I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 90

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Chapter 90: The Legend

"The Skarth people have no future…we have nothing left!"

"We have betrayed our vow to the war, it's all over!"

"Make these Enos people pay the price! Fight until the very end!"

Even in the moment of imminent defeat, most of the barbarians didn't give up the fight, and even more desperately fought.

However, the outcome of this war was already predetermined.

The once valiant chieftain of the barbarian tribe suffered a significant reduction in strength after losing the ability of "Endless Raging".

Soon, he was besieged and seriously injured by three women of formidable strength.

Bai Yan repeatedly started new game modes, and his plan to forcefully abduct the queen was achieved… Neither "Nightsaber" nor "Psychic Dancer" were harmed in this battle.

Afterwards, he reflected upon himself and realized that he had been too "soft-hearted". Even if Mu Ling had been wounded twice, it was unlikely that she would die. It was not worth offending the queen, as there might be unexpected turns in the subsequent plot.

The war has reached its final stage.

On the square of the royal city, Mu Ling stood at the forefront wielding a black greatsword, her white hair swaying in the wind. The queen and Maryse stood on either side of her, with numerous soldiers behind them.

Mu Ling and her companions had already surrounded the enemy leader.

"Perhaps this is the destiny of the Skarth people…"

Amongst those besieged was the towering and burly chieftain, namely King Skarth.

He possessed a towering, resolute posture of over two meters, with white animal skin draped over his shoulders, and a long-handled great sword firmly gripped in his hand. His antiqued bronze muscles were distinct and angular, making this man as heroic as those depicted in ancient Greek murals.

However, at this moment, King Skarth had already sustained severe injuries, with fresh blood ceaselessly flowing from the sword wound on his stomach.

Death has already been declared.

He gazed at the three women in front of him and the increasing number of Enos soldiers coming forward from behind, and suddenly felt somewhat ridiculous.

Himself, was quite laughable.

"I made the wrong choice."

Queen of Enos…Aphrora stepped forward, raising her scepter and declaring in a loud voice, "Repent, leader of the wicked barbarians. I shall make sure you die with dignity."

However, King Skarth seemed completely oblivious to the formidable enemy standing before him.

His gaze had already drifted to the distant horizon, faintly discerning the woman he often dreamed of, who smiled at him so lovingly.

King Skarth slowly raised his weapon, like a trapped beast, and everyone tensed up.

"My deity…."

He shamelessly betrayed his original god, believed in the fallen archwizard, and chose to change the belief of his tribe.

After encountering the evil god "Colorless City," his people gained an incredibly terrible power in exchange, and as a result, they were compelled to wage war constantly to repay their debt to Him.

He listened to the lamentations of the dying Skarth warriors and spoke again.

"My kinsmen…"

However, the war had failed at this point, and the Skarth tribe that violated the agreement will be completely obliterated by the "Colorless City".

Not only the warriors in the royal city, but even the women and children who stayed behind will also perish together.

Finally, his clear eyes were filled with memories, and the distant female figure gradually disappeared.

"My love."

King Skarth put down his weapon, lowered his head slightly, and stood motionless in his place.

"Is he dead?"

Mu Ling was slightly stunned, yet she could still sense a strong willpower from her opponent, as tough as steel, seemingly unwilling to submit to any torment and suffering!

If the previous battle had been a one on one, it should have been her who died…

The recent appearance of strong enemies made Mu Ling bite her lip.

As the blade of the Babel Tower, her own strength is still quite weak, not enough, far from enough.

Queen Aphrora took a deep breath and raised her scepter high.

She spared no effort in using magic to transmit the battle report to every corner of the city.

"The war, it has ended!"

"Brave soldiers, our great Kingdom of Enos has once again achieved a just victory!"

Suddenly, Mu Ling lifted her head in awe as cheers flooded every corner of the city like a tide that spare no one.

Thousands of people exerted all their efforts to shout for the end of the war! Declaring the ultimate end of this war!

"Your Majesty the Queen!"

"Your Majesty the Queen!"

"Your Majesty!"

Even the most stubborn and resistant barbarian warriors, at this moment, despairingly dropped their weapons and howled as they fell to the ground.

The exhausted Queen Aphrora remained resolute, as she solemnly commanded the soldiers beside her, "Cut off the head of the barbarian leader and hang it on the city gate."

"You should not do that."

After the battle ended, Mu Ling realized she could move again and immediately spoke to stop them.

She furrowed her brow and said seriously, "This powerful warrior fought with honor and died. We… should have the lowest level of respect."

The queen looked at her silently for a moment.

"No, those demons have no honor at all, brave one."

Aphrora spoke calmly, "Do you know that the evil barbarians have come and swept across the continent, slaughtering towns and villages of many kingdoms?"

