I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 65

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Chapter 65: The Savior Betrayed Babel Tower

"I am here, always waiting for the end of overtime."

Bai Yan just checked his phone and realized it was already 1 am. He felt a desire to return home.

But with so many things happening today, clearly it's a night suitable for staying up late and working overtime.

Many colleagues are still searching on the scene. If he weren't an office worker, he was afraid he wouldn't be able to come back now. After all, his ability of "Connection" is very suitable for intelligence gathering.

Of course, there is more than one person who possesses the ability to collect intelligence, so the Night Watchers don't necessarily have to keep him at the scene.

Ah, what if they forcibly call me back to work overtime later? Please don't, I have already been rained on and I'm about to catch a cold and fever. My constitution is just that of an ordinary person.

When Bai Yan was lost in thought, Alan pushed the door open and explained his reason for coming with a smile on his face.

"Congratulations, talented Bai Yan. You are about to be promoted."

"What are you saying?"

Bai Yan widened his eyes, pretending to be confused.

"I am saying that you have the opportunity to become a true Night Watcher, and to become an operative like me. If you don't wish to decline, then come with me now to meet the director."

"Anyone can be a clerical worker, but it's different for field work."

Alan smiled, his face adorned with expressions of congratulations and pride.

He sincerely regarded Bai Yan as his own brother, naturally feeling happy for him to be qualified as a true Night Watcher.

Bai Yan was not just a friend and benefactor to him, but a true brother.

"We can fight side by side now," Alan murmured, recalling the past when he only knew fear, but now things were different.

Fighting together, but not necessarily shoulder to shoulder.

Bai Yan fell silent for a moment, then he too smiled and said, "Indeed, but there is something I wish to ask you first."

"Um, go ahead."

Alan nodded gently and waited for Bai Yan to ask his question. Did he want to inquire about the treatment of the Night Watcher on duty? Alan had a feeling that this fellow might be interested in this matter.

"Does someone in the agency… have any connection with that Babel Tower?"

Bai Yan spoke slowly, with a slightly solemn tone.

In an instant, Alan felt as if he had been struck by lightning, causing a tingling sensation throughout his entire body.

What? How did he know… Could it be that he found me? But this is simply impossible.

"Why do you think that? Did you discover some clue? Who do you think it is?"

Alan hesitated for a moment, unsure if Bai Yan had noticed the image of him and Mu Ling fighting together, as Bai Yan possessed a strong ability to extract information.

"Don't mind it, I was just casually asking, it just felt weird that they could escape every single time before the Demon Hunt Agency arrived. I thought the perhaps this was because of a mole within the agency."

Bai Yan displayed a relaxed countenance and a smile.

When he played Werewolves of Miller's Hollow, he also enjoyed stirring up trouble, despite occasionally self-exposing; it was very exciting.

Moreover, Alan's reaction greatly satisfied Bai Yan. This scoundrel had actually deceived him for so long. Of course, he had to get revenge!

And for some reason…Bai Yan actually hoped that Alan could be open with him.

But he soon regretted it.

I am a fraud, a deceiver, the biggest liar of all, and yet I wish my friends would always speak the truth to me.

And then Bai Yan quickly changed the subject.

"Maybe I am just overthinking, let's go."

Alan let out a sigh of relief. "Damn it", he thought, "I certainly didn't volunteer to join Babel Tower!"

But inexplicably, he became a member of the Babel Tower!

Savior… this enigmatic and dreadful entity, mayhaps lies beyond the purview of the Demon Hunt Agency's effective combat.

Alan vaguely realized that the other person would be a much more powerful and formidable figure than "Pastor" and "Queen of the Scarlet Moon."

Perhaps it is not a wise choice to oppose the Babel Tower, and it may even lead to self-destruction. It could be more advantageous to facilitate a collaboration between the Babel Tower and the Demon Hunt Agency.

But then he remembered Lin Bian's words and a vague sense of guilt welled up in his heart.

Are my own thought processes considered betrayal? The mainstream viewpoint of the Demon Hunt Agency still considers Babel Tower an illegal organization.

However, Babel Tower has always maintained an excellent reputation, they save the ordinary people, eliminate the masterminds, and have a high reputation among the common people.

"Let's go," he said.

At this moment, Bai Yan stood up, smiled, and left the room with Alan.

The two of them proceeded towards the director's office, and on the way, Alan was continuously contemplating his own thoughts.

He suddenly spoke without stopping, "Bai Yan, do you know the story of Mr. Lin Bian?"

"I don't know," Bai Yan shook his head and added, "What's wrong? I only know that person loves to drink and always looks at me with an ill gaze."

Bai Yan is not blind, and he can tell that Lin Bian is targeting him.

"He is very sensitive, alcohol is only a sedative, of course, all of this has a reason." Alan shook his head.

Bai Yan's tone was calm, "Oh, everyone has a reason when making a decision, but adults always have to take responsibility for the consequences."

"You are right."

