I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 81 Part 1

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Chapter 81: "Afternoon Lady - Nightsaber" (1)

Mu Ling returned once again to her own abode.

The first-floor hall of the family villa remained solemn, classical, and deserted as usual.

She relaxed and let out a soft sigh, then lifted her gaze towards the window, where the moonlight was pleasantly serene.


Has Huo Xin already gone to sleep? However, he tends to be more active at night, as it is characteristic of his race.

Mu Ling pondered, and sure enough, she soon saw the giant spiral chandelier hanging in the hall light up, while Huo Xin strode down from the corner of the upstairs hallway with hands behind his back.

The old man remained steadfast as ever, silently guarding this dilapidated home.

"Miss, have you gone on another mission for the 'Babel Tower'?" His tone was somewhat worried. These past few days, after learning how to watch videos, he would always worry for Mu Ling during each mission.

"I never expected that you would confront Raven Reaper like that…" Huo Xin recalled the scene where Raven Reaper attacked the lady and found it difficult to continue.


Mu Ling nodded gently, without any concealment, and said, "The mission was completed very smoothly, although I did suffer a few punches, I didn't receive too much harm during the process, so you can rest assured."

Huo Xin shook his head and said with a bitter smile, "You always think that I am overly concerned, but you are the only family I have left, so you must take good care of yourself."

Mu Ling gave a shallow smile, nodded, and earnestly promised, "Don't worry, Huo Xin."

"I, shall never die."


Huo Xin shook his head once more, knowing that anything he said would be of no use.

After comforting the departing old butler, the exhausted young girl went to take a bath.

The bath in the Mu family villa is actually very large, constructed in a classical style similar to the ancient Roman baths. She slowly removed each item of her attire, until she was left with only black silk stockings.

The girl lay in the clear pool of water and slowly closed her eyes.

"Once again, the task was completed. It had been completed countless times before… Over and over, is there any chance of restoring even a fraction of the family's honor?"

Fatigue, a great deal of mental fatigue, was seeping deep into the girl's skin in all directions, making her incredibly tired, to the point where she didn't even want to lift a finger.


Mu Ling gave a faint hum, and the physical and mental pain and exhaustion were evident. The daily high-intensity training and life-and-death battles were not so easily sustained.

"Regardless of the circumstances…"

I will make my family regain its honor.

In a daze, Mu Ling remembered her parents' faces, as if they were praising her.

On that night, she slept soundly.

When Mu Ling woke up again from her sun-drenched bed, suddenly, she felt a peculiar and unique sensation.

It is a very peculiar sensation, indescribable and one that has never been experienced before.

The next moment, Mu Ling suddenly discovered that a fuzzy layer of mosaic had appeared on the surface of her body! A large number of colorful particles wriggled incessantly, as if to form some kind of special substance!


[This transformation was brought forth by another version of you from a different realm.]

The voice of the Savior appeared once again in her mind, and Mu Ling set her mind at ease, calmly awaiting the outcome.

When the wriggling particles dissipated, Mu Ling discovered that her clothes had undergone a complete transformation.

This is a very casual attire, with a pale apricot-colored long skirt. Although she had similar clothes before, she never expected… that the Savior would give her such an outfit.


What does this represent?

What is his intention, after all?

Soon, the confused Mu Ling arrived at the floor-length mirror in the room and was astonished to discover a fact!

The change was not just in the clothes, but also in her own body!

Her hair has unexpectedly become shorter, her skin seems to be even more fair and delicate, and even the expression and temperament between her eyebrows are completely different from the past.

The chill and gloom that once enveloped her had long dissipated, leaving her as innocent as a youth who had never experienced the brutality of battle.

"It seems that my chest has also grown slightly larger…"

What is going on?

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Mu Ling was utterly incapable of comprehending why such a metamorphosis had come upon her person. While she might have understood the alterations in her apparel, the transformations that had overtaken her body remained utterly inscrutable.

She gently scratched her head and felt that the person in the mirror looked…naive?

"What's going on? My body feels so strange. What is the Savior thinking, after all?"

She stood in front of the mirror for quite some time, shook her head in incomprehension, and decided to change clothes as it was time to begin her swordsmanship training.

Even if something like this were to happen, it couldn't deter Mu Ling's habit of practicing swordsmanship in the morning.

The experiences of childhood and the adjusted training at Babel Tower have thoroughly instilled in her a habit that is memorable and enduring.

However, as Mu Ling removed the clothing and meticulously placed it on the bed, she was stunned to discover something.

The current self… strangely cannot fit into any other clothes!

Yes, they won't fit.

She wanted to put on other clothes from the wardrobe, but they went right through her body and she couldn't wear them at all.

"How could this happen?"

Either maintain the current state, or be forced to wear the outfit provided by the Savior.

Mu Ling sighed, resigned to donning the leisure wear bestowed upon her by the Savior.

"Even in this awkward state… I cannot let my swordsmanship become unfamiliar."

However, upon arriving in the courtyard, Mu Ling suddenly discovered that her body had once again become uncontrollable.

Does the Savior have a task?

She was difficult to comprehend, but still proficiently manipulated into leaving home, albeit with a complex state of mind.

The events that transpired today were all too peculiar!

The girl walked all the way, leaving the boundary of her family, until she reached the pedestrian street, where a noisy fried chicken shop was located.

Mu Ling walked into it with a wary mood and sat down.

Could it be that this place, while appearing to be a fried chicken shop, is actually the lair of a cult? Otherwise, why would the Savior let her come here?

And then her body began to order automatically, after a while, a large amount of junk food was delivered.

Mu Ling fell into contemplation.

Could it be that these junk foods, although they seem like ordinary meals, are in reality cursed monstrosities made of flesh and blood?

Mu Ling was constantly preparing for the battle, observing every individual in the fried chicken shop, eager to determine which one was the cultist, the black wizard, or the extraordinary criminal.

And her body automatically began to eat, chicken nuggets, hamburgers, apple pie, ice cream, chicken legs… Mu Ling has a fairly large appetite and doesn't feel full at all.

The taste is alright, but where is the battle?

Next, Mu Ling's body moved.

She slowly got up and walked towards the counter. Mu Ling remembered that she had already paid the phone bill, so what was she up to?

Ah, I see now! I understand!

Mu Ling experienced a sudden epiphany at this very moment!

It is there, behind that counter, where the seemingly ordinary staff member may in fact be another senior disciple of the Black Star Faction.

Unfortunately, your disguise was rendered completely futile by the verdict of Babel Tower.

Then she delicately took a napkin and wiped her mouth. The staff smilingly asked a little child, "What would you like to order, little one?"

The little child looked at the older sister beside him, who was wiping her mouth, with a shocked expression and whispered, "I want to order a large cup of milk tea without the tea."

The smile on the staff's face froze. So this is how impure children have become these days…

Mu Ling soon became aware of the mistake she had committed.

Ah, I guessed wrong.