I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 58

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Chapter 58: "Dark-Eyed" Weasley

Bai Yan, who had killed the Dark Beast, felt his phone buzzing and retrieved it from his trousers.

He took a glance and was surprised to find that it was displaying "emergency mission".

Game tips:

"An emergency mission has arisen!"

"Exclusive emergency mission for 'Mysterious Magic', follow the clues and find the hideout of the black wizard 'Dark-Eyed' Weasley! Capture this important collaborator of the Black Star Faction!"

Black Wizard "Dark-Eyed" Weasley?

Bai Yan couldn't remember if he had encountered this NPC in the game before, but he knew that most of these notorious villains with nicknames were of the level of a boss character.

He had a strong intuition that the sudden emergence of this task was closely related to himself.

If he hadn't killed the Dark Beast before Alan, he would never have triggered this sudden task.

Bai Yan also knows clearly how "Mysterious Magic" finds clues.

Without a doubt, it is because of his own power!

"Yes, my power is just suitable for this kind of place… the power to gather intelligence."

He slowly crouched down, released the "Power Possession", and touched the wreckage of the Dark Beast with one finger.


In the next moment, seven or eight blurred images appeared in Bai Yan's mind, but among the many images, only one was the target he wanted to find.

That was a fairly large detached villa, where inside the ground floor lobby stood a tall young man with striking jet-black eyes.

His face is blurry, as if he is casting some kind of spell.

The Dark Beast struggled to crawl out of the shadows, seemingly restrained in its movements by an invisible force.

Bai Yan closed his eyes and memorized the scenes inside the villa, etching them into his memory.

"I have found you."

He had already made up his mind to make this dangerous man pay… for the crime that he did not commit yet.

After ceasing communication, Bai Yan opened his eyes anew.

The remains of the Dark Beast still linger in the corridor, and he can only wait for the black mist to claim them.

"Will the black mist appear again?… If all else fails, I will have to take care of it myself."

Bai Yan was curious as to what would happen when Alan came over.

"He arrived several hours later, so let's first take a look at the unexpected emergency mission."

Bai Yan picked up his phone again and calmly started operating it.

The game screen appeared.

The gameplay of "Babel Tower" has reverted back to pixel art style once again. On the screen appears a fairly substantial standalone villa, surrounded by gardens and small fountains.

As Bai Yan had expected, this villa was the very one he had just seen through the "connection".

That is to say, Alan arrived here shortly thereafter and proceeded to inform him about the villa.

Therefore, this emergency mission was triggered!

"It just became more interesting."

Bai Yan smiled as he realized that he was playing a game about the present and future, and that the playable content was expanding beyond the confines of the game.

The pixelated character 'Mysterious Magician' makes an appearance.

As he approached the standalone villa captured on the screen, the entire property suddenly emitted a thunderous sound!

The resounding rumble indicated that some sort of alarm had been triggered!

"Okay, the covert route failed from the very beginning."

Bai Yan fell into a brief contemplation, unsure of why he had a foreboding feeling, and promptly manipulated "Mysterious Magician" to execute the spell "Concealing Hat".

Mysterious Magician in the picture began waving his top hat and then pressed it fiercely onto his own head, and then he "squeezed" his entire body into it!

After the person was stuffed inside, the remaining top hat fell to the ground and gradually disappeared from sight.

The "Mysterious Magic" in his hidden and concealed state, is unable to move but can still employ spells, allowing him to release illusions of fierce beasts to detect his surroundings.

So, a few little white doves flapped their wings and flew out from the invisible top hat.

"Gugu Gugu"

They fly around to investigate the surroundings.

The courtyard of the villa is already filled with pixelated enemies named "Dark Sorcerer's Apprentice", who roam around searching for intruders and continuously investigate suspicious situations.

Bai Yan understood, these were all Dark Sorcerer's Apprentices… It seemed that the Dark Sorcerer's Apprentices, who were caught on the street last time, were also the minions of the "Dark-Eyed" Weasley.

Black wizard?

In his memory, there were several powerful black wizards in the background of "Babel Tower".

Soon, a white dove flew into the inside of the villa, entering through the window and reaching the magnificent hall.

The next moment, it transformed into a vast expanse of white mist with a bang.

The pixelated figure of "Mysterious Magic" appeared from the white mist.

This is "Transposition", "Mysterious Magic" can switch places with his own summoned creature, but this spell has range limitations and a cooldown period.

Although his firepower output was seriously insufficient, Alan's skills were definitely luxuriant. It would be absolutely impossible for someone of the same level to defeat him in a one-on-one fight!

Inside the villa, "Mysterious Magic" performed the same set of magic tricks as earlier.

The new white dove wanted to fly into the depths of the villa, but was unexpectedly captured by a sudden blue electric arc and instantly burst open.

"Ah.", Bai Yan, holding his phone, clicked his tongue slightly. Fortunately, he didn't use "Transposition" just now, otherwise Alan, whose body is as "fragile" as a "biscuit", would inevitably be seriously injured.

The familiar subtitles appeared once again.

