I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 86

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Chapter 86: Food

Alan's Home.

The continuous sound of rushing water could be heard from the bathroom where a man with a very athletic build was taking a shower. One could not tell he had such a figure unless he took off his clothes.

At this moment, he felt a headache coming on and felt that the events of the past few days were too bizarre.

As a Night Watcher of thirteen years, Alan had never encountered so many absurd things. It was difficult to imagine and impossible to comprehend.

After "joining" Babel Tower, he felt like a layman who had just learned about the existence of the Otherworlds; his values and cognition were repeatedly subverted and shattered.

This feeling really makes it difficult to fall asleep.

Moreover, receiving too many "favors" for no reason is also not ideal.

If it were someone else, they wouldn't be as conflicted as Alan, but he has a "loyal and devoted" trait, and is even less thick-skinned than Bai Yan.

Since he has recently received too many benefits from Babel Tower, he always feels that they may turn on him in the future, but he also feels that he was forced to join the Night Watcher.

Wouldn't being loyal to Babel Tower be a betrayal to Night Watcher?

Therefore, Alan was currently extremely frustrated!


Alas, at this point, I can only accept it myself.

What else can be done? Even if I want to resist, it's useless.

Alan barely managed to show a relieved smile, but his eyes still looked a bit uncertain.

In fact, I am quite capable of enduring, and no matter what strange things Babel Tower presents in the future, I will never be surprised again!

So, he wrote a small note.

"Don't become emotional because of the Babel Tower anymore."

[Mysterious Magic.]

[You will embark on a journey to a private banquet.]

[Wishing you a delightful experience.]


Alan paused slightly, immediately realizing that the Savior was speaking again. Will he ever stop?

However, at this point, he has already given up and will calmly accept whatever is given to him, no matter what it may be.

No matter what he may be given, or who may give him the power he needs, he only needs to do what is right… Whether it be Lin Bian or the Savior, he need not be troubled by their "favor".

But speaking like this, does it not mean that he doesn't need to be good to Bai Yan either…

Although Alan doesn't know what will happen next, he still prepares his bathrobe ahead of time, leaving the bathroom to avoid being led somewhere while he is still naked and vulnerable.

Alan, who was still wet and had not dried himself completely, wore a furrowed brow of worry.

"What exactly will happen?"

In the next moment, the world changed.

The change was sudden and abrupt. There was no process of everything collapsing and disintegrating. Alan simply saw the landscape around him disappear in an instant, replaced by a completely unfamiliar environment.

The wind blew in Alan's ears, and he could feel the sudden and strong change in air pressure.

Surrounding him was an immensely large circular platform, taking up at least several square kilometers in size. The ground beneath his feet was entirely made up of white bricks. As he looked up, he could see a dazzling and colorful glass dome, shimmering in a brilliant and dazzling light.

The overall architectural style of the place looked much like a huge steaming pot, and he could deduce from the changes in air pressure that it was floating in the sky.

Alan had never seen such a strange place before, but what was even more bizarre was the "person" in front of him.

It was a man with an incredibly slender figure, painfully thin to the point of being inhuman, dressed in a black tailcoat suit and wearing a pure white mask on his face.

For reasons unknown, when faced with this "man," Alan felt incredibly small, almost to the point where he couldn't believe that they were of equal height.

He could feel the "man's" presence gradually expanding and swelling, until it seemed to fill the entire sky. That pure white mask would disappear from sight if it wasn't for the fact that it was equal to the sky, making Alan want to look up.

Apart from himself and this mysterious man, there wasn't anyone else on the platform. The sky outside the platform was sometimes bright and sometimes dark, like daylight and nighttime were rapidly mingling and changing.

There were so many strange phenomena that Alan was dumbfounded.

The "person" in the black suit stretched out one hand and introduced himself in a low, magnetic voice.

"I am the God of Appetite, the God of Banquets, and also the God of Gluttony. I am the ultimate foodie and the first chef."

"You may call me 'Food'."

Alan immediately realized something shocking: wait, is this man claiming to be a god?

Although the aura of this "person" was incredibly terrifying and the strongest being he had ever encountered, a god or something like that…

"Yes, I am the 'God' you know."

The other party seemed to know what he was thinking. "Food" responded directly without opening his mouth, and he may not even have a mouth, but the voice kept coming from inside the mask.

"I am just a weak god. Even a demigod has a chance to kill me."

"Just because I lost a game with some jerk, I have to entertain his guests here and then have a 'private banquet'."

He seemed to be "staring" at Alan, and his voice seemed to be getting closer, even though he hadn't moved at all.

"How about it? What do you want to enjoy from me?"

Alan was slightly disoriented; the amount of information bombarded him, making it difficult to accept, leaving his mind unable to process it.

