I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 85

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Chapter 85: The Application of the Entertainment Card

"I am Xiao Xia."

Bai Yan smiled and didn't reveal his true name, as he is not foolish.

"Hmm? Is Xiao Xia your real name?"

Xiaoqiu was stunned and asked incredulously.

After all, she had just said her name was Xiao Qiu, but the person in front of her said it was Xiao Xia, and she felt that something was wrong.

"Yes, my surname is Xiao, first name is Xia, you can just call me Xiao Xia, what's the matter?"

Bai Yan's face was full of surprise and astonishment, with an expression of "why would someone doubt my name?"

Because his expression was so genuine, Xia Qiu could only nod and no longer question.

"I understand."

Adelaide calmly looked at the "honest man" Bai Yan beside her, knowing that this man was not honest at all.

"So, come with me."

After Xiao Qiu finished speaking, she nodded at Adelaide and said, "Thank you for bringing him over, Millie."

Millie is most likely Adelaide's pseudonym.

Adelaide nodded but didn't answer, giving the impression she wasn't fond of conversation.

Bai Yan and Adelaide followed Xiao Qiu and entered the abandoned building together.

The abandoned building was incredibly spacious, with nothing but bare concrete flooring and devoid of any decorations or even windows. Bai Yan thought it was the perfect place for criminal activities.

Surprisingly, a considerable number of people had gathered on the fourth floor.

"Blessed be the Savior, my illness has improved a lot recently, it is all the grace of the Savior."

"Ah, I envy Xiao Qiu, I also want to become the favorite of the Savior."

"Xiao Qiu will one day become a hero like in the videos, sooner or later."

Bai Yan listened to many interesting sounds.

There were around fifty to sixty people present, not just young men and women but also middle-aged women in their fifties. The "Babel Tower Aid Team" really accepted anyone and everyone.

Xiao Qiu arrived in the midst of the crowd, and immediately everyone fell silent, all eyes turned towards this girl.

"Everyone has watched the video and wants to contribute to the Babel Tower, hoping to save the people in their own city."

"Today, as usual, let us pray for our 'Savior'."

Xiao Qiu rallied the crowd and people seemed willing to listen to her. They silently formed a circle, closed their eyes, raised their hands together, and began to pray.

Upon witnessing this scene, Bai Yan couldn't help but draw out his phone and send a message asking, "Are these people all lovers of Babel Tower, wishing to aid it? I can't help but feel that something is off. Don't they realize that this Babel Tower doesn't actually need the help of ordinary people?"

Adelaide also pulled out her phone, giving him a look before typing out her response, "Having spent a week in this place, I think I have a pretty good understanding of their situation."

"The people here can mainly be divided into three categories. Some are those who have fallen into unfortunate situations, whether it be debt or illness in themselves or their loved ones, and are seeking the Savior in Babel Tower to rescue them."

"There is also a group of people who crave extraordinary power, thinking that there is a chance to become a superhuman, the greedy ones who covet the power displayed by Babel Tower in the video."

She paused for a moment and continued her response:

"The last small group of people are the true enthusiasts of 'Babel Tower', and in a city of tens of millions of people, there are a few of these fools appearing, which is actually reasonable."

Adelaide lit a lady's cigarette, took two puffs, and spoke up, "My reason for joining is that my family member is sick."

Bai Yan replied, "Well, my reason is zealotry, or as you call it, 'idiocy'."

"What? Devoting everything to an organization with an entirely unclear purpose and origin, isn't that already foolish enough?"

Adelaide's tone was very certain.

Bai Yan leisurely typed in reply, "I think, at least they have the heart to contribute to this city. They may be foolish, but at least not bad."

Adelaide was too lazy to continue talking, so she joined the others, closed her eyes and pretended to pray with her hands together.

After ten minutes, Xiao Qiu calmly came to Bai Yan and slowly spoke, "Our Savior, the owner of Babel Tower, doesn't need any common goods, and they also have absolute power that no one can stop… but what we lack is faith."


Bai Yan's face was filled with excitement.

"I, I think I can, I am very devout!"

Xiao Qiu smiled and said, "Yes, it's about faith. As long as you pray sincerely, you can become a part of the Savior."

Bai Yan quickly learned that such gatherings were not everyday occurrences, and didn't last long. They only happened once a weekend, and only for a few hours.

After all, most of the people present were ordinary people who had work or school to attend to, and they didn't have the time or energy to constantly support Babel Tower.

In the end, this team didn't seem like a serious group, but Bai Yan knew deep down that those people were not foolish enough to believe in this "Xiao Qiu".

There must be something extraordinary that convinced them so completely.

Indeed, Bai Yan soon found the answer.

A white light appeared in Xiao Qiu's hand.

"Today, the Savior still blesses us."

