I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 73 Part 1

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Chapter 73: A Magnificent Rebellion (1)

Sitting on the spacious white upholstered bed, Bai Yan's emotions were somewhat intricate.

He had not yet confirmed the specific circumstances of the Augustus family when he agreed to let Psychic Dancer make a scene.

However, now Bai Yan could basically determine that this ancient elf clan had an ambiguous relationship with the Black Star Faction.

"Even so, Psychic Dancer could not be allowed to personally kill her own family. Such a development would be too twisted. It would be best to leave the task of carrying out the act to Nightsaber."

Bai Yan knew that girl hated her own family, but he didn't want to leave any psychological scars on her nor did he want her to become more radical and twisted because of it.

It's not just for the good of the Babel Tower, but for her own good as well.

Although the little girl sometimes scolds him and her personality is not as pleasing as Nightsaber's, she is still a member of Babel Tower and a companion to them.

Soon, the operator selection screen appeared on the mobile phone's display.

The pixelated avatars of three individuals lit up in the operator list.

The Core Operators available for selection this time are two individuals, rather than a solo mission.

Bai Yan didn't hesitate and directly chose "Psychic Dancer" and "Nightsaber" to go to battle.

"Let's begin."



A black crow stood upon a branch, its golden-hued pupils gazing upon the nearby group of villas.


The security and environment of Platinum Zone have always been the best in Tatsumi City. There is not even a speck of litter on the streets and alleys, let alone noisy vendors and vehicles.

Quiet and serene, the Platinum Zone is home not only to the villas of the five major clans, but also to the vast ecological botanical garden that the city spent large sums of money creating.

The ecological garden is filled with various plants and birds, and is only open to ordinary visitors for half a month each year. The rest of the time, only nobles are allowed to enter and enjoy.

The front of the Augustus family's residence is naturally situated in a clean and orderly street, devoid of any extraneous individuals. As one would expect, the abode of the aristocratic elite is held in high regard.

In the most significant mansion of the ancient elf clan, a grand banquet attended by numerous high-class individuals is currently taking place.

"Today, we had the privilege of being invited to a grand banquet held by Mr. Phoenix, the eldest son of Mr. Reno, in celebration of the birth of his first child."

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"A new generation of elves has been born into the world, and the gods will also extend their blessings for the perpetual prosperity of the Augustus family."

The decoration was magnificent and grand, classical music filled the air as elegantly dressed attendants courteously presented fresh beverages, desserts, and fruits on trays.

Hundreds of celebrities were present, conversing and discussing various so-called amusing anecdotes with smiling faces, even if they didn't truly find them humorous, they would still pretend to smile.

"I heard that the 'Emperor' of Eyes of the Empire is coming here. Apparently, he is of humble origins and has committed quite a few offenses…"

"The man, in my memory, had publicly expressed dissatisfaction with the aristocratic system, it was quite evident that his morality was completely corrupted."

"This savage fellow, haha, should not be allowed to become a guard of the Eyes of the Empire."

Some of the nobles reached a consensus regarding their views on the "Emperor". Although the "Emperor" was quite popular among the Demon Hunt Agency due to his extremely protective and domineering personality, the opinions of the nobles who had been offended by him on multiple occasions were quite substantial.

However, the protagonist of this banquet was not the "Emperor", nor anyone else, but the head of the Augustus family, Reno, and his numerous children.

The seven children, led by their eldest brother, are all handsome and beautiful with splendid clothing, and they have already made their appearance.

Maryse's handsome elven brother, whose name was "Phoenix", stepped forward and greeted the guests with a smile.

"Welcome, everyone, to be able to come here today…"

The elves have always attracted a lot of attention, catching the eyes of many celebrities. However, some people admire and respect them, while others have a contemptuous attitude.

Not everyone likes the elf race, or to put it another way, within the predominantly human Air Alliance, there are those who hold strong views against the "others".

That is, discrimination.

Of course, these things have nothing to do with Maryse.

For years, she was not qualified to participate in the family banquet and had long been accustomed to it.

She is the only exception in the family.

Until this day, Maryse has not been able to see her own niece. Her elder brother, like their father, has kept her at a distance for some time now.

At this moment, Maryse was sitting on her pink bed in a room with no lights turned on.

In the darkness, the girl's eyes seemed to sparkle with an unusual glint.


Irena suddenly walked in from outside and looked at Maryse, who was sitting in silence in the darkness. She couldn't help but feel that something was amiss.

[What is she thinking about? Is she unhappy tonight?]

She frowned and said, "I have already inquired about the matter you asked me to, and I can confirm that Mr. Trap and Mr. Lin are not among the many celebrities attending the banquet tonight. The high-ranking representatives from Demon Hunt Agency are someone else."

"Uh, I got it, thank you, Irena."

Maryse's lips curved into a smile; thus, her long-standing arch-nemesis ceased to exist.