I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 73 Part 2

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Chapter 73: A Magnificent Rebellion (2)

If those powerful ones were there, things would be difficult to handle and could easily become unpredictable.

Both Mr. Trap and Lin Bian's abilities are not to be underestimated, even possibly surpassing that of the Weasley's.

Alright, it's time for me to depart and find the issues that exist in this place.

In fact, Maryse didn't entirely lie to the "Savior".

She did indeed discover that there was something amiss in her family.

Thanks to the "Invisible Cloak of Hermes", Maryse sneaked into her father's study and discovered a terrifying aura lingering in a place she had never approached before.

At that moment, Maryse confirmed that she had indeed heard it!

A low, muffled murmur that made one feel dazed.

As if from an unreal place, indescribable…

At that moment, she was feeling dizzy and befuddled. Before she could conduct any thorough investigation, she noticed that her father had already returned, causing her to hastily flee from the study in fright.

After reminiscing, Maryse fell into contemplation.

"The problematic area is the study, where Father likes to spend most of his time. However, today both he and the internal guards will be in the banquet hall, along with most of the family guards."

Thus, the defense of the study will become empty!

"Miss, what exactly are you thinking?"

Irena looked concerned, as she knew this girl too well and felt that today's Maryse was acting a bit unusual.

[What's wrong with her today? Is there something she's hiding from me? What are you thinking, Maryse?]

Maryse turned her head and fixed Irena with a peculiar gaze.

That is the nostalgic longing and missing towards a friend.

"Irena… I just want to go out and get some fresh air," Maryse smiled sweetly.

Irena furrowed her brow and asked, "Do you have to go out so late?"

[This is a good opportunity. I can arrange this place later and then take out the gifts.]

[Ah, ah, I cannot continue to think about it.]

"Ok, you just go ahead and set it up! I'll pretend I don't know anything about your surprise, hehe!"

Maryse nodded with a smile, gazing at Irena for a moment before turning her head away.

Thank you.

She had already decided not to involve Irena, who was different from her, had a promising future and still had a chance to salvage her life.

Even if Irena is willing to accompany her, what about her parents? Irena's family has been serving the Augustus family for generations and cannot escape their bond.

After Maryse left the room, she quickly donned the Invisible Cloak of Hermes and gradually faded into the darkness of the night.

She looked at the rainy night and took a deep breath, feeling the cool air entering her nostrils. It was the first time in her life that she had experienced a certain tangible happiness.

My heart is free…

Please dance now…

[Psychic Dancer, stand by.]


Maryse found herself completely constrained by the concept of "freedom," and in an instant, she became profoundly helpless.

What is it again?

However, luckily I am very clever, so this time I have already gone to the bathroom in advance!


A few hours ago, in the downtown skyscraper.

"Game tip: Unlock the fifth level of the Black Star Event."

"The Augustus family!"

"Please uncover the true depths of sin buried within this family, and bring forth judgment!"

Bai Yan calmly looked at his cellphone as lines of black text appeared on the screen.

Next, the scene suddenly transformed into the most familiar pixelated style.

Inside the cluster of villas on a rainy night.

(Translated by Gravity Tales 😝)

"Psychic Dancer's" pixelated figure wearing the Relic "Invisible Cloak of Hermes", appeared calm as she stood at the entrance of a rather secluded villa.

"Time for a true display of skill!" she spoke.

Game tip: Current mission objective is to find the study of the Augustus family's mastermind "Reno The Strategist".

Bai Yan furrowed his brow deeply and muttered to himself, "Is the name of the head of the family 'Reno The Strategist'? Hmm, this nickname doesn't sound like that of a good person."

He maneuvered "Psychic Dancer" continuously within the villa community, because of the "Invisible Cloak of Hermes", the roaming black-clothed guards all ignored her.

Very good, it was simply effortless to sneak around.

At last, "Psychic Dancer" arrived at the cluster of villas and stopped in front of the largest and most magnificent one.

The entire villa was aglow with lights, while outside there were black-clad guards stationed everywhere, and a constant hubbub of merry voices and laughter emanated from within.

"Psychic Dancer" suddenly became unresponsive, standing still for ten seconds, gazing in the direction of the villa.

The black subtitles gradually appeared on the screen of the mobile phone.

"My 8th birthday is a memory that I will never forget. At that time, I was the focal point of the high society of this city. Everyone celebrated for me, and I was hailed as a sparkling star."

"For the past twenty years… I have forgotten more and more things, but I have always been able to recall it in my dreams. Every time I wake up, tears fill my eyes at the corner."

"A moment of reminiscence."

"Today is actually my birthday, and finally, I understand that the happiness I lost in the past cannot be regained."

"I hope to celebrate with a great fire… and watch the flames dance."

"This will become my new and unforgettable memory."