I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 94

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Chapter 94: Self Dimension

"New self?"

Alan nodded gently and explained in detail:

"Yes, there are many ways to reach the 'awakening' level, and the Mirror of Dream is one of them, which is currently considered a mainstream method."

He continued, "The ultimate goal of all methods is the same, which is to find the 'newborn' version of oneself."

"It's a complete transformation beyond the limitations of ordinary human… but such changes are uncontrollable and irreversible, so some people regret becoming an 'awakening' level."

"The key point of the Original Level is 'return,' while the key point of the awakening level is undoubtedly 'change.'"

Alan stopped for a moment when he mentioned this, as if he had thought of many unpleasant memories.

"Being thrown into madness, turning into a monster, or even death… these are all changes in a certain sense. In fact, those who mutated during the breakthrough may not have necessarily failed."

"However, the outcome may not be what he desires."

Bai Yan nodded gently, fully comprehending that whether it be transforming into Captain America, a raccoon, a pile of mud or even encountering death itself, all are qualitative transformations.

For the infinite universe, there is no essential difference between any of them.

From a human point of view, there is a difference between high and low.

"But I definitely cannot accept that, if I were to turn into a pile of mud, I would definitely smother you first." Bai Yan's tone was calm and gentle, and didn't sound like a threat at all.

Alan was stunned, and immediately muttered, "Damn it, do you have a problem? If there is an accident, it's not my fault, is it?"

"Bring it to me."

Suddenly, Bai Yan extended his hand and looked at Alan earnestly.


Alan employed the skill of "pretending to be ignorant" and stared silently.

"I have already read many relevant reference books long ago."

Bai Yan smiled faintly and said, "In ancient times, people had invented auxiliary drugs to improve the success rate of 'correct awakening,' and with continuous improvement until our modern society, the probability of 'abnormal awakening' is already quite low with the help of these drugs, less than two percent."

"Alright, alright."

Alan nodded lightly, though he wanted to see Bai Yan afraid. Darn it.

Then he took out a small blue pill and handed it to Bai Yan, saying, "This is the exclusive 'Control Pill' of Demon Hunt Agency, which has been improved from generation to generation. Because you are a Night Watcher, you can apply for it for free. This thing can increase the probability of 'normal awakening' to ninety-eight percent."

"Do not underestimate this pill. Even a low-quality Control Pill on the black market can actually be sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars per pill, while the price for the genuine one can exceed a million."

Bai Yan nodded lightly, once again praising himself for joining the official decision. The abundant resources and benefits he enjoyed were incomparable to those obtained by rogue super beings.

By the way, he suddenly thought of something.

If the supplies of the Babel Tower were taken out for sale or trade…

This line of thinking is not without merit. Resources should flow to fully realize their greatest value.

He ingested the pill, yet felt no evident change.

According to the principle presented in the book, the so-called "Control Pill" is actually an alchemical medicine that stabilizes the soul, preventing the changes brought on by awakening from spiraling out of control, beyond the realm of humanity.

Alan handed over the ancient round mirror with a silver-white frame in his hand and finally said:

"Pick it up and gaze at it with full concentration… Wishing you good luck."

Bai Yan picked up the Mirror of Dream, and according to Alan's instructions, began to gaze at his own reflection in the mirror.

A handsome face that could be deemed as truly elegant.

Is that…truly me?

Gradually, he became aware that something was amiss.

The "self" in the mirror was also staring at him fixedly.

However, suddenly, the "Bai Yan" in the mirror realized that something was wrong too, as if he had discovered that he was actually in the mirror, and appeared somewhat perplexed.

That "Bai Yan" suddenly burst into laughter.

However, the true Bai Yan still stared at the face without any intention of turning his eyes away, and was not at all scared by the eerie transformation.

"Why, aren't you afraid of me?"

The "Bai Yan" in the mirror slowly spoke, saying, "I am another you, and also your true self…your madness, your emptiness, your cruelty, your weakness."

"On one hand, ruthlessly dominating others, on the other hand, hypocritically considering them as companions, neither walking the path of a seeker of truth to become the savior, nor acting steadfastly and ruthlessly prioritizing efficiency, always having concerns."

"Glory, freedom, protection… they all have their own determination."

"In fact, you are the only person in Babel Tower without faith."

"Isn't it ridiculous? You, being the 'Savior,' lack the necessary determination."

Oh, here it comes!

