I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 89

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Chapter 89: I Choose to Mind Control the Queen!

The two quickly exchanged a glance.

However, they immediately realized that their bodies remained unable to move involuntarily as before.

Mu Ling felt a sense of shame when she realized she was still wearing casual clothes. Such attire was not suitable for brawling…

Quickly, change my clothes back! My Savior!

Speaking of which, where exactly is this place?

Mu Ling was utterly astonished as she had never left Tatsumi City since she was born.

While Maryse was completely different from Mu Ling, she had very little doubt or confusion about the existence of alternate worlds.

This is because the three major countries in Noah's world, "the Air Alliance", "Night Union" and "the Euro League", have been in close contact with many other worlds in the multiverse, including numerous colonies.

For the upper echelon of society in each country, it has always been a popular trend to use various goods from different worlds.

Maryse has long since become accustomed to the existence of other worlds.

During several birthday celebrations in her childhood, she had seen too many gifts from other worlds.

The family invested heavily in business in another world, but suffered heavy losses when the local natives suddenly destroyed their base, and this is what she knows.

The "Guardian Spirit" ring in Maryse's hand also belongs to another world. It was the last relic her mother gave her, although it had long lost all its power, she still wore it carefully.

And now, once again, she was unable to move.

Maryse couldn't help but complain in her heart, is this what they call "enjoying a trip"?

They indeed have come to a different world, but there is no actual sightseeing!

Would the girl's body be controlled by the great Savior when you go on vacation? This kind of enjoyment is not for ordinary people!

She pondered for a moment but dared not speak ill of someone directly in her heart.

Yet, she could not help but feel the impulse to speak ill, even if only a little bit.

To avoid such situations, Maryse had to intentionally "lick" the Savior.

The Savior is really great, he is like my adoptive parents, I treat you as my father… Such words repeatedly appear in her heart.

Of course, Bai Yan knew nothing about it.

Queen of Crystal, Aphrora.

She gazed at two people from different worlds, lost in thought, unable to help recalling the memory that was engraved in her heart from ten years ago.


No matter how much time passes or until death, she will never forget the sudden appearance of the two "Aliens".

They mercilessly dealt with the terrifying war demon.

Then, they killed the loyal and brave warriors who had followed her for years… even her beloved.

From then on, Aphrora became the new queen. However, because she had lost the most powerful warriors, she failed to unify the continent into one supreme kingdom.

The civil war on the mainland had been ongoing for a decade, and the barbarians in the north grew increasingly strong, until they made their way into the royal city today.

For ten years, Aphrora had begun to devote national efforts to researching technology for communicating with other worlds.

Yes, she didn't fear the power from the outside, instead she contemplated how to successfully apply them to help her country become stronger.

On that day ten years ago, Aphrora had already determined that the power of this world was ultimately limited, and that in order to make the country strong enough, it was necessary to explore the outside world!

Under her generous reward, numerous scholars, mages, and those with extraordinary talents on the continent offered their advice, and ultimately deconstructed the method of "summoning" creatures from other dimensions.

Despite several attempts, their efforts resulted in significant danger, and even once or twice, the description of "heavy casualties" would not be an exaggeration.

Many people feel that one should not continue trying in this manner.

However, Queen Aphrora persisted in her pursuit of communication with the other world and over time, she gradually gained the ability to control the specific effects of the other world's summoning arts.

Thus, on this day of life and death, she summoned two brave warriors from the other world!

Mu Ling pondered for a moment, and her mouth began to move automatically.

"We are willing to follow the queen and become your blades."

Aphrora breathed a sigh of relief. Although she had a mature "counter-summon" spell that could send them back to their original world with a single thought, she was still nervous.

After all, the scene from ten years ago is still vivid in her memory.

However, she controlled the strength of the summons, and the summoned warriors should be at the level of "Hope", without the ability to resist a "counter-summon".

Queen Aphrora spoke up:

"Our enemies are barbarians who have acquired the power of 'Endless Raging', they are much stronger than before…but if we can capture their leader, the tide of the battle can be turned in our favor!"

Endless Raging is a very frightening power!

It is much stronger than ordinary raging, and barbarian warriors are therefore immensely powerful and not afraid of injury. They can even heal themselves by killing their enemies!

It is precisely because of the existence of "Endless Raging" that this powerful country on the continent was suddenly pushed to the brink of peril.

However, up until now, no one knows how the barbarians got the power of "Endless Raging". It doesn't seem like a power that should belong to them.

With determination on her face, Queen Aphrora said seriously, "I don't know what abilities you both possess, but I'm sure you are both powerful in your own right, no less than me."

"Please follow me forward and crush our enemies."

So, Aphrora walked down the steps of the palace, but just as she approached the two people, a sudden change occurred.

Without hesitation, Maryse reached out her hand and aimed for Aphrora's face.

Her eyes turned silver-white in an instant.

[Obey me, Queen of Crystal.]


Aphrora immediately wanted to use the "counter-summon". All she needed to do was to utter a character and the two strangers from the other world would be bounced out of this world!

However, she discovered that the more mature girl on the other side suddenly "flashed" and had already appeared beside her in an instant.

She extended her hand and forcefully covered her own mouth!


Aphrora, who was horrified, found herself unable to speak at all!


