I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 76

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Chapter 76: The Unfathomable Savior!

Inside the banquet hall.

The head of the Augustus household, Maryse's father, Reno the Strategist, stood in a corner of the banquet conversing with his two old companions, Kesu and Bernard.

Kesu is a tall and thin man with black beard and black hair. He wears gold-rimmed glasses and looks like a scholar.

Bernard, on the other hand, had a round and plump figure. His face bore a harmless smile and his clothes shimmered with golden light, giving off an extravagant and luxurious aura. His ten fingers were adorned with precious jewels.

Kesu and Bernard are important figures in the two major families of Tatsumi City, just like the Augustus family. These two families also have great power and monopolize the foreign trade import and export industry and agricultural products industry of Tatsumi City, respectively.

Just like how the head of the Augustus family monopolized the medical pharmaceutical industry, the five major families of the Platinum Zone actually control the economic lifeline of this city. Not only do they monopolize at least one industry each, but they also attempt to embrace every aspect of industries including petroleum and chemical, military industry, communication, media, finance, banking, tobacco, and various other fields.

Although the five families were not the official rulers of Tatsumi City, they were indeed the real economic leaders. The nominal "King" of Tatsumi City was more concerned with the Air Alliance Conference and constantly remained in the "City of the Highest" to garner more support from proxy alliance leaders.

For many years, "the king" rarely returned to the city that belonged to him.

Among the five prominent families, the families represented by Bernard and Kesu have a good relationship with the Augustus family. The other two families, with whom relations are strained, didn't even send representatives to attend this banquet.

Reno remained silent for a moment, his gaze as deep and profound as ever.

He spoke up and said, "Regarding the matter of the 'Babel Tower', how do you all perceive it?"

Tall and thin Kesu shook his head and said, "They are just a bunch of clowns, not worth mentioning. It's too much for Demon Hunt Agency to even call in the Imperial Guards of the Eyes of the Empire. Heh, I think it's really excessive."

He pushed up his glasses and said with a smile, "However, I do hope that the Imperial Guards can lend us a hand and at least help us deal with the 'Pastor'."

The plump Bernard also laughed and said, "The person who came is the 'Emperor', and I heard that he has always had strong opinions against the aristocratic system. I don't understand why he would stay at Eyes of the Empire to serve the kings if he really has so many opinions."

"The Babel Tower is not some kind of clown."

Reno seemingly had no interest in discussing the "Emperor", as he solemnly redirected the conversation towards focusing more on the Babel Tower.

"They will eventually try to control every corner of this city, which is worth our vigilance."

The two aristocrats, Kesu and Burnard, both stood there in confusion.

Bernard's chubby face wrinkled slightly and he shook his head, "Well, you are overestimating them. As it seems now, these people are just opposing the cultists, it doesn't affect us at all."

Kesu nodded, wanting to speak, when suddenly a gentle voice interrupted him.

"Father, there is something I must tell you."

The eldest son of the Augustus family, the elegant Phoenix, walked over. He had a gentle smile that was completely different from his father's, and people would feel close to him just by looking at him.


Reno nodded and walked aside with Phoenix alone.

"What's the matter?"

Phoenix hesitated for a moment and said in a low voice, "Father, recently I found some irregularities in the accounts… Is there any connection between White Night Pharmaceutical and you?"

"White Night Pharmaceutical?"

Reno furrowed his brow slightly and nodded, saying, "Indeed, this is a company I established a few years ago, dedicated to the research of drugs for neuro-related diseases. Abner has been responsible for managing it all along."

Abner is the uncle of Phoenix and Maryse, and also the younger brother of Reno.

He is a renowned pianist, but in the family, he has always been considered a peripheral figure in terms of power.

Phoenix's breathing was a bit heavy, and as he looked at the guests coming and going, he whispered:

"However, I've heard from the individuals at Demon Hunt Agency that following the recent riot at White Night Pharmaceutical by the mysterious group Babel Tower, a number of items related to the Black Star Faction were found within White Night Pharmaceutical."

"The connection between White Night Pharmaceutical and our family has attracted the attention of the Night Watchers."

"Black Star Faction……Black Star Faction……"

Reno uttered the word in a hushed voice, as though he had never heard it before in his entire existence, murmuring to himself.

"You don't need to worry about this matter, Phoenix. You only need to know that… everything I have done, has been for the sake of our great family."

"Father, what does this mean?" Phoenix increasingly felt that something was wrong and felt very uneasy.


Phoenix wanted to say something more, but soon saw a cold and merciless look, which made him stunned and feeling cowardly, so he dared not say anything more.

"I understand now, father."

He nodded and sighed to himself, then suddenly heard someone shouting loudly.

"It's on fire!"

"What's on fire outside? Oh my goodness!"

"Quickly look, everyone!"

Everyone's attention was drawn as people quickly looked out the window, only to discover with horror that a fierce blaze had erupted near the Augustus family's estate.

