I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 79

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Chapter 79: Reno's End

The blazing and fervent inferno has finally been quenched.

Maryse took a deep breath as she gazed upon her bound father, her countenance fraught with complexity.

The steel chain appears to be an ordinary one, but it holds the power of magic and represents the concept of "binding." It is impossible to break free from it in a short time from the inside.

Just like her past self was once restricted, now, this man is also restricted by himself.

No one can bind another's heart…except for oneself.

She suddenly felt a bit frightened.

Would the Savior of Babel Tower let her kill this man in person?

If she could really do this… Maryse extended her hand tremblingly, and the tips of her fair fingers touched her father's forehead, as a plethora of familiar yet unfamiliar memories flooded in.

Her power has evolved.

Although Maryse had hardly deliberately practiced the ability of "mind-reading", over the past twenty years, she had grown in the continuous process of automatic energy release, and bloomed in battle.

Perhaps the new power may not be strong enough in battle, but it certainly possesses immense utility!

Memory retrieval.

Although Maryse is currently unable to accurately retrieve all memories and can only randomly access some of them, with time and skill, this ability will become stronger and stronger.

Her eyes were filled with continuously flickering slides, scenes upon scenes emerging from her mind.

Those are memories of the past, memories that are hard to forget, memories from before the age of eight…

Maryse saw herself before the age of eight, surrounded by people, feeling such bliss, while her father truly and wholeheartedly doted on her at the time.

Well, the most important reason is that she is the most beautiful girl in the Augustus family; even the kings who reign over the Air Alliance covet her, and she has tremendous strategic value.

But it was also because she is his daughter.

Later, Maryse saw more and more fragmented memories, incomplete but truly allowing her to understand the man's experiences of over a hundred years.

Previously, he had delved into darkness far beyond what she had imagined. The Augustus family, one of the five major families in Tatsumi City, was never a clean presence.

However, collaborating with a cult is a great taboo.

Since reading "The Chaos Book" in the study, Reno has become increasingly abnormal, with his cognition being altered. The book is believed to be a "malevolent" creation of a member of the Black Star Faction.

"So that's how it was."

Tears flowed uncontrollably down her face as Maryse's emotions became incredibly intricate.

Long-term exposure to "The Chaos Book" is the reason why you unconsciously act for the Black Star Faction… unaware of your own behavior in this regard.

However, however… Why are you genuine in this aspect towards me?

Can't all the cruelty be influenced and manipulated by others?

The girl's only hope was shattered.

Reno gradually opened his eyes, his expression solemn.

"You came to know… the secrets of those families."

Maryse couldn't help but open her mouth and calmly spoke, "The family's secrets, the darkness, the things that cannot be spoken to outsiders, are now all under the control of Babel Tower. Please tell Phoenix about this."

Why must I tell Phoenix?

Reno furrowed his brows slightly, unable to comprehend.

For some reason, Maryse breathed a sigh of relief at this moment, knowing that she wouldn't be forced to kill this man herself.

Even though she has prepared herself mentally for the most extreme circumstances, for the sake of the "happiness" experienced before the age of eight, she should not act in such a manner.

The reason why Reno must die is singular - he must pay the price for working for the Black Star Faction.

However, his situation was very unique. Maryse didn't know how the Savior would handle this man, and could only pray not to see his final moment.

"The task is complete," Maryse said.

She had regained movement and her body was once again free, no longer turning her head to look at her father.

Reno managed to "whitewash" the situation with the Black Star Faction, but Maryse's heart was still filled with sadness because she knew that her father's decision to abandon her was not influenced by anyone or anything, but rather came from within his own heart.

"So, farewell."

The black mist gradually enveloped her and Mu Ling beside her. They quickly left the area before the Augustus family guards could surround them.

Maryse knew in her heart that the family would not harm their maid, Irena, because she always had the opportunity to reveal Augustus's many hidden secrets to the public.

That man was a wise person, who would choose to fear the existence of the Babel Tower.

"Goodbye forever," she said at last.

The two girls disappeared into the black mist, and Reno fell into a long silence.

Suddenly, Phoenix was joined by the guards, and even Raven Reaper, with his bronze mask, as they walked in from outside.

"How did you guys get so slow to this extent?"

Reno's tone was unpleasant, he felt that they had come too late.

Phoenix advanced with his hands behind his back. At this moment, his demeanor was completely different from the past, as if he had become a different person.

Increased confidence.

He smiled and said, "Father, Mr. Raven Reaper has already investigated… about your collaboration with the Black Star Faction."

Raven Reaper stood by, and the progress of the situation was much smoother than he anticipated. With the aid of Phoenix, he effortlessly obtained further evidence.

Sufficient to make the current head of the Augustus family suffer an ignominious demise.

