I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 59

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Chapter 59: The Most Embarrassing Magician in History

The purple tailcoat suit, black top hat, white gloves, and pure white smiling mask…

Mysterious Magic was standing in front of the apartment.

Alan truly felt the fear emanating from the depths of his heart.

He had also faced unbeatable enemies, even "Crown"-level aliens, but it didn't truly evoke fear and despair in Alan's heart.

Now he was truly at a loss, completely unaware of what to do. This state of being completely devoid of control over one's body and mind is something that no one can restrain from feeling anxious.

Who exactly is manipulating every single move of his own in secret?

He didn't understand at all!

Could it be… a "Rainbow"?

No, it's impossible. How could the Rainbows possibly care about someone as insignificant as me?

The so-called "Rainbow" refers to the six great beings who ascended to the "throne of the gods" in Noah's world's history.

"Fate's Strings Master", "Heart of Radiance", "Crimson Sovereign", "Savior of Dark Light"…

They are the new gods, the orthodox faith recognized by the people of Noah.

The ancient gods have long been swept into the depths of history, with few people knowing their names and deeds. The Outer Gods, however, are the ultimate evil that must be guarded against and never approached.

The new gods are the cornerstones of Noah's world.

They are called Rainbow, because each new god has their own representative color.

Unlike superheroes, Rainbows are widely known to the world, but often regarded as part of mythology and only those from the Otherworlds understand that they truly exist.

Alan soon realized that he had been overthinking things. Rainbows rarely appeared in Noah; it was the multiverse that was their hunting ground. How could they possibly pay attention to a small city like Tatsumi?

But he couldn't help but think about the things of the big shots in his heart, eliminating possibilities one by one, until he was not sure who the mastermind behind the scenes was.

In short, the current situation is akin to calling upon the heavens with no response and calling upon the earth with no answer.

"Wait a moment, is this the apartment where Bai Yan resides?" Alan recognized it, undoubtedly this is the place where his friend lives.

Although he has only been there once, he will never forget it.

His heart tightened, and soon he thought of the worst outcome - the mastermind behind the scenes wanted to manipulate him into killing Bai Yan with his own hands!

Then, the Demon Hunt Agency would arrive at the scene to arrest him.

This idea is not because Alan is fond of imagination, but because in the many years of Demon Hunt Agency's history, more than one Night Watcher has been manipulated and killed by cultists.

Even if it can be proven afterwards that he had been manipulated, as a Night Watcher, he would still be sentenced to life imprisonment, because those who have been manipulated are more easily manipulated again, and no one can guarantee that the same thing will not happen again.

Quickly run away, Bai Yan!

Alan exerted all his strength to free himself from the restraint, but it was all in vain. It was like a mayfly shaking a tall tree, such a ridiculous struggle was not worth mentioning.

At this moment, his body suddenly moved!

He felt a glimmer of joy in his heart, thinking that his struggle had shown some effect, but to his surprise, his body crouched down on its own accord.

Alan spoke calmly and muttered to himself, "I smell the scent of blood."

What do you mean?

Alan was bewildered.

The torrential rain in the darkness of the night showed no signs of abating. He slowly rose to his feet, his purple attire drenched by the rain.

Alan walked into the apartment building seemingly unruffled, causing the automatic lights in the hallway to illuminate in response to his footsteps.

He approached a room and used Passwall to enter the wall.

Seated on the sofa in this room was a septuagenarian gentleman attired in a robe and pajamas.

In the dim yellow lamp light, he held a Tatsumi City Evening Newspaper in his hand, wearing reading glasses and silently reading. Classical music was also playing from a nearby gramophone.

The old man was startled by the sudden appearance of this strange figure, causing the newspaper in his hands to fall to the ground.

"What are y- yo- you doing?!"

Alan didn't know what he wanted to do, he just hoped not to indiscriminately kill innocent people.

Damn it, I am so wretched that I cannot even bring myself to commit suicide. I have become nothing more than a living toy, completely at the mercy of others!

Alan's body walked up to the old man with a shocked expression on his face, holding out a black sensing curtain and kneeling down on one knee.

"No useful clues were found," he muttered to himself.

The old man was stunned, his mouth gaping open.

Alan swiftly stood up and without looking back, walked towards the wall, and entered the next room using Passwall.

The old man called the police!

After arriving at the next room, Alan repeated the process of investigation.

"Who are you? And why are you in my kitchen?"

"Damn! Damn! Damn! Could it be the legendary being that's been circulating online? Oh my goodness!"

"Help! Help! Did you come into my bathroom to rob me or to take advantage of me? I am already over fifty years old!"

"Who the *&%$ stepped on me! I was just trying to catch some sleep!"

"I implore you to spare the children of our household, especially the seven-year-old. Our valuables and riches are located underneath the cabinet and we offer them to you as a ransom."

Alan calmly made his way through one room after another, while the residents of the apartment building were in a state of chaos, frantically calling for help and believing that the personnel from the Demon Hunt Agency would soon arrive.

He appeared expressionless and didn't feel even the slightest bit embarrassed.

Actually, Alan almost wanted to kill himself on the spot due to the sheer awkwardness.

My heart, has already died.

Finally, Alan arrived at a room near the Bai Yan family's residence, where a harmonious family of three were having dinner at the table.

The three of them stared with wide eyes as they witnessed the sudden emergence of a masked purple-clad stranger from the television.

Alan approached them and, as usual, squatted down in front of them, muttering to himself and taking out a sensing curtain.

