I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 57

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Chapter 57: Win-Win Dark Beast!

The moment of impact is theoretically impossible for humans to react to.

The speed of Dark Beast's attack exceeds that of all other wild beasts, and can even be compared to the velocity of a bullet!

The next moment, the game screen of "Babel Tower" immediately entered a slow-motion state, providing players with a brief period for reaction.

"Has it now turned into an action game?"

Bai Yan, who was already an extraordinary being, reacted even quicker than before. He was not at all flustered, and immediately manipulated his "Mysterious Magic" to wield his magic wand and utilize the skill of "Translucent Barrier".


The Dark Beast crashed into a transparent wall with the hardness of steel, causing its motorcycle-sized body to topple over. It knocked down the mahogany bookshelf in the room, scattering the books all over the floor.

Bai Yan knew the other party was completely unscathed, thus he promptly manipulated the "Mysterious Magic" to continue performing new sorcery.


Fighting in such a cramped space, "Mysterious Magician" had no chance of winning and therefore, had to retreat.

He constantly manipulated "Mysterious Magician" to perform the skill of passing through walls, and entered into other rooms.


"Mysterious Magician" lightly clapped his hands.

The Dark Beast howled beyond the screen of the game, charging at an outstanding velocity as it ruthlessly pursued, shattering the walls with its immense strength.

It repeatedly sneaked into the shadows and launched ambushes, but couldn't injure the "Mysterious Magician" even a bit.

After all, every time it launched a high-speed attack, it felt as if Bai Yan's phone was in slow motion, just like in the game "Fallout".

In the torrential rain, Mysterious Magician kept circling around the apartment, shuttling between the floors, narrowly escaping deadly pursuits time and time again.

Finally, step by step, he led the terrifying Dark Beast to the rooftop.

The man was drenched in rain and sweat from head to toe, his masked face devoid of any sympathy, gradually inching back towards the edge of the rooftop.


He clapped his hands.

After a few seconds, the grotesque Dark Beast had approached, rainwater streaming down its carapace as it let out another terrifying roar!


Bai Yan silently watched the scene, knowing that the mission had been accomplished.

"The decoration has been successfully completed… the Grandiose Stage for the Magical Ceremony!"


The ground of the rooftop promptly revealed immense crimson patterns, forming a circular shape that expanded outward, alight in an unbroken succession that seemed endless!

The entire rooftop shone as if it were a dazzling stage!

Unnoticed, dozens of red balloons had appeared, drifting around the rooftop.

Surrounded by the restless red balloons, Dark Beast roared in confusion and contracted its claws slightly, unsure of what to do.

It wanted to escape, but didn't dare to touch those balloons.

To create an Explosive Balloon, a simple clap is required with minimal physical effort. The "Mysterious Magician" can manipulate it to slowly float and relocate, while a snap of the fingers can detonate either a portion or the entire thing.

In the game, every time Bai Yan activates this skill, time within the game will pause.

Then, he could drag the screen and swipe the virtual shadow of the balloon, setting up the floating route and final position of the Explosive Balloons within the entire apartment.

Thus, Bai Yan chose the rooftop as the place to end the battle from the very beginning.

And just now, when "Mysterious Magic" activated "The Grandiose Stage for the Magical Ceremony", he could manipulate all "Explosive Balloons" to move and accelerate simultaneously!


The Dark Beast, unable to bear it any longer, relentlessly pounced with all its madness!

The body of "Mysterious Magic" wearing a smiling mask slowly fell backwards.

Falling from the rooftop.

He extended his pale hand and snapped his fingers.


One after another, the red balloons burst with tremendous force, causing the mobile phone screen to shake incessantly. Amidst the series of explosions, Dark Beast wailed and roared, but its voice grew increasingly faint…

These balloons are ultimately all curses, causing not physical harm, so their power is limited.

Under Bai Yan's control, a black umbrella suddenly grew out of the falling Mysterious Magic's sleeve and quickly opened.

He immediately levitated in mid-air, holding an umbrella in one hand and steadying his top hat with the other.