Surprisingly, it suddenly caught fire. Phoenix frowned and immediately said, "In such a heavy rain, it could still catch fire suddenly? It must be someone intentionally lighting it."

"Father, what should we do?"

The guests became somewhat flustered, but Kesu and Bernard smiled and looked towards Reno without any sign of anxiety.

Reno fell into deep thought, nodded and calmly said in a loud voice, "Please be quiet everyone, it's just a sudden fire, everything is still under our control, but today's banquet ends here. Please evacuate in an orderly manner!"

His voice was as loud as thunder, penetrating into everyone's ears, and the inexplicable calming effect made everyone quiet down.

In the corner, a man wearing a raven-colored bronze mask and a white suit looked over calmly.

Phenix instinctively looked towards "Raven Reaper", feeling a malicious gaze upon himself. This "monster" from the Demon Hunt Agency saw everyone as prey.

He reluctantly nodded and smiled at "Raven Reaper", but the latter didn't respond.

"Raven Reaper" simply gazed at everyone present. No one could fathom what was going on inside the mind of the person behind the bronze mask, but everyone was too afraid to approach him.

The existence of this man itself symbolizes "fear"!

Phoenix suddenly thought of something and immediately left his father Reno's side, anxiously saying, "I must go check on Little Eva's condition."

Reno gave him a glance, but didn't try to stop him.

When Phoenix left the banquet hall, he failed to notice an ethereal girl following in his footsteps.

Soon, he arrived at his daughter's room, where two middle-aged maids were taking care of her, with anxiety on their faces.

"Young Master, you have finally arrived. There is a fire outside, and we don't know whether we should take the little miss with us to leave here."

His daughter Little Eva was lying in the baby carriage, sleeping soundly with an innocent expression on her face, clearly oblivious to everything around her.

Phoenix let out a sigh of relief as she sat beside the baby carriage. It was certain that their family clan had been attacked by enemies, caught in a sudden blaze. Fortunately, little Eva was unharmed.

The torrential rain had not ceased, yet the fire outside showed no signs of slowing down. Phoenix remained silent, seemingly contemplating a decision.

At that moment, the actions of the two maids became somewhat suspicious.

They actually stiffly stood up and left the room silently without saying a word.


Phoenix was taken aback for a moment, and he suddenly looked up.

Suddenly… a beautiful girl's figure gradually emerged near the wall.

So familiar, but somewhat unfamiliar…

"It is you, Maryse!"

Phoenix recognized his sister, and suddenly his expression changed as if he had instantly realized many things.

[So it was you who did it…]

He immediately spoke, "I am aware of father's recent decision regarding you, and I am also quite helpless in the matter. However, there is no one in the clan who can challenge the head of the family's decision. Nevertheless, I empathize fully with your resistance."

"However, regardless of the situation, should we not refrain from retaliating against innocent individuals? Your niece is absolutely blameless."

Maryse gazed silently at her older brother, without uttering a single word.

The sound of wind and rain entered into her ears, and Phoenix's throat moved as he fully understood his younger sister's frightening nature.

[Such a terrifying talent, akin to a grotesque monster.]

[I am not an opponent]

[In that case, I can only temporarily comply with her.]

Phoenix slowly raised both hands and calmly promised, "I can be controlled by you, but you must also promise not to retaliate against my daughter. You can make me do anything… Maryse, can you hear the voice of my heart, and know that I am not deceiving you."

[You know what I think, and I can guess your purpose.]

[I won't cast the alarm spell. How about it?]

Maryse remained expressionless and didn't utter a single word.

This kind of father-daughter relationship touched her deeply…and made her feel a bit envious.

Phoenix tensed up, even thinking that negotiations had collapsed, but at that moment his gaze gradually became vacant.

There is a chance to use the alarm spell in these few seconds.

However, Phoenix gave up and allowed his younger sister to take control of his mind.

Maryse piloted Phoenix out of the room, leaving the little baby still asleep on the bed, blissfully unaware and serene.

Mu Ling awaited Maryse's appearance from the nearby shadow.

However, at this moment, Mu Ling was also unable to act autonomously, silently watching as "Psychic Dancer" approached with an unfamiliar elf.

Mu Ling thought to herself, "I see, is this task being completed by me and her together?"

Although it was a private transaction, the Savior still rendered his "verdict", as expected, the Augustus family has some issues.

Subsequently, the three of them proceeded to the study together.

On the road, Maryse's heart could not calm down for a long time.

Initially, she was worried about how to solve the problem of the alarm spell, and even feared that the "Savior" would directly manipulate her and "Nightsaber" to kill relentlessly.

Despite hating her family, Maryse still didn't want to personally slaughter her siblings.

However, it now appears that the situation is going smoothly, as Phoenix surrenders of his own accord.

Perhaps the Savior has already known everything, and it seems that he can really glimpse fate and grasp the future!

It's really unfathomable!