I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 63 Part 1

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Chapter 63: Deadly Chain (1)

The only reason why Alan is able to move is that Bai Yan's game progress has only reached this point.

He has temporarily gained his freedom.

Next, Alan's only concern was how to delay the time or escape directly.

As a swindler and a magician, Alan was never reckless; instead, he cherished his life greatly.

Perhaps one day, he too may make a sacrifice, but he doesn't want to die in vain.

Alan understood that his opponent was a formidable enemy whom he couldn't confront, and he began to prepare in his mind a series of escape plans.

"I will kill you quickly, so by the time that Lin Bian guy arrives, all he will see is a lifeless body."

Weasley understood that he could not stay for long. Once he was entangled with Lin Bian and the other Night Watchers, even he would not have the possibility of escaping again.

The pitiable Night Watcher named Lin Bian is a detestable and bona fide lunatic, extremely challenging.

"Let me use my mighty power to make you pay the price for standing in my way."

Black Magic: Dance of Death Shadows.

Weasley gently extended his pale fingers, and the surrounding shadows transformed into heavy black swords and spears. Fierce ghostly warriors with terrifying faces roared and howled, performing a dance of death in the storm, and viciously attacked Alan with extreme malice!

They are death, they are war!

"Transparent Wall!"

Alan brandished his magic wand and quickly cast defensive spells with great effort to resist the opponent's attack.

The swords, guns and warriors collided against an invisible wall.

The invisible walls…had visible cracks appear!

The Night Watchers have imposed a "ban" on this place, making it impossible to escape using the Passwall spell. Alan feels like he has been hit on the back of his head.

He rapidly performed a new magic trick.

The walls broke, and the dance of death shadows advanced once again!


Alan was drenched in sweat as he exchanged places with a small frog under a nearby eave at the critical moment, narrowly evading the death and conflict comprised of many shadows.

The ground which had been engulfed in despair turned into an entirely black hue, devoid of any vitality.

The instigator of all things, the black wizard leader Weasley, stood in place with a gaze filled with nothing but murderous intent and callousness.

He was undoubtedly a true master of black magic, with years of experience and enough raw power to rival that of the renowned Marquis Scarlet.

Alan took a deep breath and maneuvered numerous scarlet balloons drifting in from all around.

These were traps that Bai Yan had set up in advance, but Weasley didn't even notice them.

"This kind of trickery…"


At that moment, Weasley sensed it before Alan, that there were others lying in wait nearby!

It was a surprise attack, but there was still some distance to cover.

Weasley tried to lift his finger, but his body gradually stiffened, and his cold expression froze in that moment.

Not just his body, but everything around him - raindrops, the air, stagnant water, including Alan himself - came to a complete standstill.

The entire world was frozen, and the concept of sound had completely disappeared.


The moment is eternal.

It was a person with long white hair, eyes with a purple hue, and a cross in her hand that began to transform in front of Weasley's eyes, growing larger and larger, until it transformed into a jet-black light that fell from the sky!

At first glance, Mu Ling was certain of the power dynamic and that she was the challenger.

This formidable enemy is quite difficult to handle!

Hunters are not knights, and ambushing is a necessary means of hunting.


The heavy black sword struck Weasley's body, and his tall and thin frame exploded into a myriad of black shadows, yet no blood was left behind.

The surprise attack was unsuccessful.

Mu Ling serenely accepted the reality in her heart, while also realizing that the enemy was no longer within her detection range.

She lacked investigative tools such as a surveillance screen and thus, for a moment, was left feeling bewildered while standing in place.

Time resumed its movement.

Alan was momentarily taken aback, as he suddenly caught sight of the enemy disappearing,only to be replaced by a figure appearing in the original location…it was Mu Ling, the hound of Babel Tower.

How could it be her? She suddenly appeared!

Alan was perplexed and even had a momentary absurd illusion that Weasley had transformed into Mu Ling.

Um, this is simply not possible.

But he soon figured out the reason, the girl in the video had demonstrated what appeared to be the power of 'time stopping'.

Babel Tower!

"Hunter? So it was you all along, the hunting hound of Babel Tower."

Weasley was hiding in the shadows of nearby buildings, his hands dancing up and down, his gaze resembling that of a serious conductor.

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"The power from earlier was very tricky, time stopping… It seems I need to give it my all."

The previous sudden sword attack has temporarily rendered the Relic he was relying on for survival ineffective.

Weasley sensed a lethal danger emanating from Mu Ling.

"The darkness hidden within the darkness, the true mediator of shadows, the actual ruler of the Gray Area. I am willing to offer ten years of my life, please allow me to manipulate the darker side of things."

Upon confirming "Nightsaber", Weasley made the decision to sacrifice.

If he doesn't pay the price and end the fight quickly, by the time the Night Watchers arrive, he will have lost all hope of escape.

Sacrifice, this is the most beautiful part of black magic.

By paying a certain cost, Weasley, who was originally inferior, would be able to temporarily possess a powerful force close to that of a Monarch!

"Unfortunately, I don't have any living sacrifices on hand. After successfully escaping, I need to capture some people to make up for the slack."

Making others pay at his expense is the most delightful part of being the Black Wizard!

Weasley's once gray eyes are now jet black!

This is it, Dark-Eyed.