I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 81 Part 2

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Chapter 81: "Afternoon Lady - Nightsaber" (2)

However, there is definitely a problem with this store… Mu Ling has already noticed that all the men and most of the women inside are secretly peering at her.

Why are all of these people looking at me if there isn't a problem with them?

Although there have been similar situations before, at that time only some men would look at me. It is impossible to change clothes and slightly alter my body and temperament and attract the attention of so many people, right?

Okay, I suppose it's because I am too beautiful, that's why people pay attention… Mu Ling isn't really foolish, she finally understands that she has been overthinking.

People are indeed paying attention to Mu Ling, because at this moment her "charm" has reached 11, exceeding the limit of ordinary human beings, and no one can ignore it.

This is the hidden effect of "Afternoon Lady."

"That girl is so beautiful. I have never seen anyone like her before in my life."

"Truly beautiful, she appears to be the type of woman who would make a great girlfriend."

"Damn it, jealousy! It's making me so angry."

Then, Mu Ling came to the amusement park, bewilderedly enjoying many attractions before entering a café where she drank a cappuccino while listening to classical music with confusion.

At last, as dusk fell, she found herself automatically drawn to the park, where she gazed at the swans swimming on the artificial lake, totally immersed in confusion and perplexity.

What happened?

It's as if I've rested the entire day today… I seldom had such experiences before, and even less so during the past half month.

Since she was young, Mu Ling has always maintained a high-intensity lifestyle of frequent fighting, no longer holding hope for daily life.

After going to school, she rarely communicated with others, had very few friends, and never had deep interactions with them.

Fried chicken shops, amusement parks, coffee shops, park benches… such a leisurely lifestyle, it seems like I haven't experienced it in a long time.

She gradually recalled some of the things Huo Xin had said.

Before her father was murdered, she didn't value honor as much, and the illness she suffered at that time made her become more extreme in her temperament… Huo Xin has always hoped that she could let it go.


Therefore, I would be so grateful for the Babel Tower that without the existence of the Savior, I would never have been able to fulfill my obsession.

Mu Ling had learned to master herself, and at last the manipulation of the day had come to an end.

Uh, an unprecedented manipulation.

"I was not at all scared, nor did I want to complain. I had already fully adapted."

"I have always been very content."

Savior, do you actually…not want me to become a mere 'blade'?

If it weren't for the various 'adjusted trainings' in the past half month, perhaps Mu Ling would not have had such a strong feeling. However, it is precisely because she has been practicing too hard and feeling exhausted during the current period of time that she can now be very relaxed and grateful for the Savior's kindness.

Mu Ling completely forgot that the "high pressure" she had been feeling during this period was precisely what the Savior had bestowed upon her, and of course, she didn't consider these pressures to be anything undesirable.

For the Savior had given herself too much.

She slowly lifted her head, not wanting the tears to slide down her cheeks and fall onto the ground.

"So, what kind of person are you, in the end?"

Mu Ling began to feel curious about the Savior, whom she had previously perceived as a cold-blooded and inscrutable enigma, possessing an immense and unfathomable power that defied human comprehension.

Now, she feels that even the Savior may have a human side.

At this moment, Mu Ling remembered all the various training she had gone through and the countless experiences of 'death' she had endured.

Hmm, maybe the Savior also has a human side, but not too much.