"How many innocent women and children have died under their torture?"

"Before the city was breached, they proclaimed… to strip me of my clothing, cut off my limbs, and hang me on the city wall as an example to the countries that have not yet surrendered to them on the continent."

"Do you still think they are honorable now?"

Mu Ling was stunned, the cruelty and darkness of this world far exceeded her imagination.

She couldn't help but look at the pure white palace that seemed to only exist in fairy tales, and remained silent for a long time.

"I believe in the choice of the Savior, so I will also believe in you, Your Majesty," Mu Ling slowly spoke.

She knew that she didn't need to make any more choices, for there were already guiding lights leading her through the dark sky that would never be extinguished.

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The queen nodded, saying no more.

Meanwhile, Maryse who had remained silent, simply hung her head, in reality, feeling very numb.

All around were bloody limbs and the smell of blood, accompanied by screams and a frenzy of violent emotions in each person's heart.

Her eyes, nose, ears, and even her soul were all greatly "injured"!

Can coming to a place like this still be considered tourism?

Gosh! Release me and let me go back! I want to watch a movie, eat snack and drink cola!

Just at that moment, an unexpected change arose.

Those barbarians who weren't killed, knocked unconscious or captured, suddenly screamed in unison, leaving the guarding soldiers stunned.

"What's going on?"

Mu Ling, Maryse, and Aphrora all looked on in shock at the scene.

Suddenly, the bodies of the barbarians started to transform in agony, their eyes filled with despair, gradually uncontrollably turning into white dust which dissipated with the wind.

After a few minutes, there was no surviving Skarth people left in the world.


In the blink of an eye, several days had already passed.

Unlike usual, this time Mu Ling and Maryse didn't get teleported immediately after completing their mission, but they stayed in this world for a longer period of time.

"So, you two brave heroes who saved the country, could you please elaborate on the existence of the 'Savior'?"

The three of them arrived at Queen Aphrora's reception room at this moment.

The Queen's private reception room is decorated in a classical and luxurious style, with an overall color scheme of light brown. It features a spiral bookshelf towering up to seven meters, as well as a purple long sofa and exquisite tea table for receiving guests.

But in Maryse's eyes, this level of decoration is only considered to be at an "acceptable" standard.

She lay spread-eagled on the sofa, with her legs wide open and her eyes closed, pretending to be dead, completely ignoring everything around her.

Mu Ling sat calmly next to her, still dressed casually, while the queen smiled and sat in the chair opposite her.

Between the two of them was an exquisite tea table, on which three cups of the finest red tea were placed.

"I am very curious about your organization, Babel Tower. Could you please tell me more about it?"

Queen Aphrora's smile was quite captivating, as she always exuded mature female charm in her gorgeous ice-blue outfit.

Mu Ling shook her head gently and said, "Babel Tower is an organization that will inevitably save the world, our Savior is beyond great, and I cannot reveal anything else."

Queen Aphrora pondered for a moment and nodded slightly.

"The two brave heroes saved this country, and as the Queen of the Enos people, even though I am extremely grateful, it is not enough to express this kindness. Therefore, what substantial reward does Babel Tower want?"

When she heard the word "reward," Maryse, who was dozing off, woke up slightly and quietly opened her eyes.

Hmm, and what would be the compensation?

Mu Ling pondered for a moment, unsure of how to respond.

Suddenly, a familiar voice popped into her mind.

[Demand her to make the legend of Babel Tower unforgettable for the world.]

Mu Ling considered it a matter of course. Yes, the Savior can do almost anything and lacks nothing. Where is there a need for compensation?

She nodded gently and said calmly, "It was not us who saved this country, it was Babel Tower."

"If you want to show gratitude, show it to the Savior of Babel Tower. We only hope for one thing… to have Babel Tower's story passed down and remembered by the world."

"Please let the people of this country sing of our legends."

Queen Aphrora hesitated for a moment, then nodded and smiled, "Ah, I understand now."

"Therefore, I shall have statues erected of the two of you in the royal city, have minstrels sing of the name Babel Tower during celebrations, and have children in every street sing praises of your great deeds and victories."

"Spread the legend."

And in the next moment after the queen made the promise.

A dense black mist suddenly surged up, Mu Ling and Maryse were slightly stunned as they saw a familiar scene.

They knew that their time to stay in this world had come to an end.

Mu Ling slowly stood up and bowed to the queen in front of her.

"Then, goodbye, Your Majesty."

The two quickly disappeared from the queen's sight.

Queen Aphrora witnessed the disappearance of the two individuals, the look of astonishment on her face gradually fading away.

"Babel Tower…"

She silently recited the name, always having a premonition that perhaps in some predetermined future, she would still encounter warriors from Babel Tower.

But that would be many years later.