I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 95

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Chapter 95: Confrontation

Bai Yan once again found a new "door" from the crowd.

This time, the door was a flashing light door that kept flickering.

Then, he entered into the light door and arrived at a brand new scene.

Bai Yan's pupils trembled slightly as he witnessed an almost unbelievable scene.

"This…is a bit too much."

He took a deep breath.

Though he knew that "Self Dimension" was composed of both the established past and possible future, the scene before him still left Bai Yan unsure of what to do.

On the rooftop, he and Mu Ling stood face to face…

At this point, Bai Yan could actually understand.

"Is this possible?"

The point that made Bai Yan ponder deeply and completely unable to comprehend was…

The black sword blade in Mu Ling's hand pierced completely through his abdomen.

Her gaze was filled with indelible hatred and anger.

As if she was slaying her greatest enemy!

The eyes of "Bai Yan" were full of helplessness and regret, as if disappointed by the failure of the game.

Even if being with Mu Ling was a possibility he could understand, being betrayed by a "loyal" person doesn't seem quite appropriate.

Bai Yan walked over to see more details, but suddenly realized … there was a third person on the rooftop!

Wait a moment.

No, it is not human.

Bai Yan advanced towards the corner, deeply furrowing his brow, feeling more and more terrified as he approached the thing.

In all his life, he has never experienced such immense pressure!

Hmm, that is clearly not a human being.

Instead, it was a dark golden pupil surrounded by a blue-black ribbon of light, marked with intricate black lines on the inside!

Gazing at the dark golden huge pupils, Bai Yan's body trembled unconsciously, but he himself felt no fear at all.

"Outer God."

He took a deep breath, able to confirm the true identity of this entity.

It was extremely terrifying, having the power to destroy even the ancient gods and being one of the Outer Gods which existed since the birth of the universe.

Bai Yan suddenly felt a movement.

This eye seemed to transcend the constraints of time and rules. When it was stared at, it had already noticed the "reality" of being observed.

So, it gazed back at Bai Yan instead.

A tremendous pressure descended!

That was an indescribable, unknown feeling that made him extremely reluctant to approach.

Just as it saw Bai Yan, this eye seemed to be excited. The black lines in the golden pupils started to wriggle rapidly and the blue-black light band kept getting larger, surrounding everything! Covering the sky!

This guy…

What does He want to do to me?

For some unknown reason, Bai Yan didn't avert his gaze in the face of the extreme pressure, but instead stared intently at the opponent.

During the time that both sides confronted each other, the entire world began to collapse and shatter, as an endless darkness surged up from the horizon.


Amid the endless darkness enveloping him, Bai Yan was engulfed in a splitting headache.

The golden pupils grew bigger and bigger, as if they were bigger than the world itself, completely occupying the space of everything!

Bai Yan couldn't bear it anymore and finally closed his eyes.

The next moment,

He had returned to the real world.


Bai Yan took a deep breath and felt a bit dizzy, as if he had stayed up for three days and nights.

Alan immediately grabbed Bai Yan's arm and supported him, saying:

"Is the energy consumption that great? Take it easy. I never expected your mental strength to be so weak that you couldn't hold on."

Bai Yan was unable to argue and could only silently listen to the other person continue speaking.

Alan calmly continued, "Remember, Bai Yan, this type of exploration should only be done once a week, otherwise it can easily spiral out of control. In that dimension, extraordinary beings occasionally encounter strange things… If you explore too excessively, you will accumulate madness, and the consequences will undoubtedly be unimaginable."

"Hmm, I understand."

The previous scene still lingered in Bai Yan's mind, leaving him with a peculiar feeling that the presence he encountered might well be an "Outer God."

It seems as though… it is very interested in him.

Theoretically, whether mortal or transcendent, whether dust or planet, there are very few things that can pique the interest of the Outer Gods.

They themselves are already transcendent above all things.

However, He has targeted me.

What is the reason? For the existence of the "Babel Tower"?

Bai Yan shook his head and recovered from his dizziness. He didn't know why, but at this moment he was even calmer and more indifferent than ever before.

Although I encountered such an existence, I was almost abnormally calm…

"Perhaps it is also a form of madness."

He took a deep breath, stood up next to Alan, and said, "I'm okay."


Only after repeatedly confirming that Bai Yan was okay, did Alan leave the storeroom, while Bai Yan recalled the possibilities of the future he saw in the "Self Dimension."

"Mu Ling… If I am killed by your own hand in some future, then I believe there are only two possibilities. One is that you have been controlled by someone."

He sighed and continued to soliloquize.

"Another possibility is…"

"I deserve to be killed."

Bai Yan returned to his office in a subtle mood, suddenly felt the vibration of his new phone, and took a glance at it.

"Emergency mission!"

"Aliens! Invading Tatsumi City! Please act immediately to apprehend the targets!"

Bai Yan was slightly puzzled, "Aliens"? It seemed like this type of mission had not appeared before. Was it a relatively low probability event?

He checked it and realized that there was only one person available for this emergency mission, so it shouldn't be too serious of a task.

"It seems that this Aliens is not a very strong warrior after all."

Bai Yan revealed a smirk.

"Hmm… let someone stretch their legs a bit. If she keeps slacking off like this, she'll definitely become a chubby little girl."

Choosing to enter the battle… "Psychic Dancer."


In the dimly lit room, there was a small swollen quilt hiding a little guy in pajamas.

She slowly crawled out of the quilt and stretched a lazy waist.


"It feels so refreshing, tremendously delightful! Hahaha!"

Maryse has been extremely joyful these past few days.

Do you really think a life of freedom brings happiness? No, it's not even close… A life of freedom is like a mirage, it makes you ecstatic, hahaha!

She was confined to her home since she was young, and could only learn about the outside world through maids and the Internet. Her knowledge about various experiences in Tatsumi City was limited.

However, during this time, Maryse has been indulging in a succession of delicacies and entertainment venues, and her days have reached the pinnacle of her life!

As for the issue of money, it is not a problem!

She used the ill-gotten gains without any hesitation and completely disregarded the law and regulations.

In addition, she even convinced several fugitives to surrender.

Maryse rose from her bed feeling exceedingly pleasant, scratching her fair stomach before yawning and making her way towards the bathroom. She crouched down with bleary eyes and continued to doze off.

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Just as she pulled up her pants, she suddenly heard an incredibly terrifying sound.

[Psychic Dancer, seek Aliens.]

After hearing this voice, Maryse's smile froze completely, her mood plummeting from the penthouse to the lowest valley in an instant.

Darn it!