I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 69

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Chapter 69: Bestowing and Powerlessness

Alan couldn't comprehend why he had to perform such actions here.

He has fought with his "self" many times.

At least twenty times already!

Every time, he was unable to beat "himself" within the stipulated time, until now, Alan finally realized something very clearly.

Ah, it turns out my power is so annoying! I can only survive by being so weak!

His survival ability is too strong but the killing end is too weak, so it is truly a great challenge for Alan to try to kill "himself" in just two short minutes.

During this battle, Alan gradually realized the flaws in his role as a supernormal being.

Perhaps, he really should thank the owner of the Babel Tower for this.

If this was not a simulated trial, but the real world, he wouldn't have so many chances to start over.

Another failure!

[Within the prescribed time frame, you must overcome your own projection. After each failure, the projection will reset.]

"I must become stronger, of course this is not something that can be accomplished overnight, but at the very least I must try harder."

He saw the office door being opened once again and the cycle starting anew.

His "self" walked back inside.

Alan smiled as more and more red balloons appeared around him.

More and more red balloons.

"Since this is an Imaginary Space, not the real world, then I won't die either, right?"

He continued to make more and more red balloons, his expression unwavering.


The balloons have burst.

[Congratulations, "Mysterious Magic," you have surpassed your limitations.]


"Ah, finally out!"

Alan was sweating profusely and gasping for breath. To his surprise, he realized that he was seated in his original place surrounded by familiar colleagues.

The situation just now…

Was it all just in his imagination? It seemed as though nothing had ever happened.

He had a feeling akin to a long-past memory, and soon realized that Lin Bian in the distance had turned towards him.

"What's wrong with you? Why do you look so flustered?"

Lin Bian is simply too sensitive!

He easily noticed that something was wrong with Alan, nothing in the office seemed to escape his eyes… except for the Mystical Power of the godly Babel Tower.

Alan smiled reluctantly, covered his stomach while sweating and said, "No, it's nothing. I just have a bit of upset stomach. Sorry, I'll take a step ahead."

"Considering your physical constitution, is it still possible that you may suffer from indigestion?" Lin Bian inquired with a raised eyebrow.

Alan nodded repeatedly and anxiously said, "Well, after all, my body is still within the range of normal human beings, although it has become stronger… This morning, I ate Whataburger, insane spicy crayfish, and super spicy hotpot…"

He exclaimed "ouch", stopped explaining, quickly left the office, and ran to the bathroom.

Alan was in the bathroom, lost in thought, his expression turning somber.

Nevertheless, he didn't want Lin Bian to know the truth. If this man found out that he himself had become part of the Babel Tower, he would probably understand that he was being coerced by the Babel Tower.

But Lin Bian will definitely feel very uncomfortable.

Once again, he failed to protect the important people around him.

Alan no longer wanted the man to feel sadness and despair again.

At that moment, a dense black mist surged from all sides, causing Alan to immediately feel an uneasy shock.

"Is it the dark mist of the Babel Tower?"

He subconsciously wanted to use magic to escape, but found himself unable to move once again, completely immobilized.

Damn it!

[This is the reward given to you.]

Alan watched in horror as his arm extended automatically forward. Soon, a sharp and piercing pain reverberated throughout his body, signaling that the Blood of Darkness had been forcefully injected into him.

So painful!

What is this thing after all… the power to heal the body? Why do I know this information?

The reward from the Babel Tower?

The amount of information was overwhelming, and he was a bit slow to react. He only knew that Babel Tower had no malicious intent towards him, which put him slightly more at ease, but he was still in a state of incredible shock.

Not yet finished, the next moment, a large amount of information appeared in his mind in an orderly arrangement, revealing some secrets of the universe. Alan felt dizzy and unable to absorb it all.

"Substitute Puppet Technique… what a powerful magic spell."

Why would this level of knowledge be stuffed into my mind?

Finally, Alan's hands began to grow warm, and a pile of golden, sun-shaped patterns slowly formed.

What exactly is this thing? Why is its strength so powerful?

The Sun Anthem?

Confronted with the gradually appearing golden patterns on his hands, Alan was greatly shaken, for the aura emanating from the patterns was overwhelmingly surging and remarkably similar to that of the white obelisk!

Could it be the power of an ancient god?

Pain came over him once again, and he was already drenched in sweat from head to toe, as if he had been soaked through.


The continuous and excruciating pain almost made Alan faint, but ultimately, with a resolute perseverance, he persevered and gritted his teeth.

Alan could sense himself becoming more and more powerful!

In just a few short seconds, it was as if a transformation had taken place, and he had become completely different from himself just moments ago!

"The Savior of the Babel Tower, huh, hahaha, is this the means by which you're trying to win me over?"

