I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 71 Part 1

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Chapter 71: Meeting With Complete Honesty (1)

The Augustus family?

Bai Yan was not the least bit surprised, as expected, this elf girl was indeed a descendant of the Augustus family.

Well, this is very reasonable, after all, among the aristocrats in Tatsumi City, only the Augustus family is of the elven race.

Before joining the Demon Hunt Agency, Bai Yan worked in a clerical position approving the daily applications of registered supernaturals. Naturally, he acquired a great deal of knowledge about the Otherworlds, including some information about the elves.

The Air Alliance is the only country among Noah's three major nations that conceals extraordinary things. It consists of hundreds of independent cities and ultimately, is a diverse and gargantuan entity dominated by humans.

Every year, eighty hereditary kings will select two "proxy alliance leaders" to handle state affairs, switching annually and disallowed from serving consecutive terms.

Only when the Air Alliance is in a critical situation, will a formal leader of the Air Alliance be chosen, who will possess absolute power surpassing all others.

The number of long-lived elf clans is few and far between, and even within the prominent families of the Air Alliance, they are rare. The oldest of these families is the Augustus family of Tatsumi City. Their ancestors have once held the esteemed title of "king", and even acted as a proxy alliance leader for a year. For thousands of years, the Augustus family has resided in Tatsumi City for generations.

Maryse calmly said, "Yes, it was the Augustus family. Last time under your guidance, I discovered a hidden item related to the Outer God at their place. And recently, I have made a new discovery."

For some reason, Maryse felt a sense of illicit pleasure at this moment.

It was as if some sort of negative force was about to joyfully break free from her closed heart!

She began to fabricate, saying, "Perhaps we need to investigate the Augustus family more carefully. I have bribed someone from this family and obtained an absolutely accurate topographic map."

Maryse had no desire to reveal her true identity in the real world, and so she kept the fact that the topographical map was her own creation to herself.

She calmly took out two USB drives from her waist and naturally handed them to Mu Ling and Alan, who were not far away, without giving them any time to refuse.

"The Augustus family?"

Alan narrowed his eyes and said with some concern, "They are the noblest of elves, a quite ancient and prestigious family among the five great families residing in Tatsumi City's Platinum Zone. Many of their members even hold high positions within the city and even the Air Alliance headquarters."

"Your statement just now was a very serious accusation. How can you ensure that what you said is all true?"

Even within the Demon Hunt Agency, there are members belonging to the Augustus family.

If one were to easily target such a vast and ancient family, as an official, Alan cannot simply sit and watch without taking action.

[What's wrong with this guy? Oh, it seems like he's from the Demon Hunt Agency, so did he subconsciously act as a loyal dog and protect his master?]

The so-called Demon Hunt Agency is nothing but the lapdogs of the nobles, and there are actually quite a few scandals. As a member of the upper class, Maryse truly looks down on these so-called Night Watchers from the bottom of her heart.

She was not polite, and said coldly, "Clown of the Demon Hunt Agency, it is not up to you, a mere executor, to decide the authenticity of this matter. Babel Tower doesn't listen to you."

Maryse is well aware of which banner to hoist, for the Savior is the sole nucleus of the Babel Tower.

Alan had no intention of showing weakness and calmly said, "Oh, it seems like you have a strong opinion about the Demon Hunt Agency. Could it be that you are a criminal in the real world?"

"I just don't want you to exploit the Babel Tower," he added.

[Hi there, this guy must not have a girlfriend!]

Maryse was very angry.

At this moment, Mu Ling took a step forward and calmly interjected, sandwiched between the two individuals, saying, "There's no need to debate here. We should simply await the verdict of the Savior."

So all three of them cast their gaze, awaiting the "Savior" to give the final judgment.

[The Savior knows everything, so the dancer's behavior is merely unnecessary. If the Augustus family truly has any issues, the Babel Tower will eventually act on them… This family is even older and more prestigious than the Mu family, and is not easy to deal with.]

This was Mu Ling's thought.

[Damn, what is he thinking? I just called him master, isn't that enough? I hope he can trust me and make the situation of this worthless family even more chaotic.]

This was Maryse's thought.

[These people are clearly thinking beyond just hunting down cultists. Despite having no legal authority, they are brazenly targeting the wealthy elite, a far cry from the Night Watcher's methods.]

This was Alan's thought.

Bai Yan remained silent for a long time, his spiritual strength enabling him to fully comprehend the thought patterns of the three individuals.

Mu Ling abides entirely by her own will, while "Psychic Dancer" desires to deliver a ruthless blow to the Augustus family, and Alan is worried about the unbridled nature of Babel Tower.

He knew how to respond.

[Rather than the problems of the Augustus family, you actually prefer to see to get into chaos. Psychic Dancer, don't you think so?]

Bai Yan's voice calmly entered the minds of the three individuals, causing a dramatic shift in the expression beneath Maryse's mask.

I have actually been seen through!

[How annoying! I wanted to play tricks but he saw through it. Now, I must adjust my rhetoric. I was even planning to create a scene while they infiltrate the family…]

Bai Yan calmly continued to convey his thoughts upon hearing Maryse's idea.

[The Babel Tower is not an organization that strictly requires everything to revolve around saving the world.]

[You may convince 'Nightsaber' to assist you on your own, without concerning me… When the time is right and I need you to act, I will give instructions naturally, you don't need to try to persuade me to act on your ideas.]

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In fact, Bai Yan felt that there was something amiss with the Augustus family, due to the "Deep Ones Transformation" scroll, but he couldn't provide specific details and thus, was unable to orchestrate any concrete actions.

Moreover, he felt it would be better not to make a so-called "judgment" for now, otherwise, he would feel like being led by the little guy. "Psychic Dancer" would attempt to use Babel Tower more often in the future.

Bai Yan initially intended to provide meticulous help directly, but soon realized that doing so would compromise his status.

Alan breathed a sigh of relief, it was evident that the owner of the Babel Tower was not a reckless individual.

But this 'Psychic Dancer' deserves his vigilance!

"Shall I have a private deal with Nightsaber?"