As an exchange, he will have Demon Hunt Agency make a determination, proving that these affairs are entirely the crazy individual actions of Reno, completely unrelated to other members of the Augustus family.

He never imagined it, the informant turned out to be Reno's eldest son, whom he had always valued the most.

"Perhaps, this is what nobility is all about."

Raven Reaper muttered to himself in a cold and indifferent tone.

Reno's eyes slightly narrowed as he gazed at his weak and submissive eldest son, suddenly comprehending many things.

No wonder Raven Reaper, the solitary Night Watcher, would take the initiative to attend the party. It turns out that the traitor to this family is not just that girl.

"Why do you have to do this?" Reno asked in a low voice.

"Hmm? Because it's all for the sake of the family."

Phoenix's expression was filled with great astonishment, as if his father had uttered something of immense significance.

"Have you forgotten all the guidance you've given me all these years? You are now under the control of the Black Star Faction, even though you are unaware of it. It's time for you to step down from your position as head of the family."

The smile on Phoenix's face remained unchanged, as he recalled his inner thoughts prior to being controlled by Maryse.

[You also know what I am thinking, and I can also guess your intentions.]

[Do you want to take revenge against that man? And I want to become the new head of the family. Let's work together.]

[In the study, hidden away was the man's secret. Under my report, Raven Reaper from the Demon Hunt Agency has begun his investigation.]

[I won't activate the alarm spell. How about it?]

Deal reached.

Although Maryse didn't kill her father, Raven Reaper's investigation was very successful. By combining it with what she already knew, the position of the head of the family would at least be replaced by someone else.

This is all for the sake of the family.

"Maryse warns you to be wary of the existence of Babel Tower, as she has become privy to many hidden secrets…. So it seems, even Babel Tower knows of your betrayal towards me…."

Phoenix was slightly stunned, Maryse is a member of Babel Tower?

The chains on Reno's body melted away like the wind. He stood up and was about to say something, his expression full of anger.

"Phoenix, don't be presumptuous, I have never colluded with the Black Star Faction!"

The frightening atmosphere startled Phoenix, who furrowed his brow and took a step back. Was this man going to fight to the death?

Reno stepped forward gradually, the accumulated dignity made the traitors fearful one after another, and even the guards nervously stepped back.

"I am still the… what?"

Suddenly, a thick black mist rose up from all around, accompanied by an incomprehensible sense of heaviness, as if countless whispers of sadness and pain were murmuring in low voices.

Reno flailed his arm, wanting to resist angrily, but his body was gradually disappearing.

"What is this thing! Is it the Babel Tower?"

He was extremely shocked and unwilling to leave just like that.

"All of my actions are for the sake of the family. This family cannot exist without me. Honor, survival, reciprocity… How could you possibly understand what a family truly means?"

The physique of Raven Reaper was akin to a scarlet flowing flame, swiftly leaping into the air and plummeting down like a shooting star!

He fell from the sky and detonated the entire banquet hall!


The enormous shockwave instantly expanded with an unstoppable force! All the people present were shaken and sent flying!

Raven Reaper was attempting to dispel the influence of the dark mist!

But he couldn't do anything and could only watch as Reno disappeared before his eyes.

"Once again, it was Babel Tower…" The eyes behind the mask were full of vigilance and doubt.


A few hundred meters away from the Augustus family, there is an ecological botanical garden that was previously not open to outsiders. Inside, there is a landmark building called the "Glass Trestle".

On the Glass Trestle, Bai Yan, dressed in autumn attire, silently set down his prepared binoculars.

"The raging fire has been extinguished."

He had already known the final outcome a few hours ago, yet he still came here quietly to observe the affairs within the family, utilizing Power Possession to replicate Mysterious Magic's formidable senses and coupled it with a telescope to spy on its progress.

"Unfortunately, I still couldn't see it clearly. If I got any closer, I might have been discovered."

Bai Yan calmly took out his cell phone, and the screen was still frozen on the latest task settlement page.

"The new level has been completed, and the Babel Tower Legendary Point is increased by 150."

"Achievement unlocked: Tactical Card - A Moment of Divine Luck!"

"Level up reward received: 100 Source Energy Points."

"One 'noble' person has been successfully captured."

The second to last level proved to be quite challenging, but Bai Yan managed to complete it and claim two rewards in one breath.

He constantly thought about "A Moment of Divine Luck" and it manifested in this way!

Divine Luck!

Bai Yan's heart was surging, he knew very well how powerful this thing was, but unfortunately, it was a disposable item and could not be used without limitation.

"Very good, very good. This way, we have an additional guarantee for getting through the 'First Doomsday Crisis'."

Moreover, the Source Energy Points have once again surpassed five hundred!

"It is time for the summons again."

Bai Yan soliloquized with complex emotions.