I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 68

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Chapter 68: The Persecution Towards the New Operator Begins!

"Log intelligence of Core Operator Nightsaber."

"Checking the living conditions of the children saved from the cult members, leaving money, mood increases by 1."

"After returning to the lodging, she took a hot bath, studied how to deal with black magic, and felt a boost in mood."

"Looking through the battle video, reflecting on areas where she can do better, DEX+1."

"Nightsaber" is still, in every sense of the word, an impeccable operator that one cannot find any fault in, as always.

Bai Yan shook his head gently and slid his finger lightly below the screen.

The following is the latest intelligence report from the operator "Mysterious Magic" Alan.

"Core Operator Mysterious Magic's log intelligence."

"Finished writing the task report and the monthly summary report at the last minute, mood decreases by -1."

"Went to the cat cafe fully armed, only to be rejected and suffered from cat allergy, feeling miserable."

"Went to the tomb of Teacher Lin's daughter, laid fresh flowers and, soliloquizing, made a firm resolution. Mood improves +2."

Alan has a fondness for cats, but he had never been to a cat cafe before because he's allergic to cat fur.

"He would actually secretly go to that place. Is it because he's a super being? Even if he's allergic, he's not very afraid."

Bai Yan sighed, Alan's loyalty at present was only rated at 1 compared to the other two Core Operators.

In short, he had absolutely no sense of belonging towards the "Babel Tower".

This is also normal, originally "Nightsaber" and "Psychic Dancer" had no grievances with Babel Tower, but after discovering the benefits of Babel Tower, their loyalty will increase.

The temporary relationship between the Demon Hunt Agency of Tatsumi City and Babel Tower is hostile, hence Alan's forced involvement could lead to his confusion and even irritation.

"I still need to find a way to make him change his attitude," Bai Yan muttered to himself, contemplating a strategy.

Finally, the situation with "Psychic Dancer".

"Core Operator Psychic Dancer's log intelligence."

"Took a bath with her personal maid and discussed intimate topics, laughing to near death. Mood +1."

"Secretly having barbecue with the personal maid without being discovered, mood +1."

"Studying the application methods of spiritual power, DEX+1."

"Preparing the necessary supplies and funds to leave the family, and conducting terrain surveys."

Bai Yan squinted and discovered something very interesting.

Indeed, it is as they say "to pick up where the previous left off". Psychic Dancer can no longer bear to stay in her family!

She was planning to escape from her own family and had almost finished the preparations. Obviously, she was going to carry out the actual plan soon.

Psychic Dancer, based on what I know about you, it can't be as simple as just escaping from the family. After all, how could the things that disgust you be so easily overlooked by you?

Yes, in Bai Yan's memory, "Psychic Dancer" had an extremely strong sense of revenge, and anyone or anything that offended her would not be easily let go!

This little girl is someone who can't let go of things and can't forgive others easily.

This kind of extremist personality often leads her into immense danger.

"It seems that I need to intervene to prevent anything from happening… After all, the current 'you' is the property of Babel Tower and cannot perish without permission."

Bai Yan's finger slipped suddenly, switching the screen of his phone, and Holly walked over with a smile.

She said happily, "Oh, Bai Yan, the 'big guy' in the team has also returned! He was originally working as a caregiver in an orphanage, but today he came back early because of you!"

Bai Yan looked up and saw a tall, dark-skinned muscular man walking in from the door.

Too tall!

The strong man's face bore a gentle and benevolent smile, but his muscles were as sturdy as an iron tower and his towering stature left Bai Yan a bit taken aback.

"Hello, I am 'Big Guy', Rien. You can also call me Big Guy like them."

The big guy was really huge, at least 2.3 meters tall. Bai Yan had to stand up and look up at him.

However, how should he put it, there was not even the slightest oppressive feeling emanating from this man's person, but rather, his facial expressions and gaze were so gentle that they were almost overflowing.

"Hello, I am Bai Yan. You are really tall." said Bai Yan confidently, tilting his head back.

In his large frame, Rien shyly scratched his head and nodded gently with a warm smile, "Because I have a bit of giant blood in me, actually other than you and Miss Black Vulture, no one here is pure-blooded human."

"When we venture outside, we always need to disguise ourselves by means of a 'Disguise Ceremony', which can be quite exhausting."

"Giant blood?" Bai Yan couldn't help but sink into contemplation, suddenly thinking of something.

The first generation of giant race hybridized with humans… how did they really manage to do it? He didn't even dare to image it!

"This is the gift I brought for you."

Bai Yan, who had a high emotional intelligence, immediately produced a present, his face beaming with joy.

The big guy was slightly taken aback, but his smile grew even wider when he took the gift and then he pulled out a beautifully crafted cake from his own bag on the table… and gave it to Bai Yan.

"Thank you very much. This, here, is a gift prepared by me for you. Everything was personally made by me, so please don't be too polite."