Mysterious Magic slowly fell and spoke.

"Mission completed."

"The mission is successful, and the Babel Tower Legendary Points increase by 50."

"The remains of the new monster 'Dark Beast' have been successfully acquired and can be utilized for the development of new mutation technology."

"Task reward obtained: Morodoros' Water."

"Save the game"

Setting aside his phone, Bai Yan fell silent for a long time.

The mission was accomplished, just as it had always been done before.

However… the dead cannot be resurrected in "Babel Tower".

A few hours later, everything in "Babel Tower" will become real!

"Okay, it seems that this game is not almighty and I cannot entrust everything to it."

Bai Yan's nose twitched.

His enhanced sense of smell was more sensitive than before, and soon he smelled a strong scent of blood.

A certain deadly danger was silently lurking near the apartment.

The Dark Beast has arrived.

Bai Yan took a deep breath and gazed at the opposite wall, while his ears were filled with the relentless sound of heavy rain.

He now has two very simple and clear choices.

The first choice is to immediately leave and find a safe place to hide, silently waiting for the Mysterious Magic to come and defeat the monster, before collecting the bodies of the neighbors in the apartment.

This road that always hides in the background will be very safe, as long as you use the "Babel Tower" cautiously to avoid risks, manipulate the Core Operators and charge forward, you will always be able to sit in the safest position.

Bai Yan knew that it would be rational of him to do so; the creature known as the "Dark Beast" was a summoned demonic entity whose controller's whereabouts remained unknown.

Perhaps, that person was secretly watching all the developments.

In the event that he is targeted by the unseen hand behind the scenes after taking action, resulting in being captured or ending up deceased, this world without the assistance of "Babel Tower" would experience even greater casualties.

Even if it means sacrificing the safety of those who are not directly involved, abandoning these individuals who are not as important is still the correct choice.

The faint drizzle outside the window gradually intensified, just like it had in the game he played not long ago, turning into a downpour.

The nightfall promptly arrived and blackness became the backdrop of the world.

Bai Yan spoke.

"However, I refuse."

He chose the second path, to take matters into his own hands and eliminate the Dark Beast himself!

As for what the situation would be like when "Mysterious Magician" comes back later, he didn't know.

In fact, Bai Yan was quite curious about how powerful the intervention ability of 'Babel Tower' was in the real world.

"What would happen if I were to complete the task before anyone else?"

He really wanted to clarify this matter.

This is very important, if he can succeed on his own, then perhaps the tasks in "Babel Tower" could be solved more easily using "out of game methods" in the future.

Perhaps, no matter what, he cannot save those people.

They will eventually all die, just like in the game.

Perhaps, the future that "Babel Tower" presents could still be altered!

"In conclusion, I should personally give it a try."

The torrential rain was still unceasing. Bai Yan gingerly rose to his feet whilst grasping his phone.

He has already used "Power Possession: Replication".

The choice this time is…

"Mysterious Magician"!

In an instant, Bai Yan's body underwent a complete transformation, particularly evident in his heightened sense of perception.

He seemed to open the door to a new world.

So this is how you feel on normal days, Bai Yan listened attentively and was able to accurately distinguish the sounds of rain, insects and people.

The STR of 'Mysterious Magic' is far weaker than 'Nightsaber', but his perception ability is extremely powerful.

Suddenly, he heard it!

"Help! Save me! Ah!"


Even though the pouring rain almost obscured everything, a clear cry for help could still be heard in the ears, right beneath Bai Yan.

He snapped his fingers, and as part of his abilities, the "magic outfit" transformed on his limbs and torso.

Bai Yan's magic outfit, unlike Alan's, was a completely black tailcoat with not a hint of superfluous color on both the inside and outside.

He was tall and thin with a white mask that didn't show any expression, neither laughter nor tears. It was even more frightening, like a soul hunter in the dead of night, a death god returned from the depths of hell.


Bai Yan slid laterally with agility, gliding through walls that appeared like liquid, resembling a zero-gravity dancer.

