I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 91

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Chapter 91: Epilogue

Mu Ling still found herself in the familiar café.

The strong aroma of coffee, the soft murmurs in the hall, and the sudden change left the girl unable to recover for a while.

She saw the owner of the cafe shop again, whom she found somewhat familiar, and he smiled at her slightly.

Mu Ling immediately looked at the clock on the wall, and indeed, time had hardly passed….Otherwise, the people here would have noticed their absence.

The experiences of these past few days seemed like a completely different lifetime.

Although they had experienced a brutal and bloody war on the first day, they were relatively relaxed in the palace for the rest of the time.

They not only enjoyed the careful service of the maids, but also tasted many delicacies.

"In a way, it could also be considered as enjoying a tour."

Mu Ling murmured to herself, thinking about other things.

Thank you for your guidance, Savior, my heart… seems to have undergone a transformation.

After experiencing a painful and frightening interdimensional war, "Mr. Mystery," who always hid in the darkness, didn't seem so important in her own heart anymore.

In front of the mysterious and great Babel Tower, both "Mr. Mystery" and the Black Star Faction behind him are nothing but small obstacles on the road.

In fact, they are mere trifles.

"Perhaps the world that Babel Tower wants to save is more than one?" she suddenly had this thought.

"I understand."

Originally, it was her own narrow-mindedness that prevented them from seeing the infinite and diverse universe that the Savior was looking at, and even the battle at the Babel Tower could last for thousands of years.

Mu Ling was lost in thought after suddenly "understanding", and couldn't come back to her senses for a long time.


Perhaps, this is the meaning of my future life.


Maryse in her pink pajamas sat up from her bed slowly.

The independent apartment had no light, with a dimly lit interior and snacks, toys and clothes scattered around the bed.

The girl with elven ears sat in the darkness.


The entire room maintained its silence.

After escaping from the family, Maryse has been hiding in this safe house and has not had any communication with anyone since then.

She remembered the maid's face, but she knew very clearly that she couldn't go and see her for the time being.

Maryse slowly got up from the bed and walked barefoot towards the French windows.

She wanted to reach out, but hesitated a little, and finally extended her hand.

The fair hand pulled open the curtain.

A warm ray of sunshine shone in from outside, incredibly dazzling. Maryse slightly turned her head and closed her eyes.

Gradually, she opened her beautiful eyes and took a deep breath.

Free at last.

Starting from now on, she is no longer a mere pawn of the family, although perhaps someday, she will return to the family… in a different capacity!

Outside the window, the traffic was bustling with mortals living their mundane lives as usual. This window was just one of many, as insignificant as a single drop in the tide.

Maryse looked up at the golden sun in the sky, dazed.

"The future…I have finally arrived."

However, where will my tomorrow lead me?


In the Demon Hunt Agency, inside an office.

Alan smiled calmly, just like usual, talking to his colleagues about "girlfriends".

"My girlfriends are all too adorable. No matter which one is missing, I cannot sleep or eat well."

"Look at these. These two gifts were given to me by my younger girlfriends. Mmm, they smell so good. Do you want to taste them? Don't fight over them! I'm just being polite!"

After a bunch of nonsense, Alan left the office and went to the bathroom, washed his face, took a deep breath, and looked calm.

He has already accepted the temporary identity of the "Babel Tower member".

Babel Tower.

The mastermind behind it, called "Savior," was undoubtedly a divine existence, but he may not be a villain.

It is utterly absurd to try to fight against such an existence with delusions. From now on, the task at hand is to utilize the power of the Babel Tower to establish order in Tatsumi City.

"Lin Bian, this is the path I have chosen."

Alan was no longer lost at this point.

He left the restroom with a smile, but instead of heading towards where he should be, he headed towards the office of the 12th team.

For some reason, Alan just wanted to see that guy now.


Bai Yan sat in his office, gazing at his reflection in the mirror on his desk, suddenly struck by a ridiculous idea.

The man in the mirror looked nothing like himself.

He looked up at the other people in the office: the captain poring over reports, Holly watching Babel Tower's videos, and Black Vulture still sleeping.

For some reason, there is always a faint sense of estrangement deep inside Bai Yan's heart.

It is not strong enough, yet it lingers.

His slender fingers twisted a black steel pen.

Whether it is "Savior" or "Bai Yan", it seems that neither of them is completely himself, or perhaps only united as one can be considered as his true nature?

Thirteen years ago, it seems that my own memory has been altered.

