I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 80 Part 2

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Chapter 80: Awakening Soul! New Skin! (2)

"Operator Fragment - Fusion Slime × 1"

Second draw!

"Operator Fragment: The Final Gun ×1."

The third draw!

"Operator Fragment: Queen of the Scarlet Moon x1"

Hmm, I got it, but I didn't really get it…

The fourth draw!

"Operator Fragment: Girl Psychic Elene ×1"

Fifth draw!

"Operator Fragment - Dead Insane Warrior Red Moon ×1"

After drawing five shots, Bai Yan felt a moment of trance.

All of them are fragments of operators. My goodness, this bad luck is simply unparalleled, even if I were to draw a tactical card, that would be fine!

However, there is actually some good news - at least he is getting closer and closer to completing the collection of Queen of the Scarlet Moon.

Bai Yan consoled himself that there were only four fragments left anyway and he still had seventy days before the "First Doomsday Crisis" would occur. How could he possibly fail to draw the lot?

At this moment, his heart was filled with confidence!

Then, it was the new pond "Different Dimensions".

First draw!

"Probability! Afternoon Lady - Nightsaber!"

"Not a skin of only seven days?" Bai Yan was slightly stunned and couldn't believe it.

Second draw!

"Probability! Water World - Psychic Dancer (Seven Days)."

The third draw!

"Probability! Water World - Queen of the Scarlet Moon!"

Bai Yan remained stunned for a long, long time, until he finally regained his composure after a brief moment of confirmation.

"I don't have this Operator, can we change to a Psychic Dancer's skin? The 'Water World' skin from the same series would be fine."

Fourth draw!

"World Line Change Fragment · Sky Garden ×1"

The fifth draw!

"World Line Change Fragment · World Tree x1"

"Surprisingly, I got two skins at the same time. Furthermore, Queen of the Scarlet Moon hadn't arrived yet, but her skin had already arrived. Unfortunately, it cannot be used temporarily…"

Bai Yan suddenly fell into contemplation, speaking of it, it was that water world series that left a deep impression on him.

He remembers that all the "Water World" series are swimsuits, and because they are pixelated, he didn't pay attention to it at first. If they appeared in the real world…

It will definitely be very interesting, right?

"I remember Nightsaber and Psychic Dancer also had the Water World series."

Bai Yan's finger slid and opened the description of the two newly acquired skins.

Firstly, there is the "Afternoon Lady: Nightsaber".

"Afternoon Lady: The apricot white dress with a lady-like texture, the waist cutting design makes it look slim and fit, the overall flow is smooth and natural, and it is just right to expose Nightsaber's fair arms and legs, showing a completely different youthful charm from her previous cold and cool style. This 'Nightsaber' in the world is neither a hunter nor a fallen angel, nor a knight… She is just a young girl who likes to enjoy a kind of foods, but also the happiest."

"Special Effect: After loading this possibility, the Core Operator will gain a restful BUFF called 'A Moment of Tranquility', during which the Core Operator will not trigger any events or encounter any enemies."

And then it was 'Water World · Queen of the Scarlet Moon'.

"Water World: Wearing a crimson bikini, a semi-transparent skirt-style hemline, and a blood-red cool cloak, Queen of the Scarlet Moon can adjust the size of specific parts of the outfit according to her three body shapes. In this world, 'Queen of the Scarlet Moon' rules over the remaining vampires and stands at the forefront of resisting the invasion of the sea people."

"Special Effect: After loading this probability, the Core Operator will gain the ability to swim freely in the ocean and control the currents without fearing the sun exposure. However, the night-time bonus of the Trait 'Dark King' will disappear."

Bai Yan fell silent, with too many places to comment on.

The skin of this Water World looks good, but what's the use of having it if you didn't draw an operator…

"Then, this is the new skin."

The possibility of Afternoon Lady, Bai Yan think he also obtained it during his first playthrough before, but since the effect was too rubbish, he simply threw it into the warehouse and ignored it.

What is this effect?! Isn't it just allowing the operator to rest?

How can this be? I used to complain that the current operators are not efficient enough, but if they rest all day and all night, how can we prevent the Doomsday Crisis from happening?

Bai Yan shook his head in frustration, then grabbed a bottle of cold Coca-Cola from the refrigerator and began drinking it.

"Well, it turns out that I used to think I liked drinking plain boiled water, but that was just a false impression. Actually, I really like drinking cola. Or rather, I'm someone who easily gets bored and prefers novelty; I am not consistent in my preferences."

Apart from the bitter coffee, probably all the other drinks he wants to taste… It's ridiculous to think about it. The coffee shop can actually survive. That kind of things don't feel good to drink no matter how you think about it.

After Bai Yan's self-reflection, he has no intention of changing his tendency to be fickle.

He suddenly remembered that Mu Ling in the log was training and fighting all the time.

Day after day, without any pause.

"Or, how about trying the skin?"

Bai Yan's finger tapped a few times, selecting "Nightsaber" from the operator list, and loading "Afternoon Lady · Nightsaber".