I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 75 Part 2

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Chapter 75: Goodbye, My Father (2)

As expected, the so-called senior disciple number one of the Black Star Faction is Psychic Dancer's father.

Bai Yan fell into deep thought.

Even if the enemy were Psychic Dancer's father, he didn't hesitate to complete the task, but instead pondered on how to fulfill it.

Actually, the previous battles had already shown that Psychic Dancer's father had formidable strength. Bai Yan thought that it would be difficult for Nightsaber and Psychic Dancer to defeat him in one-on-one combat.

"Difficult "doesn't mean "impossible", as long as there is a possibility, one can definitely achieve it.

"The issue is that there is no chance for a one-on-one confrontation with him, given that the Augustus family wields an overwhelmingly strong force."

Bai Yan pondered for a considerable length of time, until a sudden spark of insight illuminated his mind and he conceived an apt solution.

"Well, give it a try."

"Anyway, even if I fail, I can always start over again."


Rainy night.

A sleepless night.

The wild wind tousled the golden locks, as Maryse stared into the stormy night, her emotions lingering in her eyes.

Farewell, my father.

Starting today, I will break away from the pain and joy that this family has given me all this time. All the memories that were given to me were not earned by my own hands, but rather depended on your mood.

Now, everything is different.

Even though I am not in control of myself at this very moment, I will still walk the path that I have decided for myself!

"Time has come for a genuine manifestation of prowess!"

Having said something incredibly shameful as usual, Maryse felt not even the slightest shame.

Her footsteps began to move.

She was wearing the Invisible Cloak of Hermes as she walked through the villa community in the pouring rain, surrounded by family protectors on patrol, but they all turned a blind eye to Maryse's presence.

Maryse walked steadfastly forward, with unwavering determination in her eyes, until she reached the villa that belonged to the head of the family.

The entire villa was ablaze with light, like a sacred cathedral radiating infinite brilliance on a dark and rainy night.

The girl in the darkness stared at it in a trance.

She could fully hear the sounds of joy and laughter, and could also imagine the smiles of the people inside the mansion, her own siblings…they were all there, her beloved family.

Gradually, in the picture in her mind, the most adorable little girl appeared.

A smile gradually spread across Maryse's face.

Miss, is there anything else you desire?

I want to have dinner with my family.

Finally, the fantasy was shattered.

Her smile gradually faded away, leaving only the rain in the darkness, as well as… pain and sorrow.

At that moment, Maryse suddenly realized that she had spoken out loud, her rosy lips completely out of her own control, speaking a passionate speech filled with emotion.

"My eighth birthday is an unforgettable memory for me. At that time, I was the center of attention in the city's high society, and everyone was celebrating for me, elevating me to the status of a shining star."

"For twenty years… I have forgotten more and more things, but I can always recall it in my dreams, and each time I wake up, tears fill my eyes in the corner."

"A fleeting moment of reminiscence."

"Today is actually my birthday, and I finally understand that the happiness I lost in the past can never be regained."

"I hope to celebrate with a big fire…and see the dance of flames."

"This will become my new, unforgettable memory."

Damn it! It exposed my age!

Maryse reluctantly closed her eyes, knowing that the Savior was manipulating her into saying them.

She felt an increasing resonance within her heart towards those words, as if they truly reflected her innermost thoughts that hadn't been given a chance to be expressed before.

Is it really so?



Actually, this is my deepest thought.

However, it was excavated by the Savior of the Babel Tower, presented before me, and became impossible to evade.

Maryse slowly opened her eyes.

I, longing for flames, to purify all that has passed, to attain true rebirth.

Oh, Savior!

Please respond to my appeals and desires.

She looked towards the guards standing in front of the villa, silently took steps forward while unleashing her own psychic power.

The guards standing in front of the villa were fully focused, with each individual displaying the utmost rigor.

Suddenly, the brightness in their eyes began to fade away one by one as they left their positions and walked towards other places to search for sources of fire and oil, until they reached deserted locations.

Then start arson.

At first, it was just a small flame, but it quickly grew larger and larger.

Maryse has already arrived at the entrance of the villa, turning to gaze upon the family from which she has always lived, her countenance exuding an unparalleled serenity.

Shortly thereafter.

The flames burned completely, persisting against the torrential downpour attempting to extinguish them!

Even if it cannot persist for a long time, it can still shine brightly for a moment!

It lit up the darkness.

She gazed silently at this scene, and the shackles that had long bound her soul were finally burned to ashes.

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