I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 67

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Chapter 67: The Problem Squad

The director's office.

As usual, Mr. Trap remained seated in his place, his demeanor kind and benevolent, without any discernible change in his expression.

He didn't move at all, as if completely frozen.

In the director's office, there was no one present besides him, yet Mr. Trap kept staring straight ahead, with pupils in his eyes that didn't move in the least.

The door moved.

At that moment, Mr. Trap's eyes finally underwent a transformation, as if he had regained a new lease on life.

He smiled amiably and kindly, looking at the woman who had come into the office.

The woman walking towards him from outside was none other than Merete Chambers, the special consultant of the Tatsumi City's Demon Hunt Agency… with her long white hair, black formal gown and an ever-present hint of amusement in her eyes.

Mr. Trap calmly revealed a smile, picked up the tepid tea from the table, and took a sip.

"The Eyes of the Empire have already given a response, stating that they will send the most senior qualified guardsman 'Emperor' to conduct an investigation in Tatsumi City regarding the matter of Babel Tower and the Monolith."

Merete Chambers narrowed her eyes, to think that the person being dispatched from "Eyes of the Empire" could be the "Emperor"…

She smiled and said, "That man is quite popular in Night Watcher, but his way of doing things is quite unorthodox. In fact, I think there are already many people in the agency who behave in that manner."

Eyes of the Empire, the King's Imperial Guards.

The highest iron wall of the Air Alliance.

For a long time, it was because of their presence that this country remained impervious to external aggression and stood strong.

"Even the Eyes of the Empire are not worth mentioning in front of the Babel Tower," Merete Chambers said with a faint smile.

"That 'Emperor' was cruel in his methods, but ultimately very kind to his own people, and that is enough," Mr. Trap finished and then asked, "Advisor Merete, how do you view the white obelisk?"

Merete Chambers nodded gently and smiled, saying, "First of all, I also believe that it was Babel Tower that summoned this thing. And, in fact, I think that this so-called Babel Tower may have a great deal to do with the 'Tower' of old."

"Do you think it is related to the 'tower'?"

Mr. Trap fell into contemplation and remained silent for a long time. The faith of the "Tower" is an exceedingly unique entity, although they lack any evidence of its association with Babel Tower.

Merete Chambers abruptly changed the subject, stating, "By the way, Mr. Trap, what is your opinion on Bai Yan, the novice Night Watcher?"

Mr. Trap, seeing Merete Chambers unexpectedly mention that person, calmly stated, "Hmm, he could be considered a talented individual with a decent temperament, but that is all."

Merete Chambers said, "This man has a strong connection to the tower. I have looked into his file and found out that, at the age of only eight, he courageously confronted the powerful super being 'Arrogance' and engaged in a 'Death Game' ritual battle."

"Moreover, he did not hesitate to persuade innocent children…to wager their lives as a stake."

"To my knowledge, all parties involved lost significant things due to early defeats in the gaming competition, including… Alan losing his left eye, and Bai Yan himself losing a third of his physical form."

Mr. Trap suddenly exclaimed, "However, he ultimately won the death game by relying on the total score, and the Night Watchers arrived in time to heal the injuries and memories of the children and him. I can tell that you are very interested in him."

Merete Chambers narrowed her eyes and beamed a radiant smile.

She looked even more beautiful, to the point where it was difficult to look directly at her.

"Indeed, it is incredible that an eight-year-old possesses the courage and maturity to do so."

Mr. Trap furrowed his brow, as he felt Merete Chambers was alluding to something - perhaps there was still some sort of distinctiveness to this man called "Bai Yan".


Bai Yan followed Alan's lead as they made their way towards the elevator, with great haste they descended to the first level underground.

In the elevator, Bai Yan appeared tranquil, while contemplating the matter of Babel Tower in his mind.

Alan sighed and grumpily exclaimed:

"In a moment, you will arrive at the office of the twelfth team. Hmm, I don't know why they assigned you there. Normally, only 'problematic children' are sent to that place."

Alan looked helpless, wishing deeply that Bai Yan also belonged to his first team.

However, there is no way to influence the changes in personnel himself.

Bai Yan simply smiled and indifferently said, "Problematic children? I have seen Captain Lin's gaze, and I feel that my position here at the Demon Hunt Agency is not much different from that of a problem child."

"Anyway, be cautious. The 12th team is the smallest Night Watcher team within the Demon Hunt Agency, with only four members aside from you."

Alan slowly listed the composition of the 12th team, and Bai Yan listened in silence.

"Adelaide, your captain, a tall and proud woman like an iceberg, was once Lin Bian's apprentice. She had killed a local nobleman due to a personal feud and was subsequently banished to the 12th team."

"In addition, the three members of the twelfth team consist of a former cult member, a notorious slacker, and a violent woman who has injured many colleagues."

"That sounds rather ominous…"

Yesterday when Bai Yan went to the office, he didn't see anyone, now he can't help but be amazed, is it still possible to resign now?

Alan spoke earnestly and pat Bai Yan's shoulder, saying, "You… just work diligently, and I will do everything in my power to have you transferred to our team. We are a truly elite group here, completely distinct!"

