I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 77

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Chapter 77: Raven Reaper

The family's internal guards stationed at the study's entrance were redeployed. Maryse breathed a sigh of relief as she took control of "Phoenix" and monitored the area outside.

Mu Ling, who was under manipulation, calmly pushed open the door to the study and took a step inside.

However, as soon as she took a step forward, she immediately felt immense pressure!

What is going on?

Why is it that as soon as she entered, it felt as though she had already stepped into the underworld? The immense pressure blended the sweat and raindrops on Mu Ling's body, causing them to continuously drip down!

"The exceptionally lively Babel Tower's hunting dog, the lone survivor of the Mu family…I finally see you."

The bronze crow mask and the delicately crafted light-colored suit, together with the figure that resembled a hunter among grim reapers, had already been waiting in the study for its prey.

Is it really him? How could he be here!

Even if I join forces with Psychic Dancer, it is uncertain that we will win. Has the Savior foreseen this?

Upon seeing the other party, Mu Ling was briefly thrown into a state of panic, as the disparity in their abilities was insurmountable.

Raven Reaper!

Once teamed up with the ace Night Watcher Lin Bian, this man brought the "Pastor" to the brink of defeat!

She knew this man who had fought alongside her father before, hunting the Peaceful Songstress' Spawns together, and her always-silent father had held him in very high regard afterward.

"Mu Ling, as long as you can reach the strength of that man in the future, our family will regain its glory because of you."

I am actually facing this man now!

Mu Ling's mind was a little chaotic, but she still managed to calm down.

As long as there exists the Savior, no matter the nature of the adversary, it is not insurmountable.

Moreover, the current me is also different from the past me.

Raven Reaper calmly produced a black umbrella and gently laid it on the nearby table, seemingly disinclined to employ it.

Mu Ling was aware that the inconspicuous black umbrella was, in fact, an artificially crafted Relic. Rumor has it that its prototype was, in reality, the remains of a Civilization-level Relic.

Raven Reaper said indifferently, "I met you when you were very young. You were already undergoing the rigorous training of a hunter at that time, without a normal childhood. I suppose the pressure on you must have been immense over these years."

Mu Ling remained silent, for in truth, even if she had wished to speak, words eluded her.

At least, for the time being.

The tone of Raven Reaper was calm and indifferent, as if he were a person disinterested in all things.

"Come, let me 'taste' your strength. I can do it without using a weapon."

Then, he raised his hands and said, "Of course, it's best not to let your guard down just because I don't use any weapons."

"Speaking only of fighting skill…"

"In this city, there is no one who can overcome me."

Mu Ling was somewhat conflicted, unsure of how the "Savior" would choose - whether to opt for confrontation or negotiation.

And then, she immediately had the answer!

Deep Blue World!

In the world of extraordinary individuals, holding back is actually a very difficult thing to do.

Because no one knows if the other is a friend or an enemy, and if the other is an enemy, there may be some terrible trump cards.

Once you become careless, even the strong may fall.

Therefore, it's best to go all out right from the start!

Mu Ling had already sprinted to Raven Reaper in an instant, wielding her black cross sword and slashing at his legs!

Is it chopping the leg? Don't want to be fatal?

Mu Ling understood the intention of the 'Savior' in an instant, but was stunned the next moment.


No, it wasn't real water… but those legs seemed like liquid, easily dispersed by her own great sword, yet they had no blood, flesh, or bones whatsoever.

The sword cannot cut water.

Is this sorcery or ritual? Could it be the legendary Flow of the Heart?

Mu Ling's body automatically launched several consecutive attacks, but none of them produced favorable results.

Raven Reaper has transformed into a dismal white liquid, akin to a stroke of graffiti in an oil painting of the real world.

Time resumed its normal course.

"Are you choosing to hold back by attacking my legs? Be careful, because next, it will be my turn."

That miserably white liquid wriggled incessantly, rapidly reforming into human shape, while Raven Reaper had already raised both fists.

He swung one leg behind and stepped one leg forward, completely changing his posture, with the sound of whistling wind blowing around him!

"Flow of the Heart: Gale"

High speed.

Indeed, it is the Flow of the Heart! Mu Ling has heard of this reformed school of ceremony, but has never truly witnessed it.

Raven Reaper seemed to transform into a gust of wind, and instantaneously rushed towards Mu Ling at a speed so swift that it left only faint traces of his presence, rather than being a mere adjective.


Mu Ling was momentarily taken aback, and immediately felt a sharp pain in her temple, causing her to instinctively shut her eyes in agony.


The next blow struck the back of Mu Ling's head. Her body was knocked forwards and she took several steps with her eyes closed.

His strength is inferior to mine, but it far exceeds that of ordinary humans, and his speed is truly too fast!

"Bang! Bang! Bang"

Mu Ling was struck three more times, each blow landing on her chin, temple, and the back of her head. The intense pain and dizziness caused her to momentarily lose consciousness.

