I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 66

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Chapter 66: Miracle

Bai Yan returned to the apartment and took a hot shower before drying himself off and promptly getting under the covers with a small blanket.

He nestled in the blankets, smiling as he flipped through his phone.

Indeed, the new video has been uploaded!

However, in the video, Bai Yan himself was not present, only "Mysterious Magic" and "Nightsaber" were seen, whose coordination was not seamless, yet splendid nonetheless.

"So that's how it is. It appears that I am not recognized as a Babel Tower Operator. Very well then," murmured Bai Yan as he shook his head.

In the video, Weasley's spell directly pulled down a tall building, causing a stunning visual effect. Many people in the comments section were shocked to see this scene.

"evemoer" said, "Oh my god, this is too scary, the super beings… they are becoming more and more frightening to me."

"Yushinto Murasaki" said, "There are still many people like this in the world. The mere thought of it fills me with despair."

"Iron Core Cocoon" said, "Why haven't the authorities released all the secrets yet? Where can we feel secure now?"

"Autumncamesoon" said, "Belief in Babel Tower, only by believing in them can we make it."

"The Decompression Password is 9" said, "Stop talking, anyway, from now on, I will be the dog of this beautiful woman in black stockings. She is too charming! Mua mua mua!"

"Crimson" said, "To be honest, yes, she's really dashing. I want to buy a figurine of her!"

In just half a month, the popularity of 'Nightsaber' has risen considerably online, even to the extent that many fan-made videos about her have appeared on some video-sharing websites.

A character that is both beautiful and cool, and possesses great strength, always garners a significant level of popularity!

Bai Yan looked around the video comment section and discovered the presence of the user "Autumncamesoon".

He posted a link about the Babel Tower Aid Group during his previous communication.

Bai Yan applied last time, hoping to join, but failed to pass the review, which made Bai Yan quite speechless.

Bai Yan pondered for a moment before initiating a private conversation with "Autumncamesoon".

"Iamseekingexcitement": "I want to join your group, the one that is providing assistance to Babel Tower."

"Autumncamesoon", "The group has already been sealed off."

"Iamseekingexcitement", "Why?"

"Autumncamesoon", "Perhaps someone doesn't like our behavior, but there is really nothing to be said. The people at Babel Tower ultimately live in a different world from us, and this matter ends here."

Hey, does this guy's speech mean that he has already given up?

Bai Yan pondered for a moment before continuing to input.

"Iamseekingexcitement", "I don't think so. Babel Tower is the true guardian of this city, but they are also human and need support from others. I want to learn more about Babel Tower and offer any help I can provide."

"Autumncamesoon", "Do you really think so?"

"Iamseekingexcitement", "Yes, but you don't feel that way anymore. I am disappointed. I will find my own way."

"Autumncamesoon", "Okay, next week at the same time, come to the number two server of this game and register an account with your current name. Someone will private message you then… Hmm, about the Babel Tower matter."

Soon, "Autumncamesoon" sent over a link to an unpopular game.

After Bai Yan read it, he fell into contemplation.

Indeed, they have turned to operate on a more secretive level. Speaking of which, are these people truly fans of the Babel Tower?

"Or shall we say, they are simply doing other things in the name of Babel Tower?"

Bai Yan decided to personally go and see the actual situation.

"Moreover, even with this approach, it is not secretive enough, and you are very likely to be targeted by the Demon Hunt Agency."


A few days later.


Tatsumi City maintained its facade of tranquility, as people rushed through its streets amidst the incessant hum of passing cars.

In the center of the city square, there stands a bronze sculpture dedicated to the urban pioneers who built the city.

A dozen or so white doves sat bored on the sculpture, their gray-white feathers interspersed with fine dust.

The red light changed to green, and the crowd surged outside the square, while the fearless white pigeons gazed upon the unchanging scene that had endured for years.

The dust on their wings trembled ever so slightly.

The tremor quickly intensified, causing the white doves to get startled and take flight, while those near the city center square were made aware of the ground beneath their feet shaking.


Someone shouted loudly, followed by screams and chaos. Cracks appeared on the ground in the center of the square and people ran in a hurry towards the outside.

After a strong vibration lasting several minutes, the bronze sculpture of the city's builders collapsed with a deafening roar.

A massive white obelisk jutted out of the ground, reaching skyward with its pointed apex.

Thousands of onlookers witnessed this scene!

Half a minute later, the vibration stopped and countless people looked up at the same position.

A white obelisk, towering over fifty meters high, stood in the center of the city square. It emitted a soft and peculiar radiance, reminiscent of the gentle glow of the sun.

The citizens couldn't help but stop and gaze, experiencing the rays of the sun scattering around their bodies. Each person could feel a warmth emanating from within themselves and spreading to the outside.

After a while, someone suddenly began to wonder and said, "I feel so comfortable…"

"I feel very relaxed, as if my body has become light and agile."

"My eyes no longer ache, what is the reason for this?"

"Oh, my waist feels much more comfortable now."

After staying for a while, many people experienced a reduction in physical ailments and fatigue, and the closer they got to the white obelisk, the more pronounced the effect became.