"I discovered some useful clues."

"Who are you? What do you want? Wife, please take our son back to the room quickly!"

Alan muttered to himself, "Hmm, this is the unique scent left by the 'Dark Beast.' Such a terrifying creature doesn't exist in Noah, so it must have been summoned and controlled by someone."

"If you don't start speaking human language, I will call the police! Don't come any closer, I just grabbed a knife from the kitchen earlier…"

Alan was slightly stunned, wondering what he had just said, "...Dark Beast?"

Does the Dark Beast exist here?

The creature lacks the ability to traverse worlds, hence its occurrence specifically within the confines of Tatsumi City can only be attributed to the machinations of a hidden hand.

Wait, could it be that the reason I was brought here is to deal with a Dark Beast manipulated by summoning?

But why did everything that just happen seem so strange?

"I will really call the police! I am warning you!"

The next moment, Alan stood up, but didn't use "Transparent Wall" as he would have in the game.

The awkward performance didn't persist until the end.

A thick black mist emerged from all around, invisible to the ordinary people, but Alan standing in the middle felt an enormous pressure!

This is…

The frequent appearance of the black mist in the video of the Babel Tower!

He felt as though his breath had almost stopped, with inexplicable murmurs of a deep, indescribable sorrow and an indescribable aura emanating and floating around him.

His own body felt as if it were about to fall apart, and the entire world had been engulfed by black mist.

All is vanity.

The thick black mist encompassed the surroundings and completely enshrouded Alan's body.

After a considerable period of time, the sense of powerlessness and despair gradually dissipated.

Alan was startled in his place, sweating profusely all over his body, fearing that his soul was about to be taken away, only to realize in the end that nothing happened.

His INT made him vaguely realize that…some kind of mistake had been corrected.

Alan suddenly exclaimed to himself, "Mission accomplished."

Has the task finally been completed?

However, in the end, what was the purpose of doing those things, and what tasks have been accomplished?!

Alan was still very confused, even more so than before.

Until the end, he couldn't comprehend whether the immense power manipulating him behind the scenes was due to a derangement of the mind.

Suddenly, the familiar voice resounded in his mind once again.

[I am the Savior.]

[All is done to save the past and the future, for this world that is on the brink of collapse and destruction.]

[Mysterious Magician.]

[Starting today, you will be a member of Babel Tower]

Is it really the Babel Tower?

Alan subconsciously clenched his fists.

He felt truly shocked. He was a member of the Demon Hunt Agency, so how come he had become associated with Babel Tower?

Is it possible that this mysterious organization intends to manipulate and control the internal workings of the Demon Hunt Agency?

Alan had already realized that he had become mobile again, with a look of great complexity on his face.

"Babel Tower… If you truly intend to infiltrate the Demon Hunt Agency through me, I shall not allow you to succeed…"

The words were spoken as such, but Alan had no confidence in his heart. The owner of the Babel Tower, the "Savior", was evidently a mysterious entity that he himself could not possibly confront!


Alan came to know the true appellation of the proprietor of Babel Tower for the very first time.

He realized, perhaps the only thing he could do… was to end himself.

"What exactly do you want to do?"

The male owner of this household brandished a chef's knife and bellowed, his eyes showing red with agitated emotions, evidently having reached a state of extreme mental strain.

Alan turned his head towards the other person with a sense of resignation, and let out a sigh.

"I can explain…"

He suddenly thought of something, Bai Yan was here, and that Dark Beast was probably nearby!

"Damn it"

Alan left through the wall without hesitation, leaving the male host standing there stunned and bewildered… then he called the police.

Soon, Alan arrived at Bai Yan's doorstep, his nose twitched and instantly caught a pungent scent, an inhuman aroma…

He was startled and went straight through the wall into the doorway!


Bai Yan waited for hours until he finally caught sight of Alan's trace entering the apartment. He immediately used Power Possession to take on Psychic Dancer's powers and observe everything.

"This is so embarrassing!"

Bai Yan couldn't help but want to laugh after secretly observing.

But he held back!

When the black mist resurfaced, Alan declared "mission accomplished", and the remnants of the Dark Beast were also swallowed up by the black mist.

Bai Yan silently observed everything, and considered that he had fully grasped the operational mechanism of "Babel Tower."

Firstly, taking a preemptive action can alter the trajectory set by it.

Secondly, it will still manipulate the actions of the operator, but will make certain adjustments midway.

"Ah, I see, so this is the end result."

At this moment, he noticed that Alan had suddenly rushed up from downstairs.

"Damn it!"

Bai Yan didn't expect Alan to be so impatient, he immediately sat down calmly in his seat and looked straight ahead.

Alan, who had just walked through the wall, stared dumbfounded at Bai Yan, who innocently returned the gaze with a look of shock on his face.

"Oh, why did you come? Sneaking into someone's house at night, could it be that you wanted to peep at my beauty?"

Alan could still sense the strong scent of the Dark Beast. After confirming that Bai Yan was not in danger, he said with resignation and doubt, "So, it turns out you're alright?"

"Not really nothing happened, in fact. Tonight, I encountered a terrifying monster, but luckily my spontaneously awakened extraordinary power was of use…"

The Dark Beast has truly come!

Wait, Bai Yan survived encountering the Dark Beast?

Alan had barely reacted when Bai Yan continued speaking.

"I have gathered intelligence on the behind-the-scenes mastermind with my powers, but that individual is likely very formidable…"

"Please make the report by phone call."