Bai Yan didn't have time to intervene, and Alan began to speak for himself.

"The original Lin Bian was undoubtedly the ace of the Night Watchers, and the pride of each member. Everyone believed that under his leadership, the Tatsumi City's Demon Hunt Agency would fear nothing."

"Until one mission. We terminated several black wizards like we did this time, captured a lot of Dark Sorcerer's Apprentices, but we were unable to find the highest rank leader among them."

"Among The Dark Sorcerer's Apprentices, there was an underage girl missing both of her arms and blind in her right eye. Although her face was attractive, her clear, blue sapphire-like left eye stood out. She confessed that she became the Dark Sorcerer's apprentice in hopes of healing her body. Despite suffering greatly, she had never taken a life and had successfully passed the lie detection spell."

"The punishment set by the Air Alliance has always been severe. She would be imprisoned for many years or even for life, and only be released after ensuring that she poses no threat to the citizens. Lin Bian couldn't bear to see it, so he secretly released the girl…"

Bai Yan interjected, "So she was actually the true mastermind behind that group of black wizards and apprentices?"

The plot of this kind of story is very predictable. Bai Yan saw Alan reluctantly nod with a faint smile.

"You guessed it right, the story is that simple. A few days later, Lin Bian returned home only to find that his daughter, who had just started her summer vacation, had been affected by black magic, and tore her body apart bit by bit."

"Shortly afterwards, his wife could not bear the blow and committed suicide."

Alan fell silent at this point, it was a story from eight years ago. At that time, he would frequently visit Lin Bian's house to play games with the girl.

If he had been unlucky enough to go to the scene at that time, he would also have most likely committed suicide.

"I understand now. In the future, I will consciously keep my distance from this ticking time bomb and try not to provoke him. If I come across his enemies, I will help with his revenge and tear off the pretty face of that handicapped scum. But if he does something against me, I won't have any extra tolerance for him."

Bai Yan gazed into his friend's eyes and made a promise.

"I thought he would express a few words of sympathy like ordinary people!" Alan was slightly stunned, knowing that he had overthought.

He immediately nodded and said with a smile, "That will do, thank you."

At that moment, Alan also fully comprehended.

His teacher's fate was tragic, with a rough and extreme path, and everything that had already happened was irreversible.

But one must choose their own path.

You must not lose your judgment and decisiveness due to sympathy, gratitude, and pity. Demon Hunt Agency needs to do what is necessary to maintain the order of this city, without pushing away all potential allies.

Alan shook his head slightly and sighed, saying to himself, "I cannot let myself sympathize with one person's misery to the point where I end up sympathizing with everyone's misery."

"Stop talking to yourself, we have arrived."

Bai Yan chuckled as the two of them arrived at the director's office door.

He extended his hand and pushed open the door to enter.

Mr. Trap sat in his chair, silent and exuding an energy as if he had been waiting for a considerable duration of time.

The old man nodded gently and turned to Bai Yan and Alan, saying, "You have worked hard tonight."

"Bai Yan, as far as I know, Tatsumi City has never had anyone awaken as quickly to become a super being as you, and as far as history goes, there have only been two other cases of people awakening within a day."

"However, both of these individuals lived their lives unremarkably and passed away without stirring any noteworthy historical impact."

"In this regard, having talent is both meaningful and meaningless. You must understand that even the strongest transcendent beings can die or go insane at any moment."

"The question thereafter lies in whether you aspire to rush to the front lines and become an operative for the Demon Hunt Agency… For that, you must undergo substantial training, extensively learn new knowledge, and also be willing to risk your life for the people living in this city."

Mr. Trap paused for a moment and finally said in a profound and somber tone, "Become… a true Night Watcher.

This is an honor, but it's also a responsibility. It will turn you into a true warrior that upholds city order and, at the same time, the most powerless, crazy and pitiful person."

Mr. Trap's expression had become extremely serious, and his previous laziness had long since disappeared.

Even Alan was infected by the atmosphere and remembered when he had sworn to live for the people of the city…

Such was the Night Watcher's original aspiration, and I have not violated it in any way. How could I then be considered a traitor to the Demon Hunt Agency?

Bai Yan hesitated but for a moment, recalling his small room where he must retire for the evening and the instant noodles yet to be fully digested in his stomach, hence he inquired with a modest and unassuming query.

"How about the treatment?"

Alan, who was standing on the side, blinked his eyes.

He wanted to complain but restrained himself!

Mr. Trap nodded nonchalantly and began to narrate in a tranquil manner.

"During the probation period you will be assigned to single-person housing, with a car, and a starting monthly salary of 25,000 yuan, which will double after the conversion. Various tasks will receive additional incentives based on completion and difficulty. There is also adjustable paid annual leave, priority for children and descendant enrollment, lifetime exemption of personal and immediate family medical expenses, and compensation…"

"Alright, I'll do it."

Bai Yan interrupted him with a firm tone and a loyal gaze.