I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: School Beauty

Bai Yan woke up on his narrow bed. The familiar light-colored ceiling caught his eyes. A feeling of emptiness soon engulfed him.

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The situation in Noah was complicated. There were no cities that could exist peacefully for a long time. The endless natural disasters forced the cities to strengthen defenses and isolated them from the other cities.

Tatsumi is one of the huge independent cities in Noah. With a population ten of millions, it is a well-developed city in the Air Alliance, and Bai Yan is living here. For the past thirteen years, he felt that life in Tatsumi was not that different from the original world.

Bai Yan got off the bed and went to the bathroom to wash up.

He had been living alone since he came to Noah. The more he thought about life, fate, and the future, the more empty he felt.

Everyone would find a way to cast off their loneliness, and games were Bai Yan’s way of killing time.

"Pfft." He spat out the water.

His breakfast was chicken and corn soup. It’s both delicious and good-looking. Bai Yan has been cooking for years, and his skill improved.

He carried a bowl of soup to the living room, turned on his phone, and ate soup while watching videos.

“I’m so lonely!”

After breakfast, Bai Yan changed clothes and left his room. The sound of neighbors playing basketball could be heard from downstairs.

He stood in the hallway of his apartment and looked at the family downstairs. They seemed to be having a good time.

If at all possible, he would definitely not want to transmigrate.

He lived a normal life in Noah, but he lost his most important family and friends.

“I wanna go back…”

Bai Yan went downstairs and left the apartment. He got on the bus across the street and headed for the Herendor University.

He took out his phone on the bus and put on his earphones.

“Baby you can find me under the light~ , diamonds under my eyes."

Bai Yan listened to music and played the Babel Tower.

After three days, Nightsaber finally completed all the weekly missions. And after a lot of actual combat, Nightsaber’s current mood and loyalty respectively were 2 and 4.

Due to her trait of “Glory and revenge,” Nightsaber was an operator with cast-iron will. Her mood is difficult to drop below 2. She could even take a bath during the auto-play period to improve her mood.

So Bai Yan did not spend any Energy points to send her to the Recovery Spring. And Nightsaber kept training without any rest. Anyway, she won’t break down now.

The bus arrived at the station.

Bai Yan got off the bus and walked into the university. Together with the students, he entered the teaching building.

The weather today was pretty good. The sky was clear, and the sunlight was not intense.

He went to the familiar classroom, waiting for class to start. The soft morning sunlight scattered in the classroom. It felt so comfortable.

It’s a voluntary course in World Situation and History.

The lessons had been suspended for several days due to the professor’s private affairs. It resumed this week, and all the missed classes would be made up in the following days.

“Damn it! It takes up my breaks!”

Although the total number of lessons was the same, Bai Yan was unhappy when he saw the added new classes in the schedule.

Suddenly, someone patted his shoulder.

“Bai Yan, it’s you! I mean, we attend the same course.”

Bai Yan was slightly stunned and turned around.

It was a handsome blond man with a sunny and innocent smile. He was Bai Yan's only friend at Herendor, Alan.

Alan was completely different from Bai Yan. He had many friends in this school and could chat with almost anyone. Every time Bai Yan went out to eat with him, he would meet some friends on the way.

Alan had many girlfriends. He was a real playboy.

Alan smiled, “You’ve only been playing games these days?”

Bai Yan nodded, “Nothing wrong with games. It's low-cost entertainment.”

Alan smoothed his hair and smiled, “You're finally here! While you're enjoying your low-cost entertainment, I'm hanging out with real girls and am now broke as fuck.”

“Bai Yan, why not go for a girlfriend? You’re 20 and handsome!”

Bai Yan shrugged and said honestly, “I’m dirt poor. Also it’s troublesome and boring.”

Alan chuckled, “You’re so gonna die alone. Many people already think you’re a weirdo. Show some initiative, man!”

Bai Yan smiled indifferently and didn’t comment.

Alan sighed and said half-jokingly, “Actually, I can feel that the real world is just a game in your eyes. It’s a boring and lousy game, so you’re not interested.

I can feel a sense of emptiness in your eyes, as well as a sense of alienation from this world."

“Hmm, should I tell you that I’m a transmigrator?” Bai Yan grumbled, but then he smiled, “Are you learning psychology now?”

“As always, and philosophy too. It’s helpful for picking up girls.”

Alan suddenly narrowed his eyes. He pointed at the students in the classroom and said, “More boys today.”

Bai Yan looked up and nodded, “Yeah. Boys prefer this lesson?”

Alan shook his head and said, “No, Mu Ling will attend this class. She is the most popular girl in Herendor. She is charming and has good vibes. There are many suitors on campus.”

“Most popular girl?”

Bai Yan fell into deep thought. He had not had much contact with girls after he transmigrated.

Now, he felt that he even preferred fictional girls +_+

“Are you interested?” Alan asked, narrowing his eyes.

“Whatever. It has nothing to do with me.” Bai Yan shrugged.

“You're indeed a weirdo.”

As Mu Ling slowly pushed open the door and walked into the classroom the entire class immediately focused on her.

However, Mu Ling didn’t mind because she had been like this since she was young.

In just a few months, she became the most popular school girl. Someone called the four beauties on campus “the Top and the Three Goddesses”.

Mu Ling was the “Top.” And the other beauties were the “Three”.

To be honest, she didn’t care about this.

The real world was just a huge, fake park. Mortals were not real life. Their souls were fake and floating. Every time they died, they would lose their memories and reincarnate, unable to maintain their true selves.

Only the souls of the Superpower were sturdy and indestructible. They wouldn’t lose their memories and be forced to reincarnate. Instead, they would wander around the world in search of the possibility of revival. Emotions were just false comforts for them. Mu Ling always knew this.

After the three days of training, she felt like she was about to break down. She was too tired to think about anything.

She had thought that this training would be similar to the previous one. Unexpectedly, the monster’s speed and strength were enhanced this time. And they will be significantly enhanced further every day.

Every day was a new challenge for her.

She was killed many times!

Pain and exhaustion were engraved in her heart, and she was arranged to clear several hidden cult strongholds.

Mu Ling was confused about how the Savior found traces of the cult.

But one thing was clear. Even though she had yet to meet other operators, Babel Tower was definitely a huge organization. A large number of members were secretly lurking and monitoring the city.

Mu Ling sighed wearily and found her seat.

The Savior had become a nightmare for her. Every time his voice sounded in her head, it would make Mu Ling tremble.

“I’m so tired.”

Bai Yan also saw Mu Ling. She had delicate facial features. Her white hair and purple eyes were very attractive. Together with her terrific figure, she was like a goddess that only exists in fiction works.

No one would deny her beauty.

“She is indeed a beauty.”

The sudden familiar voice stunned Mu Ling as her body subconsciously trembled.

The voice didn’t come from her mind, but she wouldn’t mishear. It was definitely that man who had mercilessly controlled her body and mind without any mercy in the past three days.

Mu Ling took a deep breath and mustered her courage to look at the source of the voice.