I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 82

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Chapter 82: Level Up!

At the same time, our 'Savior' was still at home, surreptitiously playing other games.

The handheld device was connected to a large-sized television.

Yes, the games he can play are not limited to just "Babel Tower".

How can a player be tethered to a single game?

Although "Babel Tower" is a main game that must be played and played well, Bai Yan also plays other games when he rests.

Work is playing games, part-time job is playing games, resting is also playing games!

As he played, Bai Yan's thoughts drifted back to "Babel Tower," and he continued pondering the unanswered questions he had before.

So, who should I upgrade for?

Bai Yan pondered earnestly, realizing that if he were to feed all three "Awakening Souls" to Nightsaber, it would suffice to elevate her awakening level up to seventy-five percent.

Actually, feeding only two Awakening Souls can still raise her awakening level to 65%.

Sixty-five percent and seventy-five percent awakening levels are both in the same category of "the upper level of the awakening level", there is no essential difference between them.

"So feeding two is enough, as eating too much can easily lead to weight gain and indigestion."

Hmm, Bai Yan believed that "Nightsaber" should be fed two Awakening Souls first and foremost, as she is a fighter who excels in resistance and combat, and is crucial in most missions. It is important to focus on developing her.

As for the matter of "Nightsaber" appearing on the later stages of the rhythm chart T0, it is currently too far ahead in terms of progress in the novel "Babel Tower" to be of concern at the moment.

One can only be considered to have reached the late stage of "Babel Tower" gameplay after Bai Yan possess at least a Core Operator capable of reaching the "Apocalypse level," and Babel Tower has become a major force in the world of Noah.

And then, who should receive the remaining Awakening Soul?

Is it for "Psychic Dancer" or "Mysterious Magic" in the end?

Bai Yan continued to ponder, placing the handle in his hand onto the coffee table. He then approached the refrigerator door, opened it, and poured himself a glass of ice-cold Coca-Cola.

Regardless of which person receives it, this "Awakening Soul" can elevate their strength by one small level.

The question is, which one is more worthy to cultivate at the present stage?

"Psychic Dancer" is the preferred choice. She specializes in using mental power and is particularly effective against weaker enemies. Her ability to blend in and remain unnoticed is also quite strong, making her an invaluable asset in many missions.

However, the real BOSS is often difficult to influence, and it is basically impossible for her to control someone whose power is two levels stronger than her own.

Reno is not powerful enough. If the target is Raven Reaper, he wouldn't be affected at all. Raven Reaper could easily knock out Psychic Dancer's head with a single punch!

Mysterious Magic, who is the protagonist's good friend Alan, may seem frail when facing opponents alone, but he excels as a versatile supporter and can greatly enhance the effectiveness when paired with Nightsaber.

"Last time, I failed to control them properly. If I start over, relying solely on the cooperation of Alan and Mu Ling, I will be able to get rid of the leader of black wizards."

Speaking of it, Bai Yan knows the subsequent upgrade route of the other characters, but "Mysterious Magic" is a unique new character exclusive to the second playthrough.

He had no idea what the aftermath of "Mysterious Magic" would be like, and his curiosity soared.

"However, one should not act out of curiosity alone, efficiency should take priority."

After considering, Bai Yan decided to try to level up Mysterious Magic's abilities. The upgraded Psychic Dancer had proven to be of little use in the first playthrough, a lesson learned from experience.

Mysterious Magic's auxiliary capability, "Passwall," can be bestowed upon Nightsaber, and the two would be more easily coordinated. However, Psychic Dancer and Nightsaber don't appear to coordinate as effectively.

According to past experience, the main storyline's "Doomsday Crisis" cannot be won by solo players no matter which level it randomly appears at, as it requires great teamwork.

It's not one person, not even the Savior, who saves the world, but rather…the Babel Tower.

"Okay, it's decided then. I'm sorry, it's not because you secretly insulted me that I won't give you the Awakening Soul."

So Bai Yan first selected two "Awakening Souls" and gave them to Nightsaber, then selected the last "Awakening Soul" and gave it to Mysterious Magic.

"Alan, oh Alan, I have decided to give you a chance. If you fail to make any remarkable progress, then you will have to stay in the warehouse under my supervision obediently in the future."

Even though Alan is his own friend, Bai Yan would not keep useless people around and would not joke around with "Babel Tower."

This is no ordinary game.

Soon, the three pale blue Awakening Souls vanished, and a dazzling golden light flashed briefly on the pixel avatars of both "Nightsaber" and "Mysterious Magic".


After the upgrade, the character cards of "Nightsaber" and "Mysterious Magic" have undergone significant changes.

Core Operator:

Title: Nightsaber.

Gender: Female.

Plane: Material Realm.

Level: the Awakening Level(Upper Rank)

Race: Human

Operator Identification: Slaughter/Infiltrate/Damage.

Milestone: Crime Hunter and the Hunting Dog of Babel Tower.

Primary Attributes:

STR: 81 + 50 Self-healing Specialization (As robust as a mature dragon)

INT: 60 (Instinct was accurate enough for practical use.)

