I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 71 Part 2

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Chapter 71: Meeting With Complete Honesty (2)

Maryse was momentarily taken aback, thinking that this approach seemed rather satisfactory.

She nodded quickly and happily said, "Thank you very much for your permission."

Maryse turned and walked over with a smiling face, taking hold of Mu Ling's hands sweetly and asked, "Um, Miss Nightsaber, could you maybe lend me a hand?"

Mu Ling remained silent for a considerable period before uttering a word.

"I can help you, but you must be honest. Why do you want to use the Babel Tower to cause chaos for the Augustus family? That ancient family has always been highly respected."

Mu Ling's tone was very serious, as if not even slightly shaken by Maryse's cuteness.

["So adorable…"]

But in her heart, she had already been deeply touched by Maryse's cute voice.

Maryse remained silent for a long time, but finally made up her mind. She took Mu Ling's hand and walked to the other side of the giant round temple, with their backs turned to the clueless Alan.

[Nightsaber is someone whom I can trust. The last time we were at the 'Recovery Spring', her heart had already proven this point. I must be candid…]

Maryse reached out and slowly took off the white cat mask. Her emerald green eyes carefully looked at "Nightsaber" in front of her, taking a deep breath.

"In fact, I am one of the members of the Augustus family…"

Mu Ling gazed at those unmistakable elvish ears, nodding gently, not particularly surprised.

"You have actually betrayed your own clan, I feel very disappointed."

Maryse was slightly taken aback and immediately explained, "That's not the case at all, the Augustus family is utterly devoid of any glory…"

She almost vented out as she elaborated on the cause and effect, exaggerating much, which made Mu Ling frown more and gradually clench her hands.

Bai Yan naturally became aware of the truth through his psychic abilities.

Originally, she wanted to escape and take revenge on her family for this reason.

Only Alan was the one who knew nothing.

He stood still, and blinked his eyes, not understanding the situation.

[What are they plotting? Do they want to attack the Augustus family? If that's the case, should I…?]

[Mysterious Magic, in the Babel Tower, you must never betray your companions!]

Familiar voice!

The warning from the "Savior" came suddenly, causing Alan to tremble all over, and sweat streamed down his cheeks.

Could he possibly read my innermost thoughts? He actually knows what I'm thinking!

[The Savior, truly, is too terrifying…]

"I, I understand." He immediately nodded and said.

At that moment, Alan suddenly remembered an important matter.

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[That prophecy… the Savior of the world… could it be that Babel Tower is my chance…]

On the other side, Maryse almost tearfully recounted her experiences over the years, including the fact that her father planned to sell her off.

"What I desire is liberty, true liberty. However, if I don't prevent the Augustus family from falling into chaos, I will certainly not avoid being pursued. There is a spell on me that can be used to track me, and it will take time to figure out how to remove it… Please help me!"

Mu Ling nodded gently and said, "I still believe that betraying one's family is a shameful act, but as a member of Babel Tower, I can agree to this deal."

"Thank you, what reward do you hope to receive? Whatever I am able to offer, I will certainly give to you," Maryse smiled, knowing that everything inevitably comes with a price.

Mu Ling pondered for a moment and said, "Providing free help to others is not the way of a hunter, but I will not demand excessive compensation from you. In the future, if you have the chance, feel free to offer me a common Relic as a token of gratitude."

Generally speaking, most people only differentiate relics into two levels in their minds, "ordinary relics" and "civilization-level relics". However, it is obvious that even relics of the same level have varying degrees of strength.

"Very well, it's a deal."

As the two reached an agreement in their conversation, this gathering was drawing to a close.

Until then, Bai Yan suddenly praised "Nightsaber" through his psychic powers.

[Last time you did really well, 'Nightsaber'. Weasley is not an easy opponent to kill, but you succeeded.]

"I also want to thank you." Alan sincerely bowed to Mu Ling. "If it weren't for your presence, the one who died would have been me."

However, Mu Ling paid no attention to Alan's gratitude, as it was completely insignificant to her.

[He actually praised me.]

Mu Ling's eyes shimmered with effervescence, evidently exultant, invigorated with an abundance of vitality!

"I am honored to have received your appreciation, Master."

She placed a hand over her chest and bowed like a knight.

"In the future, I will do even better."