I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 56

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Chapter 56: A Game Unlike Any Other


With the emergence of the voice, Alan's heart was immediately struck with an immense sense of awe.

Who on earth was speaking to me?

Was I chosen by fate? Does fate truly exist? Those who often speak of fate are usually members of some sort of heretical sect.

Could it be some sort of cult member playing a trick on me?

I recognize this voice, it sounds familiar. It's Bai Yan's voice… is it someone imitating my friend's voice? Yet the tone is completely different from the Bai Yan that I know.

Ha ha, an obvious flaw!

Alan stood still for a moment, contemplating the purpose of the sound instead of immediately taking action.

Furthermore, how does it transmit to his own mind?

This is the interior of the Demon Hunt Agency!

Alan was immensely horrified, to the point of being somewhat incredulous.

There are countless defense spells and rituals, even maintained and added to every year, otherwise the Air Alliance would be paying the base defense department for nothing!

Alan could be assured of one thing!

Even 'Pastor' and 'Queen of the Scarlet Moon' cannot interfere with the inner workings of the Demon Hunt Agency in complete silence! It's more accurate to say that the power of the Demon Hunt Agency is the foundation of Tatsumi City's order!

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Then, he discovered something even more terrifying!

He was surprised to find that he had no control over his body, he could barely move, and even the simplest actions like blinking or lifting a finger were impossible.

What's going on here…

Alan was a bit disheveled amidst his fear and confusion.

This is impossible!



Bai Yan gazed out of the apartment window and noticed that the weather was gloomy and about to rain.

At first, there was only a slight drizzle outside the window, but then the rain grew increasingly heavy and the sound of thunder echoed in his ears.

"Another rainy day…"

The sky gradually darkened, and Bai Yan, smelling the scent of rain, calmly shifted his gaze back to the mobile phone in his hand.

Task imported.

A new game interface has appeared.

The camera zoomed in, revealing a white apartment building that looked incredibly bleak in the midst of a rainstorm. The game graphics had transitioned from pixelated to 3D modeling.

The white apartment building appears very old-fashioned and doesn't seem like a place for wealthy people to reside.

After a while, "Mysterious Magic", also modeled in 3D, appeared on the stage, dressed in a purple suit with a white mask and a tall black top hat.

He walked slowly from outside the apartment, his voice muffled beneath the mask.

"Cry out! Beg for mercy! Struggle! And then die!"

Although there was no one around, "Mysterious Magic" still spoke to himself with great momentum, appearing quite juvenile.

Bai Yan's lips quirked slightly, restraining himself from bursting into laughter. The sound was amusing and somewhat familiar.

"Poor child, you are lucky to have been chosen, but your voice is really familiar."

He suddenly narrowed his pupils.

"The appearance of this apartment building… seems a bit too familiar."

I suppose it's just the apartment where I live, right?

Bai Yan suddenly had this idea, then as he looked more closely, he found the 3D apartment building modeling and his own living space to be very similar. Even the various outside objects were completely matching, down to the last detail of the trash cans.

Can it be true?

The event is happening beside me? So, that means soon there will appear cultists, Spawns, monsters, Aliens, and superhuman criminals, right here…

Along with it came danger.

With a peculiar sentiment in mind, Bai Yan resolved to carry on with the game.

But he soon confirmed another thing.

That is the true identity of "Mystery Magician".

Actually, from the beginning, he felt a sense of familiarity with the "Mystery Magician" image, and the voice was also familiar, but not completely certain.

Not until he checked the skill list did he finally confirm… this guy is Alan, isn't he?

"Transparent Wall, Transformed Beast, Unexpected Friendship, Magical Wand, Revealing Curtain, Blade Poker, Passwall… A total of fourteen extraordinary skills, among all the characters I know, none are more versatile than you."

Of course, the throne of the most versatile performer in later stages is still held firmly by the "Moon Witch".

That woman possessed a 'Book of Concealment' that recorded the abilities of others, and coupled with her countless followers, her potential for skills was virtually limitless.

Bai Yan and Alan recently played "hide and seek" in the toilet, and Bai Yan was greatly impressed by Alan's Magic Wand, Transformed Beast, and Transparent Wall.

You can't really say it's showy, but you can say it's multifaceted in ability.

"However, the firepower was seriously insufficient. The only two offensive spells, 'Blade Poker' and 'Explosive Balloon,' were not quite enough."

According to the description, the killing power of Blade Poker is not much different from that of a regular throwing knife.

The power of the Explosive Balloon is even greater, with a power close to modern hand grenades, mainly relying on explosion and shrapnel to harm enemies.

Of course, only for ordinary people, the killing power is still considerable… But Bai Yan felt that "Nightsaber" could easily withstand the impact and come forward to kill him.

If "Mysterious Magic" suddenly faced giant monsters like Gravity of Darkness or Child of the Star, it would only be able to perform a simple scraping technique… unless given enough time to prepare the grand stage of magic and set up hundreds of explosive balloons in advance to coordinate.