Hold on, hold on, a God? Did this guy just claim he is a God? He can read my mind, ok, never mind…

However, how is that possible?

At this moment, Alan was wearing a bathrobe, dripping with water all over his body, with a look of astonishment on his face.

What exactly is the so-called "god"?

They are unattainable, beyond the reach of ordinary people, the supreme and great beings!

And in front of himself, suddenly stood a god.

How is this even conceivable in any way?

Even with the enigmatic Babel Tower, this sudden revelation is still too incredulous to be believed!

Alan, he cannot fathom it!

"The game of Babel Tower has indeed begun. Hmm, very interesting ingredients."

Food nodded lightly and said.

"Well, you think the current situation is too incredible, and it's normal. After all, for an 'ordinary person', it's a reality with a very low probability, Mysterious Magic"

The mask of the self-proclaimed "Food" revealed a black arc, as if with an unpredictable smile.

"However, I am truly a god, and my current appearance is not my true form; it is merely a 'form' that allows you to observe me."

Alan has not spoken a word yet, as he remains in a telepathic state.

However, he always felt that the other person's identity was becoming more and more credible.

"Are you really a god?"

Alan still found it hard to believe. After all, gods are supernatural beings beyond human comprehension, and ordinary people can hardly see them.

Well, ultimately, many powerful lunatics claim to be gods, and such things are not uncommon. Those unstable "anchors" of the extraordinary…

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Food spoke again:

"Whether you believe it or not doesn't matter. No one, and no universe, cares about your thoughts."

"I only fulfill contracts, that's all."

After thinking for a while, he said:

"The previous customer who came here also visited your world and even left behind a great name. Now, you are fortunate enough to be a VIP just like her."

"Come on, tell me what you want to eat, Mysterious Magic."

He slowly opened his hands, and a sonorous voice echoed throughout the space, resonating deeply within the soul.

"All ingredients are at your disposal! Whether it is a rage that has shed tears, a joy that is unbearable, eyes that have survived through disasters, remnants of the end of the world, a girl transformed by revenge, unforgettable memories, or stable hundreds of years of order… in a multi-dimensional universe full of infinite possibilities, all things can be used as ingredients!"

Alan was completely shocked, and couldn't believe that these things could be considered ingredients. It all seemed so exaggerated and unbelievable.

"Then I, I… "

He was stunned for a while before he finally realized the situation. Regardless of whether the other party is a so-called "god", he himself would choose a delicacy.

To put it bluntly, this matter was no different from the previous "benefits". He had to seize the opportunity to have a meal.

But the problem lies in this god…is he a true god?

Many of the ingredients sound questionable.

After much deliberation, Alan finally said, "I want… to have the same food as the previous customer."

Food suddenly clapped his hands and said, "That is a decent choice. Rather than risking unknown 'delicacies', I would prefer to enjoy the dishes of our regular customers."

His voice gradually increased, constantly amplifying, and the entire space twisted and expanded. Alan could only feel the incredible and stunning changes.

"Then I shall satisfy you, Mysterious Magic."

The next moment, Food reached out his hand.

He "pulled" his hand to his side, as if opening a door.


Alan saw it.

An endless expanse of green forest lay beneath his feet.

The vibrant energy emanating from it made Alan feel invigorated with every breath he took, the air around him unbelievably fresh. He had never before been to a place with such an exquisite environment.

Above his head was a clear sky that spanned thousands of miles with a huge scarlet sun, while below were endless forests, and he stood in the sky alongside the self-proclaimed god "Food".

After the world suddenly transformed, Alan was totally stunned that he was at a loss for words for a long time, but couldn't help asking, "Where is this place?"

"It doesn't matter."

Food replied and slowly extended a finger.

"Well, the ingredients must be freshly taken, so the delicacy can be delicious enough."

The lush and vast forest began to wither at a visible speed, and a massive amount of green light points flew from the ground towards the sky!

They seemed to be schools of fish, swiftly darting through the sky, and the overwhelming green radiance continuously gathered towards the tip of Food's fingers, condensing into the final flicker of halo!

A scene like a miracle left Alan speechless.

How is this possible…

It was truly a divine technique.

He suddenly realized that the greenery in the forest was rapidly decreasing!

Among the previously neat greenery, a large amount of dismal white appeared!

In just a few short minutes, all the emerald green had converged onto the tip of Food's finger, finally turning into a small, brightly colored green liquid that undulated through the air.

Underneath Alan's feet, the once endless expanse of the green forest had turned into a boundless, lifeless white wasteland, devoid of any vitality and filled only with silence and emptiness.

"Well, let's go get the next ingredient," said Food calmly.