Did she really know that she had to use the "counter-summon" spell through her voice?

Could it be that she has the ability of clairvoyance?

All I have to do is vocalize a single character…

Mu Ling, of course, used "Deep Blue World" under Bai Yan's manipulation, who had made multiple attempts before figuring out how to stop Aphrora's counter spell.

Maryse had walked up and gently grasped Aphrora's cold hand with her small hand.

In close proximity, the power of the soul has the strongest effect, causing Aphrora's eyes to gradually become confused.

Hmm, this woman's body is quite vulgar, albeit slightly inferior to Nightsaber… Speaking of which, doesn't Nightsaber look even prettier in this outfit?

Oh dear, how frustrating, why don't I gain any fat?

Maryse quietly assessed the "slave" she had suddenly gained control of, knowing full well that she was merely a "slave" of the Savior, not a true master.

However, she still felt quite pleased.

After all, this "queen" was strutting around just a moment before, but now had completely lost herself, which was quite amusing. She can even control her to crawl down to lick her own toes, hehe.

Mu Ling pondered, wondering if the queen before her was truly a villain?

Otherwise, why would the Savior do such a thing?

The two of them left the palace with Queen Aphrora, and outside the warriors erupted in a thunderous cheer as soon as they saw the queen!

The whole city's morale was lifted, evidently, she was a very popular queen amongst the people.

The barbarian warriors all had eyes that were completely bloodshot. It was evident that they were in a state of Eldless Raging as they howled and charged towards the queen!


"Conquer this country for the sake of the 'White City'!"

Maryse manipulated the queen with all her heart and soul, unable to channel any more psychic energy to control others. Mu Ling and the queen quickly began to clear out the miscellaneous troops outside the palace.

Even in casual attire, Mu Ling's strength was not affected in the slightest. With her terrifying great sword, the barbarian soldiers were crushed like weeds and turned into a rain of blood.

The scene was extremely bloody with flesh flying everywhere, yet Mu Ling remained unaffected.

Maryse was already stunned.

She felt like she was going to vomit…The battlefield, it turned out to be the real battlefield.

Incredibly unimaginable brutality…

Is this also called tourism? Oh no, blood splattered on my pajamas!

The queen was able to use ice magic, and its effect was quite remarkable.

The barbarian warriors were quickly eliminated. According to the queen's previous plan, it was more important to launch a surprise attack on the Barbarian Chieftain than to eliminate the common warriors.

However, what she thinks now is simply irrelevant.

"Your Majesty!"

"Your Majesty!"

"Your Majesty!"

The soldiers outside the palace cheered loudly, they had been rescued, and their eyes were filled with loyalty and fighting spirit!

Soon, under Maryse's control, Queen Aphrora gave orders.

"Warriors, follow us and eradicate the suffering brought by the barbarians completely!"

"Yes, your majesty!"

Hundreds of soldiers immediately followed the three of them, but instead of heading towards the location of the Barbarian Chieftain, they quickly broke through and arrived at a corner of the city.

There is no battle here, and the stillness is mind-boggling.

They swiftly surrounded a noble mansion that remained completely silent, its interior emanating a dazzling red light.

Immediately someone reported, "Your Highness! That is the ritual formation of the barbarians inside! It is because of the existence of the formation that those barbarians can gain 'Endless Raging'!"

Maryse once again invoked her psychic powers. The bewildered Queen Aphrora nodded slightly and said, "Attack!".

The guardians here are numerous barbarian wizards, with the strongest among them being an elderly barbarian wizard.

His body was skinny like a skeleton, not at all like a barbarian. His eyes were cloudy, his skin was dull yellow, and his whole body was covered in white lines. His long white hair fell all the way to his feet.

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But the power of the elderly wizard was very strong and not inferior to Maryse's.

"To respond to that boundless land, this war must be sacrificed. This is the promise of our Skarth tribe."

"If we fail to fulfill our promise, we have no way out but death."

He released a poisonous mist that would corrode both the soldiers and their armor who approached, with extremely strong power.

Unfortunately, he could not play a significant role in the siege. After releasing the first spell, he was successfully killed by Mu Ling who activated "Deep Blue World".

Mu Ling didn't charge into the poisonous substance, but precisely threw the black greatsword in her hand.

The elderly wizard who was maintaining the ceremony and toxic fog was unable to be distracted, and was instantly nailed to the ground by this blow!

The magic circle has been destroyed.

Maryse suddenly realized that she was actually revoking her psychic power. Oh, wait, is this it?

I thought it was the rhythm of devouring both sides entirely. Savior, you have disappointed me too much!

Queen Aphrora's eyes regained clarity, and she vaguely recalled what had happened.

"How did you…know about this place?"

She looked at Maryse and Mu Ling in confusion, hesitating whether to use the spell of counter-summon.

Victory is already in hand.

The evil ritual that led to the "Endless Raging" has been completely destroyed, causing the previously high-spirited barbarians to instantly weaken and become incapable of resisting the regular army of the royal city.

Mu Ling approached slowly, automatically opening her mouth and said:

"Please forgive our rudeness. It's just that with your decisive character, you couldn't possibly believe in us from another world. You would undoubtedly choose the wrong path of challenging the enemy leader."

"We are merely correcting the future onto the right path."

"And all of this is the will of the great Savior."