He arrived at the corridor of the apartment and took out a black sensing screen. The three-dimensional projection was quickly generated.

The Dark Beast is right beneath his feet.


Bai Yan leapt lightly in place, causing a ripple to spread through the ground, before landing directly on the hallway of the floor below.


The cries for help from the middle-aged man seeped through the anti-theft door and resonated with impeccable clarity in Bai Yan's ears, albeit obscured by the torrential rain and walls, rendering them inaudible to the other neighbors.

Bai Yan's nose twitched slightly.

Not dead yet, just seriously injured, hmm…

He was just about to pass through the wall into the room, but he keenly noticed that the shadows around him were shifting.

The Dark Beast sensed danger and promptly lunged out to confront him!

This is only the second live combat for Bai Yan, yet he doesn't feel any panic at all. He waits calmly for the appearance of Dark Beast.

The ferocious and bloodthirsty beast from a different world, with a sinister appearance, crawled out from the shadow beside the door. The streamlined killer body was swaying and roaring as it dashed towards Bai Yan.

The instantaneous speed of an outbreak, like that of a bullet!

Bai Yan, who had already predicted it, held his hand in front of his body and there was a loud "bang", but he didn't take a single step backwards.

"If it's indeed a close combat fight, choosing 'Nightsaber' is better."

Bai Yan, who had already switched to "Nightsaber," possessed immense power. He forcefully stood in front of the charging Dark Beast, preventing its advancement.

The magical tuxedo and mask on his body vanished completely, revealing a face brimming with a joyful expression.

This countenance is not the face of Bai Yan himself, but rather a more commonplace visage.

It was transformed through the use of the "Disguise Mask".

Because Bai Yan knew that there were schemers behind the scenes manipulating the Dark Beast nearby, perhaps watching this place all along, he didn't want to reveal his true identity.


The Dark Beast wanted to retreat, but its ferocious mouth was suddenly tightly gripped by the monstrous strength of Bai Yan's hand, rendering it immobile.

His other hand, which was empty, suddenly exerted force, stabbing into the black chest of the Dark Beast like a sharp knife, and at the same time, both hands began to exert force together.

The slippery texture made Bai Yan slightly uncomfortable, causing him to reflect on something… Well, it seems that his fighting style is quite violent.

Forget it, forget it!


The Dark Beast felt an intense pain and roared as it struggled with its body, yet it was completely helpless against the overwhelming force.

"I have to say, Nightsaber, your strength is truly powerful, can anyone really withstand you after marriage…"

Bai Yan's bulging veins in his arms and the struggling body of the Dark Beast caused it to contort and kneel on the ground, even though it was a wild animal, it could not help but be consumed by extreme fear.

It was about to succumb to the terrorizing force!

"Roar! Roar! Roar!"

The agonizing Dark Beast was still struggling in its dying breath, continuously emitting a howl.


Suddenly, a sharp sound rang out. Bai Yan pulled his hands to both sides, and the otherworldly beast that had not yet devoured anyone was torn apart alive. Its huge body fell to the ground motionless, with only its tail still twitching slightly.

Bai Yan calmly watched the scene, observing the monster's complete cessation of vital signs, yet remained vigilant without loosening his guard.

Hmm, today is a win-win situation, I have won twice.

"Alan, I have completed the task for you in advance… You owe me a favor again."

At that moment, he suddenly noticed that the phone in his trouser pocket was vibrating!


A few hours later.

Alan, who had already been drenched like a wet chicken, left the Demon Hunt Agency and proceeded through the torrential rain.

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He finally arrived in front of the apartment building and came to a stop, halting his footsteps.

What's going on?

How can I not control myself?!

Alan stood in front of the apartment, unsure and puzzled. Suddenly, he realized that he had finally come to a halt, but before he could gather his wits, his mouth involuntarily parted again.

"Cry out! Beg for mercy! Struggle! And then die!" He said coldly.

Damn it!

Alan obviously couldn't utter a single word autonomously, yet he had ten thousand remarks he wished to express.

What the hell are these lines!