I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 62 Part 1

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Chapter 62: The Incompetence of the Demon Hunt Agency (1)

Inside the detached villa, there is a basement floor.

A rather tasteful dark brown study, with few furnishings but all of them exquisite. Some of the items displayed in the cabinets near the walls are even rare objects from beyond the mortal world, each of which is undoubtedly of considerable value.

Seated on a wooden chair in the depths of the study, there was a slender and tall young man donning a black suit, with black hair and grey eyes.

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"Dark-Eyed" Weasley.

Not only was he extremely handsome in appearance, but he also had a noble and elegant temperament that surpassed ordinary people. He was born with an aura of aloofness that fascinated most girls.

In his fair hands was a glass goblet, containing a slightly swaying crimson liquid emitting a faint scent of tart fruit. It was a vintage grape wine brewed by the high-elven family.

It's not necessarily delicious, but the nobles of the Euro League generally seem to enjoy this stuff.

But Weasley actually had another more important identity, which is the direct heir of the prestigious Weasley family in "The Euro League", another kingdom of Noah.

The reason why it's called the Euro League is because it's comprised of many countries united under the banner of the "united alliance of diverse races".

The human nobility is rare among these different races, and the Weasley family is the oldest among the human nobility.

"Finally, I'm going home."

He muttered to himself and took a sip of wine.

In the Euro League where extraordinary powers unite, there is no need for concealment, as his own identity is highly noble, and not at all like the current situation where he must live in constant fear and obscurity, unable to see the light of day.

Weasley is getting tired of living in Tatsumi City!

"I hope that guy can give me a satisfactory answer, otherwise…"

Weasley squinted his eyes, with only one objective in mind for his long journey across the ocean to this city.

It is the search for the legendary family treasure, the 'Book of Concealment'.

Weasley spent a lot of effort controlling a large number of black wizard apprentices to search for clues to the "Book of Concealment" in this city for many years, but he was never able to find anything.Until just one month ago, Mr. "Mystery" suddenly appeared in the villa.

He took the initiative to bring clues about the 'Book of Concealment'!

"Weasley, I have come to discuss a transaction with you."

After Weasley confirmed that the other party was not lying, he realized that he could not refuse this proposal.

The two entered into a transaction where Weasley would receive the precise whereabouts of the "Book of Concealment" in exchange for aiding Mr. "Mystery" in the completion of the Deep Ones Plan.

Weasley knew that only by finding the "Book of Concealment" could he fully control his family and have the opportunity to step into the realm of the powerful, even to the level of "Monarch" or "Apocalypse".

I must obtain it myself!

He is not a subordinate of Mr. Mystery, but a collaborator, so he was not given a code by Mr. Mystery.

Speaking of which, it is quite unexpected that the "No. 1" of the Black Star Faction in Tatsumi City happens to be that haughty man. However, in a certain sense, it also appears to be quite reasonable…Otherwise, the Black Star Faction would not have had such a constant flow of funds to support its operations.

Weasley gazed upon the wine, lost in contemplation.

A month ago, he never would have imagined that the true identity of No. 1 would be that haughty man.

"However, these matters are of no concern to me. As long as I am able to obtain the legendary Book of Concealment, I shall immediately depart from this barbaric and discourteous country."

"The Dark Beast should have collected more flesh needed by the Black Star Faction…"

Weasley was overwhelmed with excitement at the thought of bringing back the lost family heirloom and struggled to contain his emotions!

From the moment he was born, he has been extraordinarily exceptional, both in intelligence and talent, surpassing his peers, and he has never failed at anything he wanted to achieve.

Until this huge problem appeared in Weasley's destiny, it had been troubling him for several years.

Now, finally there appears a turning point and dawn!

He revealed a faint smile and once again savored the wine in the darkness.

Weasley, who was in a state of heightened emotions, couldn't possibly have anticipated what was about to happen.

A fellow named Bai Yan, whom he doesn't even recognize, let alone have ever met, has already meticulously calculated his destiny in all aspects.

In fact, no matter how clever he was, he could not have thought of such a thing. This is beyond the realm of what can be prevented by intelligence.


Weasley's countenance suddenly changed as he realized that someone had trespassed onto the premises.



The tremendous force rampaged in, shattering the grand entrance of the mansion instantaneously with the explosive impact of a single bullet. A middle-aged man, in his intoxicated fury, had already made his way to the doorstep, standing alone with his weapon.

He picked up the silver jug and gulped down a lethal dose of the specially brewed liquor, spilling it on the ground. Yet, no alarm was triggered.

The Dark Sorcerer's Apprentice can be found everywhere inside and outside the courtyard. Some are still alive, but most have died already.

It's difficult to hold back, as they have all been commanded by Weasley, to 'protect this place', and unless they are severely injured, they will try their best to fight to the death.

Although it is certain death to confront the aggressive and insane Night Watchers head-on, disobeying the orders of the Lord will result in an immediate explosion of the head, leading to an even more tragic demise.

Oh, by the way, Night Watchers don't usually like to hold back.

They are an organization that kills people, not save them.

Lin Bian stepped into the first-floor hall of the villa holding a large caliber silver pistol and laughed maniacally.

"Weasley, your alarm method has become outdated and useless. It has not gone off even once until now. I advise you to surrender and give up immediately."

"Not surrendering is of course better. It gives me a reason to blow up your head!"

Although he said otherwise, Lin Bian knew that the other party must have already noticed them.

Upon the first demise of the Dark Sorcerer's Apprentice, Weasley had already discerned all that had transpired.

But he definitely hasn't escaped from this area yet, because a ritual has been placed around it to prevent the use of magic to escape, which cannot be broken in a short period of time.

Thirty minutes, the Night Watchers probably have about thirty minutes left to deal with him!

There was no response or sound for the whole time.

Lin Bian closed his eyes, knowing in his heart that one thing was certain…the other person had already spotted him.

The black wizard lurked in the shadows, attempting to shift away.

A calm and steady voice resonated lingeringly.

"Black Magic: Phantom Shadows."

The shadows around the villa began to move as if they were alive, rising from every wall and floor in a pervasive, overwhelming manner, accompanied by a deep sense of sorrow.

"Black Magic: Hunting Dog."

The living shadow kept undulating, as if they had substance and facial features, gradually transforming into countless hideous and terrifying dogs that surrounded them, appearing to be in the hundreds and thousands.

Faced with this scene akin to a black tidal wave, Lin Bian found himself unable to contain his laughter.

The man was filled with great joy and contentment.

"Your rebellion is meaningful and admirable, allowing me to openly and confidently remove your head."

He fired the gun.