I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 84

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Chapter 84: Report on the Spot!

It seems that he was so surprised that he was stunned. Five seconds later, "Seeking Thrill" replied.

"Seeking Thrill: Wow, the boss of Babel Tower is called Savior? It sounds amazing, handsome!"

"Autumncamesoon: Yes, we are the 'Babel Tower Aid Team,' and we are not just an ordinary civilian organization. Perhaps we used to be, but everything changed last Monday when the Savior contacted us on his own initiative."

"Autumncamesoon: Just like in the video, the owner of Babel Tower, the Savior, is not an ordinary person. He is a superhuman with invincible powers."

"Autumncamesoon: He guides people to save this fallen world."

"Seeking Thrill: Oh my goodness, extraordinary beings! I knew the contents in the video were all real. I was filled with excitement just by watching it!"

"Autumncamesoon: Perhaps, you too may have the opportunity to be featured in the video, but it depends on your performance. Only the devout will have the chance to save the world, and dedication and sacrifice are of utmost importance."

"Seeking Thrill: Hmm, what should I do?"

"Autumncamesoon: Come to this designated location tomorrow at ten o'clock, remember that only you can come."

Soon, the phone received a message and Bai Yan smiled as he read the detailed address.

"Hmm, this is the West City district of Tatsumi City. It was originally planned as a new commercial area, but now there is only a deserted and unfinished street that nobody visits."

"So they chose this place, right? I don't know why, but I always feel like this group … is not very rigorous."

He smiled and continued typing on his phone.

"Seeking Thrill: Excellent! Fantastic! I am so happy to have this opportunity. I will go!"

"Autumncamesoon" has already logged out.

This fellow is enigmatic, leaving without a trace.

Bai Yan flipped over on the sofa and proceeded to call his old friend, Alan.

This is neither a light novel nor a Hollywood movie. He has no tendency for being a brave hero on a reckless mission to the villains' hideout. In this situation, the first response must naturally be to report it to the authorities!

Oh, by the way, I'm now an official member.

If the "Babel Tower Aid Team" is really just an organization of people who like Babel Tower, then it's fine.

But now a so-called "false Savior" with invincible power has appeared, hinting at you between the lines to "perform", and "devote".

It was obvious that it wasn't something good. Bai Yan quit the unpopular game and dialed the phone number without hesitation.

The phone connected.

"Hello, Is it Alan? I am your father, one of the great 'Rainbows'," Bai Yan started talking nonsense, "Today, you will become a Divine Executor."

"Bai Yan, do you need anything? If not, I'll hang up first."

Alan's enthusiasm was visibly low; he was disinclined to engage in small talk with Bai Yan, as if he had just experienced some sort of stimulation.

Hmm, Bai Yan knew that this guy had been empowered by the Awakening Soul, but he still wasn't very pleased.

Could it be that the sudden abundance of love has overwhelmed you and you cannot react appropriately?

"I'm not joking, I need to tell you something."

Bai Yan quickly became serious and recounted the situation regarding the "Babel Tower Aid Team", while Alan remained silent for a long time.

"Well, as a matter of fact, someone else is already in charge of this." Finally, Alan spoke with a slightly embarrassed tone.

"I can guess."

Bai Yan was not the least bit surprised. How could the Demon Hunt Agency, who were searching for Babel Tower clues all over the city, not be aware of something that even he could accidentally notice?

The Night Watchers are not incompetent fools; they must have been paying attention long ago.

Bai Yan asked curiously, "So, who is responsible for this matter in the Demon Hunt Agency? What are the current developments and plans?"

Alan sounded even more awkward as he said, "Ah, this…you really don't know?"

Bai Yan paused for a moment and said with a frown, "Hmm, I don't know."

"Actually, it's your team, and Adelaide is in charge. She's your captain. Didn't she even tell you about this?"

Alan's tone became very subtle.

"You actually heard about the case of your team from me. Bai Yan, are you feeling embarrassed now?"

I see now, it seems that the captain doesn't trust me at all. I just don't know if Holly and the others ostracize me in secret.

Bai Yan remained silent for a moment before continuing, "No, I'm not embarrassed at all. After all, I play a major role, so I don't need to be involved in small tasks."

"So, you should communicate directly with your captain," Alan added.

"Then give me her phone number."

"You don't even know this…"

Bai Yan was actually quite helpless. The permanent residents in the office were "sleeping god" Black Vulture and little bunny Holly, while the big guy and Captain Adelaide have not appeared in the past few days.

After obtaining Adelaide's phone number, Bai Yan hung up on Alan and dialed the number again.

"Who are you?"

A wary female voice soon came from over there, cold and unapproachable, sounding like someone not easy to get along with.

