I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 61

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Chapter 61: Well Prepared

If this woman kept looking at him, he wouldn't be able to do anything, so Bai Yan decided to stand up and go to the bathroom.

"There is nothing concerning you at the moment."

Lin Bian finally noticed that there was a "stray cat" loafing around. He narrowed his eyes and gazed at the other person, saying, "I remember you, Bai Yan."

"If I were you, I would wait where I am. Of course, I won't stop you if you want to leave, but it's best not to enter the battlefield, lest your life be in danger."

"I'm off then."

Bai Yan waved his hand, nodded, turned around and left.

For some reason, Bai Yan always felt as though Lin Bian didn't like him, to the point where he even had an inclination that he was eager to execute him.

Lin Bian stared at Bai Yan's departing figure until it disappeared from sight.

He really disliked this person, always feeling a kind of madness that couldn't be dispelled.

Especially after examining Bai Yan's records, Lin Bian disliked this blatant lunatic even more.

At a mere age of under ten years, daring to step forward and challenge a true demon and even triumph over the demon.

And his means of winning the game were just as cruel and ruthless as those of a demon.

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In fact, it was a bit surprising for Lin Bian that this person had not become a cult member or a criminal in thirteen years.

I will keep staring at you.

Lin Bian remained silent.

He had long been prepared psychologically to personally execute any colleague.

Although at the beginning of each time, Lin Bian wished he was the one who died, he always ended up being the executor.

Bai Yan arrived at the nearby department store, where the crowds had already been secretly dispersed by magic to prevent innocent casualties.

He entered the bathroom and took out his phone, commencing its operation.

The screen on the mobile phone interface still showed Alan standing in front of the villa, indicating that he had not yet commenced the infiltration operation.

Bai Yan knew that he had little time left, and he needed to provide a new instruction immediately, otherwise everything happening in reality would result in the "emergency mission" being assumed as failed.

"Next…let me think."

Bai Yan was aware of one fact, that is, Alan would never be able to defeat the powerful black wizard master no matter what.

"Therefore, what I need to do is not to compete head-on, oh my, Alan, you are too weak."

He didn't let Mysterious Magic sneak into the villa anymore, instead, he controlled Alan to come to the secret exit outside the villa, intercepting the road Weasley might escape from.

"Mysterious Magic" began to arrange "the Grandiose Stage for the Magical Ceremony" and proceeded to create one red balloon after another.

After going through so many missions, Bai Yan had already figured out where there were traps outside the villa, where there were special exits… As long as someone stepped on it, there would be a prompt, and any well-hidden secret entrance could be discovered by him.

By the way, Bai Yan suddenly thought of something.

"Speaking of which, Alan, you are actually a Core Operator without Last Words, which in some sense can also be considered a kind of personality."

Is it due to a complete lack of regret, having accepted death without complaint, or is it because there is simply too much regret? It is indescribable.

"Okay, next step."

Bai Yan took a deep breath and once again pressed his finger down, activating the "summon operator" function.

The next moment, he had arrived at the familiar yet unfamiliar Babel Tower.


Still the feeling of dizziness and vertigo persisted, as if Babel Tower was rejecting me.

But why?

It willingly offered itself for me to use…

Soon, Bai Yan once again saw the boundless white land beneath his feet and felt the gentle breeze blowing in his face.

The sense of trance was gradually fading.

The six suns in the sky were emitting a brilliant light, and the pitch-black rainy night that was just experienced seemed unreal, as if everything had passed like dust in the wind.

The black mist surged up again, and Bai Yan reached out to touch it, activating them once more.

"Upgrade the Babel Tower Temple."

"Summon Core Operators."

"Alter the appearance of the palace."

"Go elsewhere."

The familiar four characters left an indelible mark on the depths of Bai Yan's heart like a blazing scarlet brand.

Bai Yan once again donned the Disguise Mask, transforming into a mysterious figure shrouded in a billowing black cloak, indistinct and elusive, impossible to discern.

"Let's just do that then, I choose to change the appearance."

In front of him, there appeared once again nineteen three-dimensional projected images. After examining them, Bai Yan made a novel choice of his own.

"Dark Castle."

In the midst of the black mist, everything began to disintegrate and reassemble as particles, yet Bai Yan stood in the center, unmoved by the familiar transformation.

A massive black vortex of coldness stirred in the sky, accompanied by lightning.

The white snowflakes gradually descended from the sky.