A dazzling white halo bloomed in the palm of the girl's hand, causing the crowd to visibly relax and each person's body to feel more comfortable.

Those rays of light continued to extend, and Xiao Qiu's body began to emit a radiant glow, as if she were a holy angel.

"Does that girl have extraordinary powers?"

Adelaide came back again, and Bai Yan couldn't help but send another message.

"It is said that this was bestowed by the 'Savior'."

Adelaide responded, "As long as you show enough devotion, the Savior will grant you extraordinary power, making you stand out and even become the 'Arbiter' in the video."

"This is something everyone present knows."


After two hours, the party ended and as a new member, Bai Yan didn't even need to introduce himself to others.

In short, while the small group was a mess in terms of cohesion, there was a palpable and genuine extraordinary power that left Bai Yan completely baffled.

What exactly is the mastermind behind this group trying to achieve?

Bai Yan and Adelaide left together after the breakup.

After getting on the car, even though the captain emphasized again to make the stinky man Bai Yan sit in the back, he still brazenly pretended not to hear.

She drove the car back to the Demon Hunt Agency, fuming in silence all the way.

Bai Yan was slightly surprised to find that the captain had such a character; she was the kind of person who would be a bit dominant but immediately softened when rejected, which was quite strange.

When the two returned to their office of the 12th team, Holly's eyes lit up as she watched a computer video.

She stood up abruptly!

"Wow, how come you both came back together?"

Holly walked over with a smiling face and said:

"No way, no way, have you two become a couple in a place where I can't see? Oh, Captain, what are you doing?"

Adelaide, slightly angry, approached and calmly stretched out her hands, tying Holly's long ears together.

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Holly cowered aside in pain, her face full of grievances, carefully untangling her ears.

"So annoying."

"It's your own fault for teasing her first. Our captain is punishing you out of necessity."

Bai Yan chuckled and noticed that the big guy still hadn't come back; he must have still been working as a caregiver at the orphanage.

Meanwhile, "the Sleep God" Black Vulture was still snoring loudly, seemingly unable to wake up no matter what happened.

Adelaide shook her head, took off her sunglasses, grabbed a beer bottle from the office mini fridge and said, "I'm sorry for not telling you about the 'Babel Tower Aid Team' earlier. I wanted to handle it myself."

Holly finally managed to hear and said with surprise, "What? What did the captain do behind our backs this time?"

So that's how it is. It turns out that I wasn't being targeted after all. Bai Yan breathed a sigh of relief.

He is not afraid of isolation, but just finds it troublesome.

Bai Yan smiled and tied Holly's ears again, causing the little rabbit to stomp the ground and form a pit.

He shook his head and said, "Since you're not targeting me, but only like to work alone, then I'm sure I won't be angry about it."

"Although I believe teamwork is superior to working alone, I also understand that everyone has their own knowledge boundaries, things they should and shouldn't know."

Adelaide poured a glass of beer and took a sip. She quietly said, "I'm glad you understand me. By the way, what's your opinion on that Xiao Qiu?"

Bai Yan fell into contemplation and said, "Hmm, she seems like an ordinary girl."

"But her speech is definitely problematic."

"Perhaps this girl is more cunning than we imagined."


After returning home at night, Bai Yan was still thinking about the scene he saw today.

Xiao Qiu stood among the crowd, shining like a saint.

"Such girls may also be villains, at least she is currently pretending and deceiving, I wonder what her purpose is."

He recalled Lin Bian's story again.

The former "ace" believed the girl's "innocence", leading to irreparable and terrible consequences.

Although Bai Yan didn't express his opinion at that time, the cruel and superbly acted blue-eyed girl in the story left a very deep impression on him.

He really wanted to kill her.

He really wanted to see the expression on this kind of person's face when they were in despair.

Bai Yan shook his head and smiled, "Well, I feel like I have occasional cruel emotions, which is not good, not good at all, Amen."

Next, he opened the operator list of "Babel Tower" and looked through it, only to find that Mysterious Magic's mood remained at 4.

Why is it that this fellow's mood just can't seem to improve no matter what?

Bai Yan pondered for a moment and decided that instead of making him a cup of tea, he would try using an Entertainment Card.

The Entertainment Card, rather than being called "entertainment", is more accurately described as… an adventure.

He had more than one Entertainment Card in his possession and it was time to use them carefully.

Therefore, Bai Yan used the "Entertainment - Banquet Gourmet Card" on "Mysterious Magic".

He looked at his "Entertainment - Travel Card" and fell into contemplation.

"The so-called Entertainment Card often has all sorts of interesting effects, just like this one… Well, let the two of them go on a trip then."

Well, even if there may be danger, your current strength should be enough to handle it.

After selecting the "Entertainment - Travel Card," a game prompt popped up…… and required selecting two people.

Bai Yan's choice was undoubtedly "Nightsaber" and "Psychic Dancer."