"Okay, okay, I know you're a functional player, so I'll definitely bring you for team battles and missions that require strategic thinking."

Bai Yan ceased his murmurs and instead resolutely manipulated "Mysterious Magic," approaching the apartment.

Soon, "transitional animation" appeared.

"Mysterious Magic" elegantly squatted on the ground and muttered to himself, "I smell the scent of blood."


Upon seeing this, Bai Yan suddenly had a sense of foreboding within his heart.

The content in the game "Babel Tower" depicts events that will likely occur in the near future. Therefore, the presence of the scent of blood in the game suggests the possibility of casualties.

The violent rain in the game continued unabated. In the pitch-black night, "Mysterious Magic" slowly rose to his feet, his purple clothing drenched to the bone by the rainfall.

Although it was a smiling white mask, now it seemed to be weeping instead.

"Mysterious Magic" slowly walked into the apartment.

The next moment, Bai Yan's eyes widened in surprise! His hands instinctively clenched the phone tightly!

In the familiar apartment, there were scattered and mutilated bodies everywhere, with incomplete human corpses that clearly bore the signs of a horrifying massacre.

Bai Yan suddenly became calm.

He manipulated his "Mysterious Magic" and continued to move forward in the apartment, only to see more and more corpses, and even the hope of seeing a living person was futile.

Bai Yan discovered many familiar faces silently among the corpses.

He has been living here for several years, and his neighbors have not made a profound impression on him.

He just remembered that there were a few busybody aunties, a thin old veterinarian who liked to joke around, and two families upstairs and downstairs who argued every week due to water leakage… The people living here were just ordinary people.

After approaching a corpse, the option for "investigation" appeared before "Mysterious Magic" and Bai Yan immediately pressed it.

He knelt down on one knee, produced a black sensing curtain, and placed it on the body in front of him, beginning to search for clues.

"Ding. No useful clues were found."

"So I need to investigate it bit by bit, right?" Bai Yan was not anxious, but instead used his "Mysterious Magic" to walk into one room after another, witnessing the tragedies of humanity over and over again.

The nosy old lady, the aging veterinarian, and the quarrelsome neighbors have all passed away.

On the game screen, all he could hear were the footsteps of "Mysterious Magic" and the pouring rain in the darkness of the night.

However, Bai Yan didn't find any traces of himself among the corpses.

"Mysterious Magic" occasionally gathers seemingly irrelevant clues, but with a little organization, these clues will guide him forward and lead him to the correct target location.

In the last room, it should be a middle-aged man and woman, whose bodies still maintained the posture of desperately guarding the body of a child even after they died.

They held onto their hope until the last moment, and never gave up.

However, it is utterly futile; the weak can never alter anything…

Bai Yan remained calm and composed, his expression unchanged. He had previously seen the family playing downstairs and had been envious of the sounds of their harmonious laughter.

"Mysterious Magic" walked in. He reached out and grabbed the black sensing curtain, gently placing it over the bodies.

"Ding, a useful clue has been found."

"Mysterious Magic" said to himself, "Hmmm, this is the unique lingering flavor of the 'Dark Beast', a terrifying creature that doesn't exist in Noah. Someone must have summoned and controlled it."

"Dark Beast?"

Bai Yan is quite knowledgeable about the Dark Beast, a monster that exists in the Shadow World and shares its origins with the Shadow Fiend. However, most Dark Beasts lack sufficient intellect and are driven solely by the desire to kill and devour.

Dark Beast and Shadow Fiend will devour each other and evolve. After digesting hundreds and thousands of failures, they will give birth to a "Monarch" level Shadow King.

The King of the Shadow.

This thing had once caused Bai Yan to get stuck in a game mission, it was really tricky.

"If a Shadow King were to appear now, it could probably massacre the whole city. Even Queen of the Scarlet Moon would not be able to deal with it. That thing is extremely quick and its attacks cannot be defended against. It is also immune to all harm in the real world and possesses high levels of intelligence."

The Dark Beast is much easier to solve.

But Bai Yan knew one thing, Dark Beast would come to the real world, inevitably being manipulated by someone… and behind the scenes, there were others!

The person hidden behind the scenes is the mastermind behind the massacre.

At this moment, a mournful wail suddenly emanated from the game screen.

"Mysterious Magic" immediately became vigilant.

A pitch-black monster-like creature resembling the 'Alien' emerged from the shadows of the nearby wall.

Dark Beast has no facial features, only a flat and elongated head resembling an insect's exoskeleton, with a streamlined black body undulating as it breathes. It is violent and cruel, emitting a purely murderous aura that perfectly fits the aesthetics of violence.

It was like the life of all shadow worlds, where ordinary physical attacks were ineffective.


The Dark Beast senses the human before it, baring its writhing black fangs and growling softly, its menacing black jaws dripping with blood that doesn't belong to it.

It coiled its body and shot towards the "Mysterious Magic" like a bullet!