I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 75 Part 1

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Chapter 75: Goodbye, My Father (1)

As things stand now, we can only move forward.

It only takes a few minutes to get from the study to the banquet hall, leaving little time for "Nightsaber" and "Psychic Dancer".

"Raven Reaper" is a Night Watcher, but "Nightsaber" and "Psychic Dancer" are not. If "Mysterious Magic" were here, perhaps there would be a chance for a discussion.

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Although "Raven Reaper" may not be a villain, he attacked "Nightsaber" without mercy during their last encounter.

If he could threaten Nightsaber's life, then what meaning does it have whether he is a good person or a bad person?

"Raven Reaper" stood there, appearing completely relaxed and in a position that seemed like he could collapse at any moment.

Bai Yan didn't hesitate to operate "Nightsaber" to launch an attack!

"Deep Blue World!"

The next moment, the world came to a complete standstill.

Bai Yan swiftly steered "Nightsaber" and brandished the black greatsword, incessantly launching attacks towards "Raven Reaper".

"Not right, not quite right."

Bai Yan noticed an anomaly in the boss's health bar displayed on the screen above.

Continuously attacking multiple times, "Raven Reaper" only lost a very small amount of health! Although he is also flesh and blood, he will not be instantly killed by the big sword… Just like when Bai Yan failed just now!

"Sure enough, this ambush couldn't kill you."

Due to having already been hit once, Bai Yan was not overly surprised, instead he became even calmer.

He knew that the fate of "Nightsaber" was in his hands.

So, he must take responsibility for her.

The head of Raven Reaper was crowned with a pale blue halo, which Bai Yan immediately discerned upon clicking to be a state of increased power or ability known as a BUFF status.

At this very moment, he was in a state of "Flow of the Heart, Flowing Water" and under the effect of the skill "Flowing Water, Serene as Still Water".

"Flowing Water" is one of the nine schools of the Flow of the Heart, much like Holly's "Heavenly Martial Arts".

It is an individual ritual that imitates the concept of "flowing continuously without stagnation".

How can a sword kill water?

Bai Yan was very aware that the minimal damage caused earlier was actually dependent on Mu Ling's "Crime Hunting Blood."

The few seconds of time standing still quickly came to an end.

Three and a half seconds, it's still too short.

The "Raven Reaper" quickly assumed a new posture, a completely different movement. The Flow of the Heart style on his body shifted to "Flow of the Heart: Swift Wind," with his special ability state being "Swift Wind: Velocity Surge."

The pixelated figure disappeared from the screen!






The white shadow kept flashing beside "Nightsaber", Bai Yan tried to make her avoid, but there was no room for him to operate.

After a series of five quick hits, the pixelated character of 'Nightsaber' was seen kneeling on the ground, with stars circling around her head.


Bai Yan furrowed his brow in concern at the fact that Nightsaber had fainted. It appeared highly likely that she had been struck on the head.

"Raven Reaper" returned to his original position and in his hand appeared a black umbrella pointed towards "Nightsaber".

This black umbrella is his weapon.

Due to the Blood of Darkness, the health of "Nightsaber" is gradually recovering, but lacking resilience or similar abilities, she remains in a state of dizziness.

"A one-on-one confrontation was indeed unlikely to have any chance of success, as expected," Bai Yan sighed.

If it were not for the absolute strength of the Three Powers of the Demon Hunt Agency, this city would have long been divided and turned into a lawless and chaotic place by various heretical cults, "Pastor," and "Queen of the Scarlet Moon"!


"She will undoubtedly surpass you in the future."

This girl could even become the sharpest blade of the Babel Tower!

He firmly believed in this.

After Bai Yan fell silent, ready to begin anew, "Raven Reaper" didn't strike.

But he spoke up.

"Clack clack clack clack…" The sound of the subtitles resounded once again.


Bai Yan hesitated for a moment when he saw the option to negotiate.

"So that's how it is. Surprisingly, I completely understand now."

After contemplating carefully, he made the right choice. Upon a moment's hesitation, "Raven Reaper" tossed a black book from his bosom.

The next moment, he transformed into a multitude of white crows, scattering away.

"Since he was able to talk his way out of trouble, there was no need to resort to force… Actually, there was still a way to deal with this guy, if I were to use all resources both on and off the field…"

Bai Yan was not bluffing, he still had several disposable tactical cards in his hand, coupled with the off-court support of himself and Alan, as well as "Psychic Dancer" and "Nightsaber" … Then, relying on the cunning tactics of being prepared, even the mighty "Raven Reaper" could be dealt with in some way.

Of course, it would be good if this situation could solve the problem… but poor student Nightsaber is going to be beaten up.

Bai Yan will not easily intervene outside of the game, nor will he easily use tactical cards.

The former may trigger a chain reaction, while the disposable tactical card is precious and he doesn't want to use it unless absolutely necessary.

"Nightsaber" finally came to her senses and picked up the black book that was thrown at her by the other person.

Bai Yan glanced at its introduction and immediately understood.

Game hint, "Study room has been found, important item obtained, mission updated."

"New mission: Augustus Road, Escape from the Augustus family."

"New mission, farewell my father: Defeat Black Star Faction's senior disciple number one!" (Optional)

The truth was finally fully revealed.