This is a miracle!

The citizens realized this and almost every unhealthy person at the scene was delighted. Many middle-aged and elderly people tried to get closer to the white obelisk.

"Do not move forward! Stop! All of you, step back!"

A blonde woman in a white suit suddenly appeared out of thin air and stood in front of the white obelisk, coldly blocking everyone.

She was around 27 or 28 years old, with a tall and slender figure nearly reaching 1.8 meters, and long blonde hair cascading down to her waist. Her icy blue eyes and noble facial features gave her a beauty akin to an iceberg.

She is Adelaide, who has a quarter Ice Demon ancestry, and is the captain of the 12th squad of the Demon Hunt Agency in Tatsumi City. Lin Bian, on the other hand, holds the position of captain in the 1st squad and they are of equal rank.

She wore a white down jacket that was inappropriate for the season, had a lady cigarette dangling from her mouth, and held a sharp, white, and blue spear in her hand.

"Get back!"

The woman, who perfectly embodied the characteristics of a "goddess", swept her ice-blue spear and created a thunderous barrier around her, causing anyone who came near to be pushed back several meters by the faint electrical currents.

"This is for your own good. Don't casually approach this inexplicable thing. It's no different from committing suicide!"

People gaped at the woman in astonishment, whispering and murmuring amongst themselves in hushed tones.

"Is that a superhuman?"

"It seems so."

"She is quite pretty, but just a little old."

"Ah, this is just to my taste!"

These little brats actually said I'm a bit old! They really don't understand the charm of women. She put on sunglasses, turned around, and squinted up at the towering white obelisk.

In Adelaide's eyes, there was a faint hint of surprise and fear.

What the hell is this thing?

"Get out of the car, get out of the car, evacuate the crowd!"

A fleet of armored vehicles swiftly arrived at the scene, with Night Watchers and combat support personnel appearing one by one, quickly surrounding the white obelisk.

The onlookers were quickly dispersed and a police cordon was set up, with no citizens allowed to stay within several kilometers.

After a while, the helicopter hovered above the white obelisk, and more and more Night Watchers appeared.

Lin Bian, Alan, and Bai Yan arrived at the scene by means of the same helicopter.

Today is actually the day when Bai Yan officially reports to the field team, but after going to the office, he heard that the team leader went to the city center, so he followed Alan here.

He gazed at the towering Adelaide, lost in thought. This captain was about the same height as himself, yet she still wore high heels…did she really enjoy looking down on people like that?

Adelaide gazed at the white obelisk that emitted continuous sunlight, her eyes brimming with vigilance and apprehension.

She turned and walked over, looked at Lin Bian who was drinking and said, "This damn thing gives me a strong feeling related to the ancient gods, and we absolutely cannot act recklessly."

"Well, I feel the same way, the taste of the ancient god…it's just too mysterious, why did this kind of thing suddenly appear."

Lin Bian frowned, his heart filled with shock at the moment. The strong and rich smell of the ancient gods on the white obelisk was not concealed, even making him gasp for breath.

The stronger the person's INT, the more they feel oppressed!

If a mythical ancient god were to descend upon this world…

Then regardless of Demon Hunt Agency, Black Star Faction, or "Pastor" and "Queen of the Scarlet Moon", everything in Tatsumi City will be as laughable as insects and will end up easily crushed into dust by the ancient god!

Alan hesitated to speak, and then he wanted to speak again, but then hesitated again.

He covered the black tower-shaped mark on his right arm for a moment, holding his mobile phone, and walked up with sweat all over his head.

"Well… Babel Tower, Babel Tower posted a video."

Lin Bian and Adelaide immediately turned to look at Alan, and then Adelaide also saw Bai Yan standing next to Alan.

She squinted her eyes and said, "Another troublesome child has arrived? Our team has truly become a shelter. Anyway, let's not talk about your matters for now. Show us the video."

"What do you mean? How could I be a troublesome child? Even the professors at university know how motivated I am!" Bai Yan muttered to himself.

A new Babel Tower video has indeed appeared on the mobile phone.

And the content of the video was… a fragment of the emergence of a white obelisk from the earth.

The crowd looked at each other in confusion, and in their hearts, filled with fear, they already understood one thing.

The clandestine entity behind Babel Tower's creation was none other than the mythical ancient god long submerged within the annals of history!

So, this is already beyond the scope that the Demon Hunt Agency can confront.

Adelaide took a deep breath and gazed at Bai Yan's face, as if she wanted to say something to her new subordinate. However, she turned to Lin Bian and said, "My current suggestion is to have Eyes of the Empire send someone over."

Her tone was solemn as she said, "The people of Babel Tower may already be beyond the reach of the Demon Hunt Agency."

Lin Bian remained silent for a long period of time.

"Ah, I understand."

Bai Yan, as a novice field worker, said nothing.

He stood silently behind Alan, listening to the speeches of the seasoned Night Watchers.

Then, Bai Yan calmly raised his head and looked at the towering white obelisk that kept emitting sunlight, feeling the soft warmth seeping into his limbs, with a faint smile on his lips.