I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 93

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Chapter 93: "Hunter Eyes"

Bai Yan gazed at the other person, feeling that his appearance didn't match what he had read in the data.

Ah, can your old man over two hundred years old look like this?

Yes, in the internal forum of the Demon Hunt Agency, "Emperor" is actually a man over two hundred years old, and is actually the longest-serving member of the Eyes of the Empire, having worked with the founder of the Demon Hunt Agency for a long time.

The other party doesn't seem like a "venerable demon" at all, but more like a small, helpless person who suffers from bullying at school… But in reality, he is a kind old man with a good temper.

Bai Yan said, "Yes, I am Bai Yan. Hmm, I actually know you too, the outstanding member among the Imperial Guards, also known as the 'Emperor'."

The young man was stunned for a moment.

"Oh, so you know me, huh? Oh, I actually wanted to pretend to be a newbie, hehe."

The youth sighed and scratched his face with a slightly displeased expression after being exposed.

Bai Yan could actually sense that this guy's affinity was not fake. He was a very approachable person by nature.

It is said that the "Emperor" is a staunch believer in his own position. He treats Night Watcher like siblings, but is terrifying like a demon when facing enemies.

Many Night Watchers in the Demon Hunt Agency admire him.

Bai Yan naturally doesn't dislike this kind of person, provided that… the other party is his companion.

"My name is Kessel."

The silver-haired youth smiled and continued, "At first, I was also a Night Watcher, but now, I am one of the Imperial Guards of the Eyes of the Empire, until I recently arrived here for work."

"Uh, yes, I understand."

Bai Yan heard the other person initiate small talk with him, but he didn't know what to say and could only respond with "mmm" and "yes, you're right."

"Mr. Kessel? What brings you here?"

"It truly is Mr. 'Emperor'!"

"Could you please give me your autograph?"

At that moment, over ten Night Watchers suddenly walked over.

They surrounded the "Emperor" with a worshipful expression, and one of the girls even wanted to embrace the pure white youth in her arms.

However, Kessel wore a plain ring on his left ring finger and kept a distance from the opposite sex intentionally.

"Yes, I am the 'Emperor'…"

Kessel smiled and interacted with the Night Watchers with ease, chatting quite a bit. It was obvious he was familiar with the feeling of being admired.

Meanwhile, Bai Yan was enjoying his meal nearby.

"I'm sure you're curious why I suddenly took such an interest in you."

After spending some time chatting with the suddenly surrounding fans, Kessel finally turned his smile towards Bai Yan after they left.


Bai Yan kept eating while nodding and talking non-stop.

"Actually, the fundamental reason… is my innate power."

Kessel gazed seriously at Bai Yan who hadn't stopped eating, and his demeanor seemed different from before, more authoritative.

"My innate ability is 'Hunter Eyes', which grants me the power to see through the potential limitations of an individual. To put it simply, the potential of an average person can only reach up to around 100 if it was to be quantified."

He gestured towards his pristine, white irises.

"Individuals with exceptional abilities have a potential that surpasses a value of 100, with those who exceed 1000 being deemed as outstanding… Truth be told, I've seen many prodigies in my time, with some having an innate potential that is beyond belief. However, it's highly likely that they'll meet their demise the very next day. That's why I don't find the concept of potential to be all that significant."

"But I must admit, you have truly caught me off guard."

Kessel took a deep breath, scratched his silver tousled hair, and sighed, "To be honest, it's been many years since I was last scared."

"That was during the encounter with 'higher civilization' in the otherworld interface…"

Bai Yan blinked but remained quiet.

"Huh, you don't seem very interested in talking to me."

Kessel didn't continue speaking and didn't reveal the reason that scared him.

In fact, he was completely unable to see Bai Yan's "potential cap".

This had never happened before.

Kessel knew that this didn't necessarily mean that the man had exceptional potential, but rather that a "BUG" had appeared.

Logically speaking, as long as one is alive, they should have a "potential future." The so-called "Hunter Eyes" are actually prophetic gifts of the divination type.

This guy doesn't look like a corpse no matter how you look at it. He appears perfectly normal. So why did the ability of his eyes stop working?

Therefore, Kessel is very interested in Bai Yan.

Bai Yan has finished eating and nodded, saying perfunctorily, "If there is nothing else, I need to leave now, Mr. Kessel. It was an honor to meet you."

"Okay, okay. See you next time," Kessel nodded with a smile.

Bai Yan stood up immediately after listening and left the restaurant, without intending to entangle with such a troublesome person.

"Emperor" Kessel silently watched Bai Yan's back and didn't catch up.

"Hmm, I have never tried the specialty food of Tatsumi City. Let's eat peacefully and discuss other things later."

After finishing the pure meat set meal, he got up and left the restaurant on the first floor and headed to the director's office.

A while later, Kessel had already arrived at the director's office.

At this moment, not only Mr. Trap was here.

Lin Bian, Raven Reaper, and even the smiling Merete Chambers, some of the most important figures of Tatsumi City Demon Hunt Agency, were waiting for Kessel's arrival here.

"Mr. Emperor, we meet again."

Merete Chambers's face was filled with smiles, as if she and Kessel were already old acquaintances.

Lin Bian and Raven Reaper exchanged a glance, they had never seen this legendary man before, and they were surprised to find that he had such a fragile appearance.

Although they had already seen photos, they thought the real person's demeanor would be more dominant.

Mr. Trap smiled and said, "You are late, Mr. Emperor."

"I'm sorry, I'm really sorry. I was having breakfast outside and I just couldn't resist the meat I saw, so I was delayed," Kessel apologized with a remorseful look while scratching his head.

"I can guarantee that I won't do this again next time!"

He apologized sincerely, and then looked at Merete Chambers in surprise, "So little Merete is also here. I didn't know before coming here."

Lin Bian and Raven Reaper stared at each other again. This guy from the legendary "Eyes of the Empire" is surprisingly approachable.

Everyone, except Merete Chambers, was a bit surprised. In their impression, people from the Eyes of the Empire were not easy to talk to.

"By the way, do you want me to handle the Babel Tower?" Kessel's mouth curved into a smile as he suddenly talked about business.

He raised both hands and confidently said, "So, besides Babel Tower, what about the so-called 'Pastor' and 'Queen of the Scarlet Moon'?"

"Why not let me help you… and get rid of them all from this world?"


Did that guy target me because he couldn't measure my potential?

Bai Yan pondered as he walked through the departing halls, believing that his status as the "Savior" granted by Babel Tower had given him a certain distinction.

Therefore, it was the reason why the "Emperor" had paid attention to him.

In fact, as a non-traditional "behind-the-scenes manipulator," he found it somewhat troublesome.

Perhaps it was better to quietly manipulate the world's progression, unnoticed, while blending in among the Demon Hunt Agency… this would surely be more in line with his own interests.

"There's no way out, as I am too handsome and cannot escape attention. Sigh."

Finally, he arrived at the room where he had arranged to meet with Alan.

This was a storeroom with no one else in sight, only Alan standing there quietly smoking.

"You have finally arrived, Bai Yan."

"I have been waiting for you for quite some time, at least for nearly an hour."

There was resentment in Alan's voice.


Bai Yan spoke without a trace of apology in his tone, and said with a smile, "I am simply lost on the path of life."

Well, actually he was just too lazy to get up early.

"Fine, I can't be bothered to argue with you."

Alan didn't dwell on it, but turned around and took out a beautiful round mirror with a silver border.

He said seriously, "To get to the awakening level, a transcendental person must find his 'new self' in that world."

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