I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 64

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Chapter 64: Tremendous Profit

"Damn that Babel Tower!"

After two hours, many Night Watchers still hadn't returned to the Demon Hunt Agency, but instead remained at the scene to clean up the aftermath.

Including but not limited to searching for villas and interrogating the just-captured Dark Sorcerer's Apprentices, as well as accommodating the previously dispersed population.

Most Dark Sorcerer's Apprentices are not executed, but instead receive punishment through imprisonment or exile.

Of course, this doesn't mean that Demon Hunt Agency is kind, gentle or magnanimous; it simply implies that the Air Alliance has gained many more test subjects and cannon fodders.

Alan and Lin Bian have already returned to the Demon Hunt Agency, and they are well aware that they won't be able to catch anyone tonight; however, it is still necessary to continue searching.

Weasley will undoubtedly leave behind a plethora of valuable items to be managed, some of which may be traps or hazardous materials requiring attention. Additionally, there may be innocent captives within the dungeon that require resettlement.

The two of them hurriedly walked together down the hallway, en route to report to the director.

Lin Bian suddenly stopped on the road and said, "The failure this time was entirely because of my refusal to mobilize auxiliary combat personnel. I was too arrogant."

Weasley has actually mistaken about one thing; the Night Watchers of the Demon Hunt Agency were not their entire combat personnel.

In fact, the Demon Hunt Agency has several hundred combat personnel who have received extensive training, but don't possess any extraordinary powers to aid them in battle. Most of them are elite soldiers selected from professional military backgrounds.

They can proficiently use various extraordinary items and technological devices, are disciplined, act quickly, and in addition, are proficient in skills such as firearms, postures, computers, etc. Hunting ordinary extraordinaries in teams is a piece of cake.

Of course, facing a strong opponent like Weasley would inevitably result in heavy casualties.

This is also the reason why Lin Bian didn't let them participate in this mission.

"Are you carrying all the blame on yourself again?" Alan sighed and shook his head, it was always like this.

Lin Bian remained silent and let out a deep sigh before taking a swig from his silver flask.

He was obviously very unhappy and said:

"Your friend named Bai Yan has already awakened extraordinary powers… This speed is too fast, could it be that he is really a super genius?"

"Did you use some kind of medicine to help him? That would be too dangerous."

Tonight, all of the Night Watchers remembered a name.

Bai Yan!

In just one day, awakening extraordinary powers, this is an extremely rare situation that has only occurred three times in history!

Although there is no evidence to suggest that a faster awakening speed implies greater potential, people often believe that such individuals should stand out and receive more attention and expectation.

Of course, Lin Bian had already memorized Bai Yan's name, tonight was just a way to further etch it into his memory.

After hesitating for a moment, he said, "According to the rules, this little guy should not be limited to a regular clerical position in the future."

Alan nodded and immediately said, "Anyone who wishes to become a field agent must receive personal approval from the director. Furthermore, I am uncertain whether Bai Yan is willing to accept a transfer, as his skills are better suited for covert operations."

Lin Bian chuckled and continued, "But his intellectual ability is very strong, isn't it? Many times it's more important than combat ability. In fact, are you expecting an untrained Original Level extraordinary person to provide any combat power? Its better to give him a submachine gun some grenades and flash bombs."

Alan nodded again in agreement.

Indeed, it is so. Most of the extraordinary individuals at the Original Level are unable to defend themselves against the sudden assault of an armed squad of support combat personnel.

Lin Bian's expression became grave, and the veins on his clenched fists stood out prominently.

"We were fooled by the Babel Tower once again. What exactly is that black mist?"

Lin Bian drank the lethal amount of alcohol sip by sip, as if it were free, gulping it down forcefully.

"Alan, you actually possess remarkable talents, and you will eventually become a master of sorcery, potentially surpassing me in every aspect…which is also why I chose to mentor you in the first place."

His tone suddenly became serious, and his gaze towards Alan was full of favor.

"You have even greater potential than I do, you are younger and intelligent as well. Sooner or later, you will become the new guardian of Tatsumi City."

"So you must remember…"

"Whether it be Pastor or Queen of the Scarlet Moon, they are both hazardous entities that must be eliminated… And, of course, Babel Tower too. Our city can no longer tolerate such reckless and lawless entities."

Alan paused for a moment, recalling the incident where "Nightsaber" had attacked Weasley and the chilling voice that still lingered in his mind.

Savior… What exactly do you want to do?

Although Babel Tower is an illicit organization, it is not necessarily a criminal group or a cult. In fact, many Night Watchers have such thoughts privately, but they cannot be spoken out loud.

"Always remember to eradicate evil deeds, Alan. Do not spare those arrogant wrongdoers who enjoy abusing their power and causing innocent children to weep."

Lin Bian narrowed his eyes and fell silent for a moment with the jug in his hand, his profound murderous intent leaked out beneath the cover of alcohol.

"What we need to do is eliminate them."

Alan hesitated for a moment, then slightly opened his mouth and finally nodded, saying, "Of course, I understand."