"The book mentioned about the 'inner torment', and it has indeed come."

This is a necessary step to enter the 'Self Dimension', which Bai Yan remembers very clearly.

Bai Yan remains completely calm, responding with a nonchalant "oh."

The "Bai Yan" in the mirror continues to speak with a smile.

"So, what is it that you truly long for? Is it the beautiful and pure bodies of those women, or the glory that everyone seeks, or perhaps the self-satisfaction that comes after saving the world? Or is it the tremendous power that no one can match?"

Various fantasies appeared in the mirror, some making one's blood boil, some making one feel content.

Bai Yan only watched in silence, scene after scene, without speaking a single word.

"As an 'ordinary person', I don't deny that I have various desires, but the most important thing is…I really want to win the second playthrough of the game."

"Since the game has already begun, I should play well till the end."

"Are you satisfied with this answer?"

The name 'Bai Yan' in the mirror gradually disappeared, leaving behind the faint sound of its last existence.

"Actually, you are not like that…"

Bai Yan slightly furrowed his brow, "Is this enough? It doesn't feel quite right. They say that one must overcome the inner questioning to truly experience 'self-exploration'."

But his "self" was perhaps too gentle, disappearing too quickly.

"Never mind."

Soon, Bai Yan arrived at the so-called "Self Dimension".

The so-called "Self Dimension" is one of many special worlds, just like the shadow dimension "Gray Area", the dream dimension, "Soul Dimension", and so on…

This is a special world born from the "Self", and every soul can give birth to a unique "Self Dimension".

And each Self Dimension is also unique and unparalleled, and the "new self" born from the Self Dimension is the key to reaching "awakening"!

Of course, this is only one of the ways to reach "awakening".

Actually, there are many ways to become stronger.

The most recommended way is to be like Maryse… When she was eight years old, she woke up from a nap and was already so strong!

Oh, if you can't do that, never mind then.

There was no change in the world in Bai Yan's eyes, except for the absence of the ancient mirror with the silver-white frame.

"Is this my Self Dimension?"

He raised his head and looked at Alan, who was still standing in front of him.

But Alan, at this moment, was motionless, as if time had been frozen.

Bai Yan silently reached out his hand, but it swiftly passed through Alan's body without touching anything.

"No communication between us."

Without lingering, he opened the door to the storage room and left.

Bai Yan soon discovered that it was actually the familiar university library outside, and the students there were all in a completely still state at the moment.

"Is this the Self Dimension?"

The crucial point is to search for the "new self"… that entity could take any form, even something bizarre and unimaginable.

It is said that someone found the "new self" in the "Self Dimension" as a charming little girl, and as a result, he gained the power to transform into a magical girl…

Bai Yan was moving around in the library while looking around.

According to the book's instructions, once you spot it, you will surely recognize that it is your "new self".

"Then let's just keep searching."

If one wishes to enter the level of awakening through "the Mirror of Dream", constant exploration is necessary.

However, it is not entirely a matter of luck. It is said that the more proficient one is in their own extraordinary powers, the more likely they are to encounter the "new self" in the Self Dimension.

Outside the library, there is a steady, fine rain, and the sky is dark and gloomy. The only light in the dark school center comes from the library.

Bai Yan suddenly discovered a strange person in the library.

It was… himself again.

It was Bai Yan playing on his phone on a chair by the window, completely motionless, with vivid game prompts displayed on his phone screen.


"Savior, you have successfully entered the second playthrough!"

Bai Yan wasn't very surprised, mainly because he had prepared thoroughly, and knew the reason why this "self" appeared.

"That's right, it's just like the book says, 'Self Dimension' is an imaginary world composed of one's predetermined past and possible future."

Once again, Bai Yan proceeded and walked through the entire library, finally arriving at the entrance on the first floor.

He slowly opened the door and saw the scenery outside.

It was not a school with continuous pouring rain, but a university campus shining under the sunlight where hundreds of people stopped on the road, many of whom were carrying luggage.

"Is this the day of enrollment?"

Bai Yan slightly furrowed his brow, entered the still crowd, and gradually found himself again.

This slightly younger "Bai Yan" was somewhat different from the present him, appearing more spirited, with full confidence and determination in his eyes, but lacking a bit of laziness and emptiness.

Bai Yan began to mutter to himself suddenly.

"Continuing to search like this… Could I perhaps catch a glimpse of my former self on Earth?"