The pitch-black city wall rose abruptly from the ground, adorned with countless metal puppet warriors, each in a flawless form and with a heroic stance reminiscent of mythological legends. These valiant warriors fearlessly gazed out towards the vortex clouds, their heads held high in defiance.

The walls and the ground inside the city were forged from obsidian, and more and more warrior puppets stood tall in different places, pulling out their weapons and roaring fiercely to the sky.

Within the hall of Dark Castle, there were two rows of suspended bright braziers on either side, and in the middle lay a vast hundred-meter-wide avenue adorned with the fur of colossal beasts.

At the end of the great road, stood atop the highest point, was an iron throne with a backrest made of snow-white sword blades.

Bai Yan calmly sat down before the iron throne.



He adeptly selected the Core Operator from the list, with a familiarity of the process.

On the wide avenue paved with fur, a thick black mist gradually emerged.

Soon, the familiar figure of Mu Ling had appeared below his line of sight.

The flowing white tresses, the lithe and graceful form, the ebony coat, and those pair of ruby-hued gemstone-like eyes.

Her expression was not one of surprise, but rather she quickly composed herself and knew that it was the Savior who had summoned her.

Oh, isn't Psychic Dancer here?

Mu Ling quickly discovered that this was actually a private meeting between herself and her Savior.


She placed a hand over her chest and respectfully inquired:

"May I inquire as to why the Savior has summoned me for a private audience?"

Bai Yan had prepared his lines early on.

[Proceed to Dawn District, number fifty-nine, intercept and eliminate a black wizard.]

"Black wizard?" Mu Ling blinked in surprise.

It is said that indeed there are black wizards collaborating with the Black Star Faction, so… is it once again for me to deal with the Black Star Faction?

But Mu Ling couldn't help but feel puzzled. Why didn't the savior just directly manipulate her own body?

Bai Yan had already guessed the other's intentions and quickly patched things up, conveying his own desires in a gentle manner.

[Nightsaber, during this period of time, you have demonstrated ample strength, wisdom, willpower… and loyalty.]

[I can trust you a little more.]

[I understand, you don't want to be manipulated all the time, right? Or perhaps, you enjoy that feeling?]

Enjoy? I can only say I've become quite accustomed to it and it's not exactly unpleasant either.

Mu Ling understood the meaning of the Savior after listening.

Originally, she has gained the Savior's initial trust, and no longer needed constant assistance from him.

Last time, Psychic Dancer also mentioned this point, she didn't want to be constantly manipulated.

However, Mu Ling knew that the Savior could completely ignore the two newbies, disregarding such an irrelevant proposal.

The Savior, as it turned out, was someone who had a great capacity for listening to the thoughts and ideas of his subordinates.

All this time, Mu Ling had been unable to uncover the truth about the Savior and dared not delve deeper into the investigation.

One thing that can be certain is that the Savior is kind, generous, and bears a heavy burden.

The order to allow Mu Ling full autonomy in this operation was actually a rehearsal for future circumstances.

Bai Yan will not continue to operate all of the Core Operators in the future; it would be too time-consuming and draining.

Self-discipline exists as well.

"I understand now."

Mu Ling looked at the Savior on the iron throne. She couldn't see his face clearly, but could sense his profound and great essence.

She once again placed one hand on her chest and elegantly nodded her head.

"Master, Nightsaber obeys your arrangements."

[Do not underestimate your enemy.]

[This is a trial for you.]

Bai Yan waved his hand to disable the "summon operator" function.

The next moment, Mu Ling disappeared without a trace.

He took a deep breath, didn't stay long in the majestic and solitary castle, and chose to leave Babel Tower.


The thunder roared and in an instant, the magnificent castle vanished into thin air, only to be replaced by the white tiled walls of a restroom within a marketplace.

Returning once again to reality.

Bai Yan stood in the bathroom, turned on the faucet to wash his hands, and listened to the sound of rain outside.

He stood in front of the mirror, lost in thought.

Everything is ready, so there should be no chance of Weasley escaping successfully.

Scum who indulge in their own desires or pleasure and ruthlessly kill the innocent like this are not to be spared.

"So…what will I get?"

Bai Yan has come to know that in "Babel Tower", the greater the difficulty of the task, the greater the rewards tend to be.

If he were to use unconventional means to successfully accomplish an emergency mission that was deemed theoretically impossible, he would naturally reap unprecedented rewards.

Bai Yan couldn't help but feel excited.

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