During this period of time, I have been using my ability to "connect" to trace fragments of various things, and discovered… that some Night Watchers from the Demon Hunt Agency had actually met me thirteen years ago.

What exactly happened at that time?

Now, Bai Yan only remembers that he rescued Alan from being bullied, but he has a vague feeling that more must have happened.

Moreover, the drastic change in his personality over the past decade… was it a normal change?

The enigmas surrounding me are quite numerous.

Bai Yan pulled out his phone once again.

This particular phone is not the original one. The previous phone is currently placed on his desk.

"This is an attempt."

After taking a deep breath, Bai Yan opened his new phone. His pupils slightly contracted, and he fell into a long silence.

As expected, the interface of the new phone still had the game screen of "Babel Tower"!

"It was obviously a newly purchased cellphone."

What is the purpose of the "Babel Tower" and why do I possess it? The answers to these questions may hold significant importance, or they may be completely meaningless.

However, he never believed in a free "lunch", as there may be larger conspiracies at play behind the unexpected system.

"It is necessary to proceed with caution."

In this game called "reality", he plays the role of a "Savior".

Treating them as his own pawns, playing with them joyfully, isn't it so?

The emptiness was filled.

This feeling made Bai Yan unable to resist.

He silently looked at the unchanged tag on his social media account for years.

"When you realize that everything is not important, the entire universe will be yours, but I have never seen any universe that likes such a person."

"The universe is a wild beast that feeds on mediocre people, creating countless fools just to devour them. The wise have a chance to climb to the top, riding on the back of reality, but reality will constantly try to throw them off."

"In the end, it will succeed."

Suddenly, Bai Yan heard a familiar voice.

"Bai Yan."

He lifted his head and saw Alan standing at the door, then calmly turned off his phone.

Although Bai Yan had vaguely realized that even if other people saw his phone, they could not perceive the existence of "Babel Tower".

Several minutes later.

The two arrived at the rooftop of Demon Hunt Agency.

The gentle breeze blew by and Alan took out a mint-flavored cigarette for men, smoking it clumsily.

"Why, have you started smoking?"

Bai Yan slightly furrowed his brow. This didn't fit with Alan's character.

"It's just a sudden urge to smoke, perhaps one day you will try it too." Alan's tone was calm, as if he was talking about a trivial matter.

"Anyway, this is my own choice, and I am willing to bear the ultimate 'consequences'… Although as a super being, even if I smoke more, there won't be any price to pay."

Bai Yan smiled, knowing it was a metaphor, and didn't bother with Alan's current thoughts.

"Why did you suddenly call me up?" he asked.

"I just felt bored being alone and wanted to have a chat with you, well, Bai Yan, actually I have some important things to discuss with you… do you want to try…"

"To challenge the next level of super beings?"

Alan turned around, and earnestly gazed at his best friend like never before.

"Starting from here, the probability of getting into 'madness' and 'death' will significantly increase. Perhaps for ordinary people, staying at the 'starting point' for their whole life would be better."

It turned out that this was why he was called over. Bai Yan understood.

Well, what's the next stage?

Bai Yan fell silent without giving a direct answer.

Recently, he has been continuously using "game" and "connection," so he should have consolidated his skills.

Our time is actually running out.

"Okay, I agree," he nodded.

After Bai Yan finished speaking, he suddenly smiled and pointed his finger towards a distant street in the view.

"What do you see over there?"

Alan squinted and saw a dense crowd on the distant street. The people of this city were constantly moving forward, heading towards their desired goals.

"I don't know."


Bai Yan paused for a moment and continued with a smile, "The development and changes in the world are actually a constantly surging 'tide'."

"The tides rise and fall without ever stopping. Most people can only forever drift with the current, but only a few can stand out and become the person who controls the direction of the tide."

Alan remained silent for a while, then suddenly spoke, "Neither you nor I want to go with the flow."

"Then let's find a way to stand out from the crowd."

Bai Yan nodded and patted his shoulder, then suddenly froze.

He stared in the direction of the sky.

A brilliant golden shooting star was falling towards the direction of Tatsumi City.

It's so exceptional and beautiful, sweeping through the long sky with grandeur, like a solitary son of the sky who is about to descend and turn the moment into eternity.

"Golden… Meteor?"

Alan looked towards the golden meteor with a solemn expression, shaking his head gently, and spoke slowly, "That is not a real meteor, but a more terrible thing… It is the royal guards, the impenetrable wall of the Air Alliance, and perhaps even the 'Funeral Bell of the Babel Tower'."

"It was 'Emperor'."