "Nightsaber" or "Mysterious Magic" right now, these options could not appear… at least not one that prompts someone to take off their clothes and stand upside down.

It can only be said that this little guy is a bit too mischievous!

Bai Yan didn't select any options, but instead asked "Psychic Dancer" to take a step back.

Once the options disappeared, he instructed her to use "Psychic Domination" and thus made the two girls turn around and leave.

Afterwards, "Psychic Dancer" entered the cinema without buying a ticket using her mind control ability.

At this moment, the screening room was pitch black, with only a few customers watching a recently re-released classic old movie… "Dream Journey".

The movie tells the story of a young girl from the countryside who, in order to see the perfect scenery that appeared in her dreams, left her hometown and traveled step by step through the various cities of the Air Alliance, searching for the beautiful scenery.

Along the way, she met many different people and encountered crises caused by wicked people and also received help from kind-hearted people.

In the end of the movie, the little girl finally confirmed at the old geographer's house that the scenery in her dreams didn't actually exist in the world, but she still returned to her hometown satisfied and wrote down everything she had seen and experienced during her journey.

Bai Yan suddenly fell into contemplation and muttered to himself,

"Hmm, I always feel like the story of this movie is like a background story of a certain Core Operator…Could it be based on a true event?"

However, this kind of thing doesn't matter for now.

The first thing to do at the moment is to identify that Alien.

He manipulates "Psychic Dancer" to investigate in theater, searching the thoughts of the audience with the power of his mind.

[Oh, this movie is really boring, I want to sleep.]

[So touching, this movie is really good.]

[Boohoo, got rejected, but can't waste the movie ticket.]

After one investigation after another, "Psychic Dancer" didn't find the real target.

Until Bai Yan discovered something.

"Found it."

On the large screen in the projection room, there was an unmistakable figure emitting black smoke outward…yes, that thing was standing right inside the big screen!

"Can it enter the world of movies?"

Bai Yan furrowed his brow slightly. It seemed that this Alien was some kind of "abnormality", which in a sense, was the most difficult existence to deal with.

They were born in chaos, often not following physical laws, and their strength was also very uncertain.

Sometimes, as long as they met the corresponding "conditions" and "rules", powerful abnormalities could directly kill superhumans above the Crown level!

The appearance of this 'otherworldly strangeness' resembles that of a detective completely composed of black smoke, with faint wisps of black mist drifting around it.

It stood silently in the corner of the large screen… inside the screen.

"So, how do we catch this thing?"

Bai Yan couldn't help but fall into contemplation, when suddenly a game prompt he had never seen before appeared on the screen.

Psychic Dancer sent a suggestion!

He hesitated slightly, stunned for a while.

Wait, wait, is this a unique feature of the second playthrough? There was completely no such thing in the first playthrough!

He soon saw a blue exclamation mark popping up above Psychic Dancer's head!

Bai Yan hesitated for a moment, but still clicked on the exclamation mark with his finger.

The matching black and white subtitles appeared on the screen.

"That's our target! How about we burn it down with fire?"

There are two interactive options below.



Goodness gracious, the "paper figure" can speak!

I wonder what the Core Operators are like in real situations? Bai Yan fell into contemplation.

Hmm, this way, there is more interactive content, it seems nice too.

Bai Yan's lips curved into a smile.

The feeling of fighting alone instantly decreased a lot. Bai Yan found the new mode quite interesting. When playing games, nobody wanted the main characters to be mute.

"Moreover, by doing so, I can also listen to their opinions."

(Translated by Gravity Tales 😘)

Bai Yan doesn't think his own judgment is always correct.

Is there a fire?

It sounds a little wild, but perhaps it's not a bad choice.

Go ahead!

Bai Yan nodded and quickly clicked the "agree" option in the interactive box.

"Psychic Dancer" immediately started moving on her own.

She manipulated the mind of a man in the audience, made him bring out a lighter and walk to the big screen, setting it on fire.

Initially, there was just a small flame, but soon the fire caught on, as the screen material was difficult to ignite, and she even added some combustibles.

Screaming pedestrians ran away one by one from here. Soon, only "Psychic Dancer" and the still-burning big screen were left in the projection room.

And the smoke man.

At this moment, the movie also came to an end.

Just as the movie ended and the cast list played, the figure of a man made of black smoke emerged from the screen.

Like an animated special effect, it emerged from inside…

It didn't launch an attack, but waved its hand in the air.

The smoke man's palm dispersed into mid-air, forming a line of faintly visible words. Apparently, it was unable to speak.

"I am an envoy from the dark world, a devout follower of 'Pupil of Chaos', why do you want to see me?"

At this moment, three familiar options appeared below the screen.

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<li>"I too am a devout follower of the Pupil of Chaos, please guide me and let us conquer this world together."</li>

<!-- /wp:list-item -->

<!-- wp:list-item -->

<li>"Actually, I am the protector of this world, you must bribe me to survive."</li>

<!-- /wp:list-item -->

<!-- wp:list-item -->

<li>Pretend to be afraid and immediately launch an attack!</li>

<!-- /wp:list-item --></ol>

<!-- /wp:list -->

If, only if…the person who chooses to fight here is "Nightsaber", will there still be these messy options?

Bai Yan couldn't help but fall into contemplation.

Then, he tentatively chose option 1.

"Psychic Dancer" nodded gently.

"I too am a devout follower of the Pupil of Chaos, please guide me more, let's conquer this world together."

Just then, the smoke-man suddenly became very excited.

Its arm once again transformed into a new line of black text, floating in the air and appearing to tremble with even greater intensity!

"No, you are deceiving me!"

The smoky text changed once again.

"The great Pupil of Chaos doesn't need to conquer the world at all."

"Everything is within His eyes!"

Thus, the smoke figure launched a fierce attack on "Psychic Dancer".

The arms made of black smoke swung and suddenly turned into two black tentacles, smashing towards the location of "Psychic Dancer".

Bai Yan was well prepared and calmly controlled "Psychic Dancer" to use the "Invisible Cloak of Hermes" and disappeared. In this state, she was not affected by the material world.


The deceived smoke man was furious and began to make a mess of the burning cinema. Lots of chairs were flung into the air by his two black smoke tentacles!

"Psychic Domination!"

"Psychic Dancer" found an opportunity to break free from her state of nothingness and used Psychic Domination at a medium range.

However, she only managed to momentarily stall the smoke man, as an even more violent counterattack soon followed!

Bai Yan immediately manipulated her to dodge and then pulled out the Enchanted Pistol, firing several bullets that effortlessly pierced through the smoke man, yielding a fairly noticeable effect.

But the next scene made Bai Yan furrow his brow.

"It seems that setting fire to the large screen is not a good choice."

A large amount of black smoke gradually appeared in the burning big screen, merging with the smoke figure, which began to make a roaring action but made no sound.

However, the size of the smoke figure became larger and larger, one meter, two meters, three meters… reaching the ceiling at the top, and its black arms tore apart the roof.

The cinema finally could not bear the load and completely collapsed!