Alan's face was full of sweat, gasping incessantly, but his eyes held a meaning of contemptuous laughter.

How could one's loyalty to the Demon Hunt Agency and to the people of Tatsumi City be swayed by mere temptation to become stronger?

Lin Bian, Mr. Trap, Bai Yan… I could not possibly betray them and pledge my allegiance to some inexplicable Babel Tower!

"Don't try to control me anymore!" Alan almost roared, punching the wall of the bathroom.

After a long time, he emerged from the bathroom with a strangely calm expression.

On that day, Alan took a day off in advance and returned to his own home.

At nightfall.

He arrived at the deserted rooftop and lifted his arms to both sides.

The resplendent and dazzling sunlight burst forth in an instant, leaving nothing but a golden radiance in its surroundings, eradicating all evil and impurities!

The Sun Anthem!

The terrifying energy shockwave swept over the rooftop, yet it didn't result in any substantial damage.

This is a powerful attack aimed at the soul level, almost ineffective against non-living beings, only equivalent to a warm current.

Alan stared at the golden patterns on his hands and exclaimed in disbelief to himself:

"The power of this force is indeed strong, equivalent to the impact of ten Explosive Balloons exploding at close range on a living organism… If the target is evil or filthy, the lethality will increase by several times."

Preparing ten Explosive Balloons takes time, but "The Sun Anthem" only requires one movement.

The most crucial point is that this power surprisingly belongs to an ancient god!

Although it was just an extremely weak divine power, it made Alan's heart unsettled. In fact, only the legendary "chosen ones" in Noah's history possessed power from the gods!

The most widely renowned chosen one in the entire world happens to be the "Divine Executor" of this current Savior of Dark Light.

People fearfully refer to him as the "Incarnation of Dark Light". He stands alone at rank "Zero" in the hierarchical state of the Euro League, and is in fact, the highest ruler in the secular world of the Euro League.

"I'm clearly not the chosen one… why do I possess the power of the ancient gods?"

The secrets of the Babel Tower are numerous, and its mystical wonders are endless. Alan gazes at his hands, overwhelmed by a tremendous sense of unreality and helplessness.

It seems as if the owner of the Babel Tower is using the universe as a chessboard and all living beings as chess pieces, and no matter how much they struggle, they are nothing more than helpless ants trapped in a game.

"What should I do in the end?"

Perplexed, confused, frightened… Even though his power grew stronger, or rather, precisely because his power had suddenly increased, Alan felt even more powerless before the mysterious existence of Babel Tower.

The idea of wanting Demon Hunt Agency and Babel Tower to collaborate is perhaps too arrogant.

Both parties are not at the same level.

In the following days, he never slept well, his eating and sleeping were disturbed, and he was in a very poor state.

Alan underwent a new Training Simulation after two days, and this time his "projection" was even more formidable than before.

After fighting desperately again, Alan became more and more confused and realized acutely that no matter how hard he struggled, he had become a "prey" in the hands of Babel Tower.

He couldn't even lay eyes on the "Savior" at all!

How he thinks of himself is actually completely unimportant!

"Damn it!"

Just as Alan was suffering from his lack of strength, a very familiar and cold voice suddenly echoed in his mind.

[Mysterious Magic, you will soon be summoned.]


Alan was stunned for quite a while, realizing… the mysterious Savior actually wanted to see him!

"The Savior?"

The dense black mist had already rushed up, Alan had not even had time to react, and everything in front of him disintegrated and collapsed.

When Alan fully regained consciousness, he realized that he was no longer in Tatsumi City.

He has arrived at a magnificent place!

A gentle breeze blew around him, Alan opened his eyes and was met with a circular temple standing tall amidst the clouds. Towering ancient Roman columns stretched up into the sky on all sides. In front of him, there was a grand and noble white staircase, leading up to a pure white throne crafted of marble.

"That person is…" Alan's pupils contracted.

The mysterious figure sitting on the throne was dressed in a black robe, exuding an extremely eerie and enigmatic aura, emanating a strong oppressive atmosphere that even made Alan struggle to catch his breath.

Behind the mysterious person is a golden sun that occupies half the sky!

In the dense black mist not far away, two women wearing white masks resembling a dog and a cat respectively appeared, one tall and one short. There is no doubt that they are members of Babel Tower, who have appeared in the video!

"Nightsaber" approached slowly, placing a hand on her chest and respectfully stating, "The owner of the Babel Tower, I, Nightsaber, have come in response to your summons."

"Psychic Dancer" glanced at Alan in silence.

Alan, facing the golden sun, was uncertain and swallowed hard. He gazed, slightly trembling, at the mysterious figure seated on the pure white throne.

"He is…"

The Savior of the Babel Tower?