"I am Bai Yan, captain, and actually there is something I want to tell you…"

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Bai Yan repeated the matter again, and of course he expressed that he only accidentally discovered and paid attention to it.

He must fulfill the corresponding salary and benefits to himself!

It took quite a while for them to reply over there.

"Then you should go there on time tomorrow."

Bai Yan immediately said, "Is it okay? Do I not need to bring anyone else? Like one hundred armed strong men, just to knock down that 'Autumncamesoon' directly, and then smash the fake Savior's head with an elbow?"

"Beep beep beep…"

The call has already been hung up.

Bai Yan calmly put down his cellphone, his smile vanished.

He had no extra impression of the captain and was not clear about what kind of person she was. He only knew that Adelaide had offended nobles and was "exiled" to the 12th team.

"Well, she is a character that didn't appear in Babel Tower before… No need to pay too much attention."

He fiddled with his phone, contemplating tomorrow's situation, and had a guess.

Perhaps, he would be able to see the captain at ten tomorrow.


The next day, at ten o'clock.

The cloudless sunny sky created a comfortable mood, with the sun emitting warm rays in the sky.

Bai Yan arrived at the western district all by himself and stood next to an abandoned, dilapidated commercial street.

Beside him was a huge department store, occupying a considerable area and providing expansive vistas.

Unfortunately, it was only halfway built before construction was halted.

The superficial reasons were various trivial issues, but in fact, Bai Yan only recently discovered the root issue.

It was hindered by the collective resistance of the local aristocracy.

The benefit chain of this commercial street is not in the hands of local nobles. The biggest investors are outsiders. Once this place is successfully built, the flow of people in the city center pedestrian street and square will significantly decrease.

"In any case, it's all about interests."

Bai Yan stood calmly by the roadside, waiting until he heard the sound of a car. Soon, a black luxury sedan pulled over by the side of the road.

The person who got off the car was none other than Adelaide, with her blonde hair and ice-blue eyes.

The elegant lady, who stood close to six feet tall in her high heels, made Bai Yan tilt his head slightly. She wore a stylish black leather jacket and sunglasses, looking remarkably chic as she stepped out of the car.

She gazed at Bai Yan, who was standing not far away, and said casually, "Before I received the call last night, I never expected that the new member to be added would be you."

Bai Yan smiled and asked, "So, Captain, are you the 'Autumncamesoon'?"

"Of course not, I'm just here to take you there. We'll talk about the details on the way."

Apparently, Adelaide didn't want to waste time and quickly returned to the car. Bai Yan nodded and also got into the passenger seat.

"Sit in the back."

Adelaide said in silence, "I don't want to keep smelling the scent of a man while driving."

Because the other person was too impolite, Bai Yan pretended not to hear.

Adelaide fell silent and started driving quietly. However, she drove very fast and recklessly.

Unfortunately, Bai Yan remained completely indifferent with no expression of being scared on his face.

Adelaide seemed somewhat helpless, and finally drove normally, saying, "I've been watching this group for the past week. They use the banner of assisting Babel Tower and constantly recruit ordinary people. However, their management team seems to be just ordinary people, even that 'Autumncamesoon' is."

"However, the 'Savior' these people worship is indeed a powerful superhuman."

At this moment, Bai Yan interrupted Adelaide and said:

"Even though this so-called 'Savior' is very strong, the experts of Demon Hunt Agency can overwhelm them all, except for 'Pastor' and 'Queen of the Scarlet Moon' perhaps?"

"Actually, 'Pastor' can't hold on either."

Adelaide wasn't angry because of Bai Yan's interruption.

She appeared to be someone with a bad temper, but in reality, she was not a ticking time bomb.

Adelaide continued, "As you said, the Demon Hunt Agency is stronger in terms of combat strength. However, we cannot determine whether the 'Babel Tower Aid Team' is related to the actual Babel Tower. Once we make a move, it may trigger a chain reaction."

"We hope to find the person behind the scenes."

Adelaide drove the car to an abandoned building, parked it, and both got out of the car and waited.

She turned to look at Bai Yan and said calmly, "So, I was here undercover alone, but now that you're here, I'm not playing the fool by myself anymore. It's nice."

Bai Yan nodded and Adelaide turned her head, pointing her hand.

"Here he comes, that's 'Autumncamesoon'."

Bai Yan squinted his eyes, as the "Autumncamesoon" in front of him was completely different from what he had imagined.

"Autumncamesoon" was originally a small, black-haired girl with glasses, wearing a moss-green high-necked sweater.

Her hands were clasped in front of her, and her expression looked somewhat timid.

The girl walked up slowly, with her head down, and spoke to Bai Yan in a quiet voice.


"I am a follower of the Savior, you may call me Xia Qiu."

"If you demonstrate enough piety and love for sacrifice, I am able to introduce you… and have the Savior personally receive you."