"How dare you provoke me, an insignificant person? Today is the day you shall die."

This is a handsome young man with black hair, dressed in a black suit, and with gray eyes.

Every movement and gesture he made was filled with an aura of elegance. His appearance is definitely not inferior to that of Bai Yan and Alan, and he appears to fit the definition of "aristocrat" even better than they do.

Of course, the appearance was actually all guessed and estimated by Bai Yan! The pixelated style can't really show that much!

A red word appeared above the dark-haired man's head: 'Dark-Eyed Weasley'.


Bai Yan knew something was wrong when he saw the red warning, and quickly operated his "Mysterious Magic" to cast a transparent wall.

The red text enemy he encountered in the game prior was Marquis Scarlet… In fact, this text represented an "extremely hazardous" level of challenge difficulty.

"Since when have such tricks been worthy of combating with me?"

Weasley's gray pupils darkened and his pixelated avatar smirked contemptuously, as if seeing through the poor magic trick in front of him.

"Black Magic: Phantom Shadows."

The shadows around the villa began to squirm and swim toward the direction of "Mysterious Magic". The transparent wall, which can only block the attack from one direction, became ineffective.


Wishing to burrow into the earth in order to evade the attack, "Mysterious Magic" discovered that the ground beneath the villa had inexplicably hardened to an impenetrable degree, rendering such efforts futile.

"Black Magic: Bloodhound"

Many shadows transformed into an overwhelming pack of black dogs, flying without gravity and pouncing upon "Mysterious Magic", in a flash covering him completely…

Bai Yan fell into contemplation and was slapped in the face by reality; he had just considered that "Mysterious Magic" wouldn't be killed so easily.

"Start over."

After another failed attempt at sneaking, he soon encountered the BOSS again.

"Dark Magic: The Fire of Purgatory."

The roaring flames, accompanied by the echoes of hell, engulfed "Mysterious Magic's" body, as lava surged from the depths of the earth and obliterated it.

"Start over."

Upon encountering the enemy once again, the white doves dispersed from within the top hat and flew away in the direction of the villa.

"Dark Magic: The Still Shadow."

The power of Transposition was constrained, and all the spatial magic became ineffective.

Bai Yan frowned. Even Transposition can't let Alan escape and buy more time. As a fellow practitioner of magic, this "Dark-Eyed"'s experience and abilities were far superior to Alan's.

"Start over."

This time, "Mysterious Magic" didn't directly enter the villa. Instead, he first set up hundreds of explosive balloons outside.

Bai Yan didn't idle away his time with boring activities. He held his breath to blow up one explosive balloon after another, spending a considerable amount of time on it.

Until his stamina had been completely depleted, "Mysterious Magic" sat down on the lawn in the yard, while the red Explosive Balloons flew towards the Pixel Mansion one after another.


Accompanied by a terrible loud noise, the entire standalone villa collapsed and disintegrated under the violent impact.

But Bai Yan showed no signs of joy.

He saw "Dark-Eyed" Weasley calmly walking out of the collapsed villa unscathed, not even a scratch on his body and his clothes completely unaffected.

Bai Yan remained silent, realizing that the other party had retreated into the shadow world, using this method to directly avoid the impact of the explosion.

Actually, he had already considered this possibility before releasing the balloons, but he still attempted the balloon group tactic.

"Start over."

Bai Yan tried several times in a row, but he found that no matter what, "Mysterious Magic" could not defeat "Dark-Eyed" Weasley, as the gap between the two was too great.

"The correct option, perhaps, is to turn around and leave…"

Bai Yan is well aware of the uniqueness of the game "Babel Tower".

The enemies it arranges for you won't follow the length and progress of your game, occasionally there will be either too weak or too strong enemies.

He even once encountered a powerful "Apocalypse" level boss at the beginning of the game.

The Greedy Dragon, Fáfnir!

Bai Yan at that time was completely focused, exhausted all his energy, and despite repeatedly attacking until time ran out, he was unable to prevent the ultimate outcome of complete destruction.

All of his Core Operators, as well as the city… everything had been destroyed.

It is normal for "Mysterious Magic" to encounter an unbeatable BOSS now.

After all, in the game, there are always some enemies that you cannot defeat no matter what.

Bai Yan closed his eyes and fell into contemplation, wondering how he could kill or capture the "Dark-Eyed" Weasley.

This boss is unlike any other character before. Undoubtedly, he will be a heavyweight presence, and his defeat would deal a significant blow to the plans of the Black Star Faction.

"Wait, an unbeatable BOSS doesn't necessarily have to be defeated within the game."

He opened his eyes and suddenly had a brilliant idea!

Bai Yan didn't let "Mysterious Magic" escape, instead he temporarily switched screens and left "Babel Tower".

This task still has a lot of reserved time for completion, there is no need to rush to finish it at once.

Bai Yan was anticipating the "Mysterious Magic," which was the arrival of Alan.

He still had one thing that must be clarified.

"Only when Alan arrives to confirm the complete impact of my actions on the already determined future, can I decide whether to implement a new plan."