I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 80 Part 1

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Chapter 80: Awakening Soul! New Skin! (1)

After Bai Yan tapped the screen, a new announcement unexpectedly appeared.

Ah, I was deceived by a false alarm, there is actually another page.

"Level reward has been obtained: Awakening Soul x 3!"

"This thing has finally arrived," thought Bai Yan, feeling a wave of emotion in his heart.

All other things are mere "additives", but Awakening Soul is the fundamental element that empowers Core Operators.

Simply put, it is the necessary thing for leveling up, like "experience points"!

This item is very difficult to obtain, it can only be acquired through late-stage activities, the main Doomsday Crisis questline, and pivotal decision-making quests. Among these, obtaining it is guaranteed after completing the main Doomsday Crisis questline.

Bai Yan first highlighted the Core Operator list, then clicked on "Awakening Soul," and immediately three Core Operators appeared with their "experience bars."

"Nightsaber": Awakening level · Intermediate (awakened 45%).

"Psychic Dancer": Awakening level - Lower Rank (Awakened 20%).

"Mysterious Magic": Awakening Level - Low Rank (Awakened 25%)

The classification in "Babel Tower" is as follows: Below 30% awakening level, it is classified as lower level; 30% to 60% is classified as middle level; 61% to 90% is classified as upper level; and awakening levels above 90% are referred to as "Potential Crown".

Of course, Bai Yan was well aware that there was no such thing as "awakening level" in the actual real world; this concept was purely a term used within the game "Babel Tower."

Currently, "Nightsaber" is at the intermediate level of awakening, while "Psychic Dancer" and "Mysterious Magic" are both at a lower level.

Normally, for extraordinary individuals to elevate to a slightly higher level, it often requires years of training and enlightenment.

However, in "Babel Tower," things are not so simple as there are various mechanisms for hastening maturity.

Every "Awakening Soul" can increase the level of awakening of a super being by ten percent!


"Three Awakening Souls have to be distributed to three Core Operators. It seems easy, but actually, dividing them equally may not be the best option. Perhaps, I should first evaluate the strength of each individual before distributing them."

Bai Yan fell into contemplation, pondering for a good while without determining which Core Operator to reinforce first.

If the average is divided into three Awakening Souls, "Psychic Dancer" and "Mysterious Magic" both will level up by one.

However, merely improving the personal strength of "Nightsaber" is also a decent option.

If she could reach the status of "Potential Crown" earlier, she might be even able to defeat opponents such as Raven Reaper and Lin Bian at that time.


Shall we consider setting this matter aside for now and take the time to ponder the benefits and drawbacks of upgrading each Core Operator upon returning? It may yield better results.

"Anyway, let's summon first!" he muttered to himself.

Summon! Summon!

Bai Yan didn't stay in the ecological garden, but instead went straight home where he planned to summon in a familiar place.

On their way back, Bai Yan suddenly remembered something.

"It's a bit regrettable that the Relic of Reno was not also received inside the Babel Tower. Actually, I value the Relic more than Reno himself."

Bai Yan has no intention of telling "Psychic Dancer" about Reno's ultimate fate, at least not for now, even though she no longer recognizes him as her father, it would still be awkward in the end.

Returning to the building, Bai Yan hummed a cheerful tune as he ascended the stairs and arrived at his doorstep, unlocking the door with his key.

His new home was almost finished with the renovation.

The space of more than 100 square meters has not been fully utilized, but there is already a light-colored solid wood dining table with four matching chairs in the dining room.

There is even a 90-inch large television in the living room, as well as professional speakers that are powerful enough to shake the upstairs and downstairs.

Bai Yan has equipped the kitchen with a high-end, 635L, large-capacity smart refrigerator, which not only has a spacious interior, but also features computer-controlled temperature, first-class energy efficiency, and a built-in ice maker. He has filled it with various foods, beverages, and junk food.

Having become a super being, there's no need to worry about getting fat!

Since he seeks excitement, he decided to follow it to the end. Bai Yan has never believed that indulging in pleasures is a bad thing.

People only dislike the various costs and consequences that come after "pleasure", how could they possibly dislike "pleasure" itself?

By the way, Bai Yan's first month's salary at the Demon Hunt Agency hasn't been paid yet, so he doesn't have much savings at the moment. Therefore, the money he used to buy these things is actually borrowed from Alan.

We'll settle the score later!

Bai Yan sat down on the soft bed with excitement and took out his mobile phone. He opened "Babel Tower" and decided to still draw five times from each of the two pools.


Bai Yan had intended to worship or make an offering, but a sudden whim caused him to shake his head ever so slightly.

"Hmm, if I have bad luck, nothing can make me luckier…this time I won't beg for anything, whether I succeed or fail, I'll accept my fate."

Although he had an impulse to use the tactical card "A Moment of Strong Luck Like a Deity", Bai Yan's reason told him that it would be useless.

It's like when he was playing the game, he couldn't use "Power Possession".

Cheating is not allowed in the game called "Babel Tower".

He also knew that it was best not to waste excellent tactical cards and to save some for the Doomsday Crisis… that way, fewer Core Operators would die when the time came.

As for solving Doomsday Crisis without anyone dying? Bai Yan, who has played Babel Tower many times, is well aware that this is impossible.

Don't think that "Babel Tower" is some easy, breezy "game".

First, there was the old pool called "Destiny".

Bai Yan took a deep breath and his fingers hesitantly pressed down, desperately hoping for Queen of the Scarlet Moon to be the one that is chosen.

The first draw!

The black mist in "Destiny" trembled again, and the familiar pattern began to flicker.