I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 70

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Chapter 70: Thoughts in Every Heart

Bai Yan gazed calmly down at the three figures on the large, white circular platform, pondering over two important matters in his mind.

First of all, Alan is meeting himself here for the first time and his loyalty to the Babel Tower is currently only at 1, even though he has received various gifts, his loyalty has not been brought up.

Hmm, we need to find a way to make him even more loyal, otherwise he will definitely be a time bomb!

Bai Yan naturally wished for no internal disharmony within the Babel Tower, even if that discordant element was Alan.

Let's just say that I am ruthless. We cannot treat them differently, after all, those who are responsible for Babel Tower are not just one or two, but quite possibly the entire fate of the world.

And, I really want to achieve a perfect playthrough of "Babel Tower" on this second round myself.

And the second thing he thought about was the upcoming event that Psychic Dancer was about to trigger.

I must have a good talk with her, preferably to thoroughly understand the reasons behind it, and then figure out a way to provide assistance.

This is an opportunity.

If done correctly, it will increase "Psychic Dancer's" loyalty, but if done poorly, "Psychic Dancer" may be in danger of death.

Okay, let's try to solve these two things.

Bai Yan once again borrowed the power of "Psychic Dancer" through Power Possession, and the thoughts of the Core Operators were completely revealed.

The three individuals beneath the pure white marble throne each harbor their own thoughts, with Alan understandably gripped by fear, uncertain as to the reason behind his summons here.

Alan fell into a reverie.

[That person should be the Savior, and this should be the headquarters of the Babel Tower. Indeed, it is magnificent enough.]

He couldn't help but turn his head and look out at the boundless blue sky and white clouds, and for a long time, he couldn't say anything.

[It looks completely like another world.]

Alan becomes increasingly able to confirm his conjecture that the "Savior" is a god-like entity, quite possibly a resurrected ancient god; an immense being that neither he nor the Demon Hunt Agency could possibly confront directly.

Confronting a god… How is that possible?

[What should I do? Okay, I can't do anything about it. Screw this, but at least I have to figure out a way to try not to make him an enemy of the Demon Hunt Agency.]

"There is a newcomer again."

Mu Ling averted her gaze from Alan and spoke, "Psychic Dancer, the gathering occurs only once every ten days, and it certainly feels lengthy, but at last we have met again."

She nodded towards "Psychic Dancer," then turned to smile at the Savior on the pure white throne.

Mu Ling felt elated that the new gathering was being held as planned.

She doesn't know why, but now whenever she thinks about Savior-related things, she feels happy.

[Last time, I successfully killed the black wizard myself, it would be nice if he could give me a little compliment…]

For the first time in her life, she experienced a strong desire to be praised.

[I want to show more of myself in front of that person!]

Mu Ling is not certain as to why she holds such sentiments, but perhaps this could be viewed as a manifestation of loyalty.

[He gave me everything, for everything he did for me… except for the eternal loyalty, I could not repay him.]

She would even die for the Savior, with the only requirement being to leave descendants before her death to ensure the continuation of the family bloodline.

[By the way, leaving descendants.]

Mu Ling is lost in thought, this kind of thing cannot be done alone…

She had never considered the issue of inheritance before, her mind was only filled with thoughts of revenge and glory. Now, she is completely empty-headed and doesn't know where to begin from.

[First of all, I need to find someone who I like, but such a person doesn't really exist, and besides, how do we define 'like'?]

[And then… according to what I saw in the video, if I wanted to leave descendants, I had to…]

[That kind of thing, it should be…]

Bai Yan, who had been reading Mu Ling's mind all along, was stunned.

Why did this girl suddenly begin to ponder such matters?

"Nightsaber" calmly recollected in her heart the process of giving birth, while Bai Yan listened solemnly and silently, wanting to burst out laughing.

But he resisted!

Maryse remained silent and realized that her spiritual power had failed once again, but this time she was no longer surprised, believing it to be a result of the internal rules of the Babel Tower.

She gazed calmly at the newcomer… a somewhat flustered man in a purple tailcoat and white comedy mask, who must have been the new clown in the video.

"It's the clown…"

The "clown" in the video doesn't seem to have a very aggressive fighting style, but he is likely someone who relies on a lot of tricks, and may not be easy to deal with.

Maryse fell into contemplation.

[It seems that all three of us are from Tatsumi City… I really want to know where the other members of Babel Tower are and when will I be able to meet them?]

[I must leave the family as soon as possible, but I cannot simply leave, I must do something…]

[Only when a major event befalls the family would they not have the leisure to dispatch someone to locate my whereabouts.]

[However, accomplishing the objective solely by myself is likely to be arduous.]