He knew Lin Bian's past and also understood the source of his hatred, so he wouldn't shamelessly advise this man who had lost hope and future to let go.


"The emergency mission has been accomplished!"

"Babel Tower Legendary Point+200!"

"The body of the black wizard has been collected and can be submitted to the Soul Origin Nucleus Research Institute for the extraction of relevant knowledge."

"You have obtained the reward 'Mystical Power: Substitute Puppet' (SR)."

Bai Yan sat in his office, gazing at his phone for a long time, his heart bursting with joy.

Legendary Points can directly increase the Source Energy Points by two hundred points!

"I remember the last time I added 200 Source Energy Points was during Nightsaber's first public battle, when the world became aware of the existence of hidden beings."

He felt intense emotions and believed that all the effort he had put into this was worthwhile.

And this time the profit was enough to compare with that previous one, which proves that killing the black wizard Weasley is definitely not an easy task, and cannot even be resolved by normal gameplay.

"If I hadn't taken care of the Dark Beast ahead of time, the subsequent high-difficulty mission of 'Dark-Eyed' Weasley wouldn't have been triggered… Interfering with the game from outside requires even more caution."

After his calm mood settled, Bai Yan fell into silent contemplation.

His own actions almost brought Alan into a deadly situation, perhaps this is the butterfly effect caused by external interference.

Even if he had to do it again, he would not let that Dark Beast get away.

Bai Yan regards himself as far from being a saintly figure, and when he occasionally comes across news reports detailing the grievous loss of life resulting from disasters in far-flung places, he remains unfeeling towards the passing of unknown people.

But he would never applaud the death of a commoner, nor would he treat an old acquaintance with cold-bloodedness.

The newly acquired Mystical Power is called "Substitute Puppet", which is actually a powerful ancient spell with high practicality and is very suitable for "survival".

Currently, the only one who excels at spells within the Core Operators is "Mysterious Magic" Alan.

"It seems like there is no other choice but to entrust it to him, as he can bring out its maximum value… As long as he possesses the power of this 'Substitute Puppet', even when facing Weasley again, he can still find a way to escape calmly."

"Hmm, he should also be endowed with a lethal ability, he's still too weak now."

Bai Yan was pondering when suddenly he realized that he had not yet looked up the operator data of "Mysterious Magic".

He immediately flipped through it.

In fact, his current mood was rather peculiar.

After all, Alan was actually Mysterious Magic himself, and his actions were actually an invasion of his friend's privacy.

This feeling is… quite interesting!

Core Operator:

Title: Mysterious Magic.

Gender: Male.

Plane: Material Realm.

Level: Mutation.

Race: Human

Operator Identification: Reconnaissance/Assistance/Control.

Milestone: Night Watcher.

Primary Attributes:




Secondary Attributes:

Charm: 8

Loyalty: 1

Mood: 3


Cunning Man (The probability of successfully completing negotiation-type tasks is higher for cunning individuals)

A person of strong emotion and loyalty (Loyalty and emotions are deeply intertwined and subject to change based on the circumstances of his family and friends)


Transparent Wall, Phantom Beast, Unlikely Friendship, Magic Wand, Sensing Curtain, Blade Poker, Passwall, Explosive Balloon, Concealment of Aura, Enchanted Costume, Concealing Hat, Teleportation.

Fictitious Lover (Ritual)

The Grandiose Stage for the Magical Ceremony.

Items: Escape Door *1, Lie Detection Glove *1.

Description: Night Watcher, who has been with the Demon Hunt Agency for thirteen years, has received formal training since childhood, has rich combat experience and excellent adaptability, is proficient in deception, and holds a righteous heart.

"Wait a moment, what is the deal with this Fictitious Lover's ritual?"

Bai Yan paused slightly, then pulled open the entry and carefully read the explanation…

"By fabricating the existence of a fictitious lover to others, you can obtain the ability to maintain a heightened state of sensory perception, and the more people you deceived, the greater the effect."

Wait, so when I'm in Power Possession: Mysterious Magic, my five senses become extremely sensitive. Is this because of the ritual?

Bai Yan found it difficult to accept! He felt he had been subjected to a tremendous deception!

"Is this the reason why none of his girlfriends showed up at the birthday party? Wait, this is outrageous. Come to think of it, I have never seen his girlfriends before. Alan has always been describing their names, appearances, and hobbies… Other classmates also seem to have never actually seen his girlfriends. No wonder he never shows any interest in his classmates."

However, everyone believed that he was a scumbag, each and every single one of them.

Originally, Bai Yan thought that Alan's nickname might be a bit off the mark, but now he realizes that he, along with those around him, have been getting fooled by this guy for the past two years!

No wonder he said "this is the effect I want." Bai Yan's memories kept flooding back, increasingly realizing how outrageous Alan's deception was.

At this very moment, there was a sudden knocking at the door.

He immediately calmly put away his phone without any hesitation.

"Bai Yan, I need to speak with you about something, it's me… Alan." A familiar voice sounded.