DEX: 95 (Basic control of subtle muscle movements in various parts of the body)

Secondary Attributes:

Charm: 11 (transcending the limits of ordinary humanity, akin to a fairy tale maiden).

Loyalty: 9 (She is willing to carry out all of your orders, as long as they are reasonably explained).

Mood: 7 (Rested well and feeling that the Savior may also be very human inside)


As elegant as a cat (skill improvement speed significantly increased)

Embrace fear (Fight with strong enemies. DEX and INT increased a lot)

Oh, my dear people (When the innocent are present, DEX increases significantly)


Deep Blue World (proficiency level 95%, time stop level 3.5 seconds)

Crime Hunting Blood—Dark

Self-repairing Expertise.

A moment of leisure (Possibility· Afternoon Lady's special effect).

Secondary data:

Physical features: 169cm in height, measuring 93-56-88 (the result of the special effect of Afternoon Lady)

Love: Glory, Victory, Cat-egg rice omelette, Practicing swordsmanship, Babel Tower.

Disgust: Cultists, crimes, salty cuisine.

Items: Night Blade X 1, Nyx's Cover X 1, Anathema's Star Chains X 1.

Description: The successor of the legendary demon-hunting family's decline, born with a great responsibility to bear, possessed a strong sense of family consciousness… seeking revenge and restoring glory.

"The future Queen of Night, the invincible ruler of darkness."

The primary attributes of Nightsaber have undergone significant alterations, with advancements made in both strength and skill levels, reaching unparalleled heights.

She is now completely different, even if she were to face Raven Reaper again, she would not be powerless to fight back.

Bai Yan muttered to himself, "Oh, although she has great strength, she is actually a skilled player. Judging by this description… she must be very good at holding her urine."

Not only did the Primary Attributes change significantly, but also after putting on the new skin, "Nightsaber" surprisingly increased her charm to 11. Bai Yan glanced at the description briefly.

"Well… the special effects of this useless skin are of no use to me, since it's not my girlfriend's."

Bai Yan sighed, thinking that having a strong trait would be better. After all, it was unlikely that a boss would hold back from harming someone just because they were good-looking.

He suddenly realized that Nightsaber's current loyalty had reached 9!

(She is willing to follow all your commands, as long as they are explained reasonably.)

"This description is a level higher than the loyalty of 'willing to die for you', it can be considered the highest loyalty, at least for 'Nightsaber' who doesn't value her own life that much."

As for the loyalty score of 10, that would probably mean removing the second half of the sentence "as long as they are explained reasonably". However, considering Nightsaber's personality, this is impossible.

Bai Yan knew that the "all commands" category was a very broad scope, which even included many things that were extremely contrary to the character and philosophy of "Nightsaber".

That is to say, as long as he can deceive her properly, such as telling her that a certain child is actually a disguised great demon king, then "Nightsaber" could even obey his command to take that child's life, instead of being extremely suspicious about what is going on, although she may feel uneasy afterward.

Or maybe, if he tricked her into believing that giving birth to a child that would be crucial in saving the world was necessary, then Nightsaber would probably choose to believe… maybe?

Bai Yan reclined on the sofa and muttered, "It's her unwavering belief in the Savior that makes her so loyal."

But what if one day the "Savior" is no longer great? And becomes evil? Although this possibility is zero, Bai Yan likes to indulge in wild thoughts.

Mysterious Magic's STR attribute remained unchanged at 25, but both his INT and Skill increased by 15. Together with the progress garnered from his recent training, his attributes have now become 73 and 77.

Loyalty is currently at a level of 3, while mood is at 4.

What's more important is that after leveling up, "Mysterious Magic" has developed a powerful spellcraft!

Upon seeing the introduction of this new spell, Bai Yan knew he had truly made the right bet - "Mysterious Magic" as a supporting character was undoubtedly strong.

Spellcraft: The Replacing Spell!

"By clapping and instantly replacing oneself with objects in the mind, physical contact with the object is necessary, while for a living being, both parties must have no hostile intentions. It can be used every ten seconds, and the greater the distance between the two parties and the quality of the object being exchanged, the more energy it consumes."

"As a magician, it would be reasonable to suddenly replace your position with something!"

"Thus, by doing so, it will be possible to collaborate with others and come up with many more ways of playing."

Bai Yan glanced at it and noticed that the character card for "Psychic Dancer" had recently been updated. Without going into specifics about the various numerical changes, she had acquired a new milestone and a new trait.

New Milestone: The Traitor

New Trait: Free Spirit (Reduces the likelihood of being controlled)

After upgrading the Core Operators, Bai Yan didn't put down his phone. Instead, he intended to contact "Autumncamesoon".

Regarding the matter of the "Babel Tower Support Group", their appointed meeting time is today. Bai Yan is curious about the activities these individuals will engage in.

In the first playthrough, there were also many groups in each world that worshiped the Babel Tower, but some of them were actually plotting… as "feigned loyalty"!