I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Weekly Missions

Sobbing sounds were coming from a church in a remote part of the city. In the center of the church stood an ancient altar of stone with multiple cracks around it's edges.


Four little girls sat on the altar and cried. Their hands and feet were bound, and their eyes were covered with black cloth.

A large number of white candles were placed around the altar, the flames reflected on the expressionless faces of the men in black. They formed a circle and chorused.

“All desires, all is vanity.”

“Everything exists together in balance.”

Priest Dore stood behind the altar and prayed silently. He was not praying for the orthodox deity certified by the Alliance but for the evil outer god “Ash,” known as “The Lord of Balance.”

Dore was quite skinny with a glint in his eyes. He was a follower of Ash, and tonight he would host a grand ceremony.

“You are the daughters of nobles, university presidents, ordinary employees, or the poor… but as sacrifices, you are all equal at this moment. Everything exists together in balance.” Dore was extremely excited. He was trembling as if his skinny body seemed to be falling apart. Then he continued, “The sacrifice will be successful, and we will be much closer to the realm of the Lord of Balance.”

Next time, he would sacrifice four girls of the same condition to achieve a true balance.

Tears were rolling down the little girls’ cheeks, their bodies trembling. They were gagged and could only whimper as they waited for their tragic ending on the altar.

The youngest girl of a noble family in gorgeous clothes had already peed.

“Let’s start!” Dore gave a hoarse laugh.

At this moment, the cathedral’s door was suddenly pushed open. A ray of mild sunlight shot across the room.

The followers looked over in astonishment.

A black-clad woman wearing a white mask and holding a large sword stood at the entrance to the cathedral.

It was Mu Ling.

She gazed expressionlessly at the scene in the church and soon understood everything.

[Combat Mission. Eliminate the cult followers]

She reached her sword and screamed, “Face your sins!”

Priest Dore suddenly pulled out an enchanted weapon.

"Deep Blue World"

In the next moment, time stopped, and everything stood still.

In Mu Ling’s eyes, everything in the world had turned a deep blue color.

Two seconds passed… Everyone was immobilized, and Mu Ling had already walked behind Dore.


A black figure flashed past, and Dore and his weapon were split in half. In his shocked gaze, a large amount of flesh and blood scattered in all directions.

"Ah, Priest!" the cultists screamed.

The little girls’ eyes were blocked. However, they were able to sense what was happening and were extremely afraid.

The snow-white mask was like a cold and heartless symbol. The girl’s black trench coat fluttered in the wind.

Mu Ling slowly put away her black broadsword. Actually, she was a little confused.

She knew the power of the Deep Blue World was extremely powerful, but the priest was still a Superhuman and yet he did not even have the chance to attack.

“The Priest is dead!” The cultists were shocked and extremely terrified.

Soon, they fled.

Mu Ling’s body moved. Even though she had yet to figure it out how it was done, her body was obediently being controlled.

She caught up to the cultists and attacked them continuously with her large sword. Flesh and blood alike were splattered across her blade.

The cultists, seized with fear and despair, started screaming.

The battle ended quickly.

More than ten cultists were killed by the black broadsword. The cathedral was covered with corpses, which made Mu Ling feel nauseous.

She knew that without the help of the Savior, she couldn’t have kill the cultists with such ease.

At this moment, Mu Ling realized that she was slowly withdrawing her sword. ‘The killing is finally over,’ she thought.

“Mission accomplished.” She shouted out involuntarily.

And Mu Ling suddenly realized that she could move.

Is it over?

Mu Ling glanced at the four trembling little girls on the altar.

They didn’t know what had happened since their eyes were covered. However, they were terrified by the screams and wails.

And they knew it was a woman who saved them. Even though her voice was as cold as a robot.

Even without any instruction, Mu Ling walked up to the altar and untied the rope.


Mu Ling drove an abandoned car and brought the little girls to a nearby fast-food restaurant.

“Don’t be afraid, and don’t scream. I’ll take off your patch now. someone will come to take you home soon.” Mu Ling didn't remove their masks until they came out of the cathedral.

The little girls all looked at her. The black-clad woman in front of them was wearing a white mask with a large sword on her back. The valiant female hunter left a deep impression on them.

“Go to that shop and wait.” Mu Ling opened the car door and left.

The little girls looked at each other and then at the fast-food restaurant outside.

A round-faced, chubby little girl said, “The big sister saved us! She’s so cool!”

“Are we going to wait here?” another little girl asked.

A little girl in a gorgeous dress comforted the other three girls, “Don’t be scared. My father will save us. He is a noble. The night watchman from Demon Hunt Agency will come soon.”


The other three girls were stunned for a moment. They realized that she was not like everyone else. Only the daughter of the university professor knew a little about the DHA.

The noble little girl smiled, wanting to show calm and confidence, but she was quickly exposed.

“Wow, children of nobles would pee their pants too!” the chubby girl shouted.

The noble girl blushed immediately.


Mu Ling didn’t leave. Instead, she hid on a nearby roof and observed the little girls before the night watchman arrived.

She had killed more than ten followers of Ash, and one of them was a priest. She had gotten into trouble.

Originally, she only had one enemy, that is Black Star. Now she gained a new one.

Black Star was an evil organization in the Alliance. They believed in a terrifying god, the Chaos Star.

His followers are located in many independent cities, and as time passed, they had already seeped into all classes. It was one of the best among the evil forces.

Mu Ling clenched her fists. If not for Black Star, her family would not have ended up in tragedy.

However, Babel Tower was clearly a force that could contend against it.

Since the Savior could give her extraordinary powers, she was willing to do anything for him.

Mu Ling was already an adult and had made many attempts without any returns. She would not complain about the arrangement of the Savior.

At least, what she was forced to do now was good things.

At this point, Mu Ling suddenly had a bad idea. What if she was manipulated into doing something out of her will?


Bai Yan finished one of the weekly missions on his phone in the classroom.

<System Notification: Auto-play mode in the same kind Instance has been activated.>

“I can start auto-play now!”

For a mobile game, the auto-play mode was essential. When the number of operators increased, he had no time to operate each of them on mission every day.”

If there were any more missions in the future, Nightsaber could complete it on her own.

After this eliminating mission, the priest dropped an R card.

“Enchanted Silver Pistol (R)”


Bai Yan knew that this was very normal. It would be abnormal if he could keep dropping SSR items.

Apart from that, he had also obtained 30 Legendary Points, which could be exchanged for 30 Energy Points. It was enough for him to summon for one more operator.

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However, Bai Yan was not in a hurry. He had a personal hobby of saving up to ten times before summoning. Meanwhile, he needed Energy to construct foundations, so he often couldn’t save up enough for summoning.

Balancing the Energy Points between the foundation and summoning card is essential.

As a player who had failed many times and had cleared Babel Tower once, Bai Yan had a good grasp of the game.

As for what to do next?

Originally, he had planned to let Nightsaber soak in the Recovery Spring, but he found that her mood and loyalty had risen by 1.

“I remember that completing some missions to save the innocent will increase the operators’ attributes.” Since that, he decided not to give her a spring for the time being.

It was good to save 10 Energy Points.

“Nightsaber, remember to train hard during the auto-play period. A lazy girl will go to the warehouse!” Bai Yan muttered.