"Did you actually make this by hand? It's made very beautifully and the level of craftsmanship is quite high," Bai Yan couldn't help feeling a bit amazed.

Clearly, this big guy doesn't look like someone who can make exquisite cakes.

The contrast is a bit too great.

"I hope you will like it, but if it doesn't suit your taste, you can throw it away." In response, Rien nodded gently. His broad lips opened and he said, "If you need any help in life or work, you can always ask me for assistance. I'm happy to help."

Holly interjected, "I'm happy to do it too, after all, I am your senior here!"

Bai Yan smiled and responded to their words before the two of them quickly went their separate ways.

He had been in the office for a while and still had not seen Black Vulture waking up.

She was actually sleeping all the time, no matter what was happening.

The little rabbit Holly was chatty, occasionally saying trivial things to herself. Whenever she was addressed as "senior", she felt quite pleased.

Still a child, huh…

The person named Rien is tall, but very enthusiastic, also very careful and patient. From time to time, he pours water for himself and Holly, and even adds clothes to the sleeping Black Vulture, and takes the initiative to sweep the floor.

Hmm, Rien gives Bai Yan a feeling that his behavior and mannerisms are somewhat more akin to that of… a motherly figure?

Was such a person really a cultist?

Although it was only Bai Yan's first day on the team, he was truly puzzled. The Twelfth Team claimed it was normal, and yet, something about the situation seemed decidedly abnormal.

And then, he casually arranged Alan's first Training Simulation.

"Mysterious Magic" was given three rewards.

The first one is 'Mystical Power: Substitute Puppet,' the second the 'Blood of Darkness,' and the final one is 'Mystical Power: The Sun Anthem'…

The reason behind bestowing the "Substitute Puppet" had long been stated, while "Blood of Darkness" would be the standard configuration for all Babel Tower Core Operators in the future.

As for the bestowal of 'The Sun Anthem', it was Bai Yan's hope to make up for Alan's lack of killing power.

"Do not let me down."


Alan sat calmly in his office, flipping through the new videos posted by Babel Tower, with tiny beads of sweat on his forehead.


The person in the video was completely identical to himself, only a blind person wouldn't be able to tell, but with so many people in the department, amazingly not a single one could recognize that it was him.

Perhaps it is because the members of the Demon Hunt Agency are not strong enough, even Lin Bian is unable to break through the mental filter!

But what if it's the "Emperor" from Eyes of the Empire? Would he not be able to perceive his own situation?

"Legend has it that the 'Emperor' is ruthless towards enemies, and loves his people as if they were his own children." Alan said to himself, lost in thought.

Just think about it, the most detestable thing for a man like this is a traitor!

Alan's heart grew increasingly tense.

[You have entered the Imaginary Space, and now you will undergo adjusted training, which is designed to enhance your cognitive abilities.]


Suddenly, Alan realized that all his colleagues in the office had disappeared.

What is going on?

"Is this… the Imaginary Space?"

He rose slowly, furrowing his brow, and took quite a while to accept reality.

The voice that just echoed in my mind was undoubtedly a simulation of Bai Yan, in other words, the voice of the "Savior," who controls Babel Tower.

And then, he took his spirit away from reality!

"What do you want me to do?"

Alan shouted, but received no response, and his growing unease became even stronger.

I am actually part of the Demon Hunt Agency, but I have been affected once again. Perhaps the owner of Babel Tower could destroy the Demon Hunt Agency as easily as flipping his hand.

This is the most fearful thing for him! He didn't even dare to contemplate the thought any further.

Suddenly, the door of the office opened.

Alan instinctively turned his head and noticed a masked person in a purple tailcoat walking in from outside.

Its height and body shape were so familiar to Alan that he could not be more familiar with it.

His pupils contracted slightly, without a doubt, this masked person was himself!

What exactly is going on?

Alan stood facing his "self," ready to launch an attack at any moment, having already activated his Enchanted Costume.

[Within the prescribed time frame, you must overcome your own projection. After each failure, the projection will reset.]

Is this what they call a training simulation?

Before Alan had a chance to react, the "projection" in front of him immediately attacked!

Several flying knives appeared out of nowhere and flew directly toward him!

"Damn it!"

Alan instinctively used Transparent Wall, gritting his teeth, and employed all his skills to battle against "Projection".

However, it was astonishing that both sides possessed the same level of ability and approach in action.

Alan only occasionally did something surprising to create subtle changes in the situation.

Two minutes later, just as Alan felt he was about to resolve the "projection", the "projection" suddenly disappeared.

"Has it ended?"

Alan gasped, his expression full of vigilance. Suddenly, he noticed that the office door was once again opened, and an unharmed "projection" walked in from outside.

[Within the prescribed time frame, you must overcome your own projection. After each failure, the projection will reset.]

The familiar voice in his mind left Alan stunned, realizing that this matter would not end easily.