Where am I?

What am I really doing now? My sight is so blurry…

What am I doing here?

Mu Ling was enveloped in a trance.

Her body continued to swing weapons at an extremely fast pace, unaffected by her own dizziness, but the black greatsword failed to hit anything that could be struck!

The fierce wind danced upon the sword as if it were a partner.

Dodging the sword, Raven Reaper calmly stepped back a few meters and stood back in his original position.

Mu Ling gradually emerged from her stupor, finding herself on one knee, and began to pant for breath.

Just now, that man was not only fast but…

It is pre-reading.

The experts in close combat, as per the legend, gain the ability known as "pre-reading,"insight," or "foresight" through their extensive experience in countless battles. In short, they all refer to the same concept.

In the realm of martial arts such as karate and kendo, this ability of anticipatory reading is referred to as "Sen no Sen".

Mu Ling was aware that her bodily attempts to attack had already been detected by Raven Reaper, who had discerned the trajectory of her martial movements.

Raven Reaper's tone was flat and indifferent.

"3.5 seconds of pause and seven seconds of cooldown time… Just like the information exposed in the video, why do you insist on playing those videos, Babel Tower?"

The temple twice, the occiput twice, the chin once; these five strikes, lethal for an ordinary person, left Mu Ling, this powerful "humanoid monster", dizzy and disoriented.

Raven Reaper calmly picked up the black umbrella, resembling a cold-blooded hunter, and gradually strode forward.

He aimed the black umbrella at the girl kneeling on one knee on the ground.

"What is your goal?"

"It's the Black Star Faction," Mu Ling's mouth moved on its own as she said, "Reno is number one among the senior believers."

There was a moment of silence.

Suddenly, Raven Reaper took out a black book from his bosom and flung it in front of Mu Ling.

"A couple of days ago, I received an anonymous report about Reno and chose to attend the banquet… But if it weren't for you setting the fire outside, I wouldn't have been able to enter here so easily."

"I have long been aware of the nature of the Demon Hunt Agency. It is not a department that can act without limitation, lacking judicial authority… Even if I have significant evidence, I fear that it would be exceedingly difficult to completely bring down that man."

"Those disgusting executives knew about White Night Pharmaceutical, but they chose to turn a blind eye."

The gaze of Raven Reaper remained indifferent, and although the tone was calm, Mu Ling could not sense any intention to harm herself.

"Perhaps there are more possibilities for you, but this time, I choose to believe in you."

"Show it to me. You seem to possess unparalleled intelligence, able to uncover evil and corruption bit by bit. So, go and completely destroy the Black Star Faction."

"And this is the justice that I can achieve."

After finishing speaking, Raven Reaper's body dissipated and transformed into a multitude of white crows which flew out of the window.

Mu Ling, who had fully recovered, reached out to retrieve the black book. However, upon just glancing at it, she immediately felt an inexplicable sense of detachment.

"The Chaos Book"

"What is this?" she immediately felt a wave of fear and her body instinctively looked away.

Leave the study.

Mu Ling discovered that "Psychic Dancer" and the male elf under her control had disappeared, and the guards had not returned.

"Where did that girl go?" Mu Ling wondered.

Her body moved on its own, leaving the study and hurrying towards the next battleground.


Reno stood calmly in the almost deserted banquet hall, accompanied by two silent black-clad guards.

The two of them have always been by the side of the master of the house and are also extraordinary beings of the awakening level. They have once undertaken the task of killing Maryse in case she ever posed a threat to the family.

Suddenly, the lights in the banquet hall went out.

Only darkness remained around.

"What's going on?"

"Protect the master well and don't let your guard down."

Reno raised his head slightly, looked around, but didn't see anyone's shadow.

At that very moment, he sensed the danger looming!


A bullet was fired from a distance, and in an instant, it flew towards the front of Reno's abdomen!

The next moment, however, it was completely repelled by some invisible force and hung in midair, shaking wildly!

The bullet was unable to penetrate the defense until the very end, and it fell down…

However, this was only a feint!

Suddenly, the loyal bodyguard standing to the right of Reno had a vacant look in his eyes and swung his arm, which transformed into a sharp blade that viciously attacked his own master in front of him.

However, the gaze of the guard soon became clear, and the attacks of his arm also slowed down quickly.

What am I doing?

"Master, be careful!"

The guard on the left saw this scene and shouted loudly. He didn't relax his vigilance and immediately released a violent lightning bolt, without hesitation, towards his own companion!

Reno noticed something wasn't right and immediately shouted in a calm and steady voice, "Wait a moment!"

Electric light has arrived and suddenly illuminated the originally dark banquet hall!

The traitorous internal guard forces collapsed, convulsing violently as he received a fierce electric shock. From his mouth came the words, "It wasn't me…it was a voice…a girl's voice…she was commanding me."

Reno's pupils contracted slightly as he murmured to himself.

"It's her, she's here."