Bai Yan replied with a smile, "Alright then, I'll be waiting eagerly for your good tidings."

After parting with Alan, Bai Yan turned and walked through the corridor, entering the office of the twelfth team.

He found that the office area of the twelfth team was not small, and there were even dozens of unused desks. Most of the spaces were idle.

However, for some unknown reason, the metallic walls here are tattered and torn, seemingly subjected to frequent acts of deliberate destruction.

Soon, Bai Yan saw a black-haired woman lying face-down on a desk in front of a computer, with her entire face on the table and the back of her head facing the ceiling.


The black haired woman collapsed in front of the computer monitor, almost motionless, as if dead.

Bai Yan blinked his eyes and finally realized that she was actually alive.

She was just sleeping.

He stepped forward and saw on the disorderly table of the black-haired woman a large pile of snacks and novels, as well as a large standing sign.

Above, there was neatly written and graceful calligraphy.

"Black Vulture, the cyber technician of the 12th team, works for fifty minutes at random times each day and should not be disturbed during the remainder of her time."

She really is the King of Slacking! Bai Yan immediately recognized this person as his colleague and silently criticized her in his heart.

He lifted his foot and walked towards a nearby empty desk. Alas, when he worked as a civil servant, he had his own independent office. But now, it has come to this.

But when the treatment was actually improved, it made his hearts surge with excitement.

"Oh! So, you're the new person, that means I'm the senior, right?"

Suddenly, a lively girl's voice came from the doorway. Bai Yan instinctively looked up and saw a slightly short girl with long rabbit ears on her head gazing at him happily.

The girl had big eyes, delicate facial features, a small chest, and was wearing a white shirt and black suit that resembled children's clothing. She looked soft and cute, but the most striking feature about her was her deep brown rabbit ears!

Surprisingly, she was a beastmen. Bai Yan gazed at the striking pair of rabbit ears for a moment, nodded and replied, "Yes, I am Bai Yan, a new member of the 12th team. May I ask who you are?"

"My name is Holly, your senior!"

Holly, the girl with rabbit ears, was overjoyed and ran over gleefully.

"Captain Adelaide is still chasing the cultists outside, and the bulky guy took another day off to work as a caregiver at the orphanage. Therefore, only I and the God of Sleep are here now."

God of Sleep?

The nickname is quite fitting indeed. Bai Yan glanced at the office desk in front of him, but still could not see the face of the black-haired woman.

Holly's bunny ears excitedly bobbed as she stood before Bai Yan with a smile.

"Miss God of Sleep used to work as a programmer on a certain novel website. She often said that it was the perfect place for her to nap. However, due to her excellent technical skills and the need for money, she eventually joined the Demon Hunt Agency. Nevertheless, her lazy attitude caused her to be disliked by other teams, and she ended up here in the end."

Bai Yan listened silently, and suddenly Holly emphasized, "By the way, someone might have said bad things about the twelfth team, but you shouldn't believe them!"

"I understand, seeing is believing."

"Hehe, our team is very harmonious and loving, but there are too few people, which sometimes makes it boring. It's really great that you came over!"

Holly appeared to be a chatterbox, prattling on incessantly.

"I hope to have more and more colleagues in the future."

She suddenly took a step back and assumed a boxing stance, striking the air.

"My hobby is practicing boxing! Hoo hoo, hoo hoo hoo! You can call me senior in the future!" She obviously cares about the term "senior" as a title.

Ah, this one is much cuter than that little girl Psychic Dancer. This is what true innocence looks like! Hehe, it's not comparable to those who secretly curse others in their hearts.

Bai Yan smiled and reached out his hand to catch Holly's cute little fist, but to his surprise, the girl was frightened and immediately tilted her body backwards, causing him to miss the catch.


She instinctively grabbed the desk next to her and ended up tearing off the corner with her hand, causing herself to fall onto the seat.

Holly looked at Bai Yan in terror and earnestly warned him, "Please, please don't touch me casually. I really cannot control my power. Please understand my situation, as the medical expenses are very high."

Bai Yan gazed at the metallic desk and the dilapidated walls of the office in silence, fully aware of the situation.

"Okay, I understand."

He suddenly took out his cellphone and smiled, saying, "By the way, Senior Holly, do you mind if I play with my cellphone for a while?"

Holly furrowed her brows and stood up, shaking her head.

"Oh dear, it seems that you also like to slack off. Never mind, I really can't do anything about you. As a senior, I'll turn a blind eye and pretend I didn't see anything."

"This is a small gift for my senior colleagues." Before coming, Bai Yan had brought some gifts for his new colleagues.

"Ah, this is so great!"

Bai Yan took some time to arrange his desk the way he wanted, and then sat down.

Holly continued to bounce and practice boxing at the door, while Black Vulture was still sleeping.

He took out his mobile phone and calmly opened "Babel Tower" to check the placement logs of the three Core Operators.

In a little while, it will be the agreed upon summons day… Huh, Bai Yan was slightly taken aback, as it seemed that something extraordinary had been triggered in Psychic Dancer's log.