She had a bold idea in her mind, and wanted to implore the owner of Babel Tower for help!

[If the Savior could agree to help me, it wouldn't hurt to call him 'dad' a few times, but he may not be willing to do it, after all, what I want to do is just a personal matter.]

Bai Yan could clearly tell that when this little girl was asking for something, she could even call someone "dad" while smiling, but when she was angry, she would call someone "mutherfu*ker".

Truly lacking in morals, excessively realistic.

My thoughts coincided perfectly with Psychic Dancer's; we both wanted to help her through this, but I couldn't bring up the matter myself.

The reason is simple. If Bai Yan were to offer help on his own, although it would appear friendly, given Psychic Dancer's personality, she would probably only feel like she had been taken advantage of.

However, if "Psychic Dancer" proactively indicates that she needs help, and then he nods in agreement, she would be owing Babel Tower a favor.

The two situations are completely different.

"Dear Savior, may I ask why you have chosen to welcome me as a member of the Babel Tower?"

Alan approached slowly, bent down as much as possible to show respect, and began to ask.

Under the eaves, one must lower their head. This supposed resurrected ancient god is not one to be trifled with; Alan feels very uneasy.

[Because all of you possess the potential to save the world, and Babel Tower is precisely the organization that aims to do so.]

The possibility to save the world?

Alan was slightly stunned and instinctively lifted his head, feeling that the other party was trying to deceive him.

I know who I am. Although Lin Bian often says I have the potential to become a "Monarch", saving the world seems a bit much.

However, since this mysterious Savior has spoken thus, there must be some reason behind it.

Do I truly possess some sort of special quality?

Alan pondered for a moment and suddenly asked, "Lord Savior, may I inquire as to why Babel Tower is carrying out these actions in Tatsumi City? Why are we killing cult members and why are we showing these things to the world?"

"What if the exposure of the extraordinary world causes chaos? Why does the world face the threat of destruction? And what method does Babel Tower intend to use to save the world?"

His questions come like a burst of artillery, all puzzling and yet compelling, asking for what he cannot understand.

Maryse remained indifferent to all of this, with her head bowed. Mu Ling was slightly taken aback and stopped thinking about the process of giving birth, instead she too wanted to hear the response of the Savior.

[You have many questions.]

Bai Yan had actually anticipated these questions all along, and it was apparent that Alan was truly the most concerned operator regarding the matter of saving the world.

He responded calmly one by one.

[The power of Babel Tower is scattered across different worlds, and in this world, in order to gather new power, it is necessary for you to act as the frontline warriors.]

[The cultists hope to establish communication with the Outer Gods, endangering the security of the world. You already understand this point.]

[People need to know the truth, and there lies the reason for Babel Tower.]

[The world may face destruction for various reasons, and the corresponding countermeasures will naturally vary.]

"I understand."

Alan fell into silence, feeling that the "Savior" had seemingly answered every question, yet at the same time had not provided any genuine answers to all of his inquiries.

[It seems that I cannot fully know the truth yet, perhaps due to insufficient trust.]

He nodded gently and said seriously, "Thank you for patiently answering my questions, but I have one final inquiry: What is the relationship between the Babel Tower and the ancient gods that disappeared into the river of history?"

[The relationship… exceeds your imagination.]

Bai Yan smiled without lying and instead played a trick in his words.

Alan sighed and continued, saying:

"I understand now, in fact, I am well aware that it is impossible to leave Babel Tower. Nevertheless, I will strive for a harmonious coexistence between Babel Tower and the Demon Hunt Agency."

Bai Yan quickly made a promise.

[Babel Tower bears no hostility towards any organization that upholds the world.]

Of course, if the Demon Hunt Agency were to willingly become corrupted, then it may not be clear who the enemy truly is.

Alan stepped back and his heart settled a little.

[Babel Tower truly had no ill intention, at least that's how it appeared on the surface… it was really quite fortunate.]

[I have already infiltrated into this organization, perhaps I need to perform more actively to earn trust and learn more.]

Bai Yan listened calmly to the other's heartfelt confessions, while Alan remained oblivious to the subtle shifts in Bai Yan's innermost thoughts, as his sense of loyalty surged to 3.

At that moment, Maryse took the initiative to step forward.

She learned to mimic Mu Ling's bearing, placing one hand over her chest and pretending to be respectful.

"Respected master, I have something to report to you."

The way of addressing each other gradually upgraded unconsciously.

Maryse felt anxious, knowing she could not wait any longer. In a while, that ruthless man would sell her to someone else!

Since that's the case…

Today, we can already go up!

She spoke in a calm tone and without any hesitation, saying, "The Augustus family in the Platinum Zone may have significant connections to the people of the Black Star Faction."