I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 50

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Chapter 50: I, the Hunting Dog of the Babel Tower

Mu Ling calmly gazed at the ceiling, but somehow couldn't fall asleep.

Whether it was the first time she killed someone or was injured, she felt no anxiety or unease.

All along, there has been a special motivation that kept pushing her forward.

However, Mu Ling was unable to fall asleep tonight.

Huo Xin has not returned yet...

Many times she would wonder, what does Huo Xin really mean to her?

Steward? Certainly more than that, perhaps even more than a relative.

Actually, he was already the only one left...

There was no one else to protect anymore.

[Nightsaber, rescue Huo Xin from the Black Star Faction.]

A familiar sound arose in Mu Ling's mind. Her body stiffened up.



What do people live for? Huo Xin didn't know.

When he was born more than a hundred years ago as a werewolf, he became a lifelong boarding slave. He had to serve the elves in the mansion every day, and slept in a small dusty attic at night.

As a pure werewolf, Huo Xin's nose was remarkably sensitive. Growing up in a dusty environment, he was plagued by allergies and often fell ill.

However, in the Euro League, no one would care about a slave.

The great Sacred King had already established the hierarchical order and designated the proper place for all races. Everything must operate according to the order set forth by the Sacred King, otherwise society would crumble into chaos and ruin.

This is an idea that everyone, even the kindest person, agrees with.

Werewolves are the third-to-last race, unable to attend school or possess private property. They are condemned to live solely as slaves to the higher-ranking races.

Huo Xin has been a boarding slave since he was young, never having seen his own parents, but he never felt his life was miserable. Instead, he felt that the elf masters treated him rather well... It is said that the elves next door often beat and scold their slaves, and never gave them meat to eat, which is really terrible.

The only issue was that the dusty attic proved to be quite tormenting for the werewolf.

Huo Xin has been living in that mansion and has never been out of the street, but he feels very happy.

One day, he stumbled upon a bloodstained booklet.

The nightmare began.

The booklet portrays a vivid and fantastical world. Actually, the world is Noah.

In addition to the Euro League, there are two other civilizations in the world: The Air Alliance and the Night World, separated by the Sea of Fantasy.

It turns out that slavery only existed in the Euro League, and people in many other places had almost equal lives.

And the Sacred King was just one among the many constituting the, "Rainbow", not the only deity.

He read the booklet curiously, and then felt uncomfortable, so uncomfortable.

At that time, Huo Xin didn't comprehend the origin of such feelings and instinctively avoided them, hastening to burn the booklet into ash.

He didn't know why, but as he looked at the pile of burning ashes, his heart also began to flutter.

Later he became restless, unable to eat or sleep well.

A happy life has been far away from Huo Xin since then.

'I wish that I wouldn't have known that.'

Finally one day, Huo Xin found a chance to escape and joined a smuggling fleet with strangers. With fear in his heart, he traveled through the Sea of Fantasy.

He was obviously very scared, but he didn't want to turn back at all.

The days spent at sea are something Huo Xin would never want to recall for the rest of his lifetime.

Everybody else on the ship had died, and only he was incredibly fortunate to survive without being torn apart and devoured by the fantastical creatures born from the imagination of sentient beings.

Upon arriving at the territory of the Air Alliance, Huo Xin was immediately pursued by agents of the Demon Hunt Agency. After hiding for weeks he was almost caught by them several times.

Occasionally, Huo Xin would hide in the sewer and ask himself with bewilderment whether all of this was truly worthwhile.

That day, Huo Xin was begging for food driven by his hunger and met a man dressed in black with dark magenta eyes in an alley. That man appeared very elegant and composed, as if he knew everything in the world.

"Well, I smell a stray dog."

Although the man was overwhelming, Huo Xin stood his ground and revealed his sharp teeth, pushing his starvation aside with his utmost effort.

He felt like he might die.

After leaving "home", every day was full of worries. But did he regret?

The man in black, with dark magenta eyes, laughed, took off his black hat, and nodded saying, "Please forgive my rudeness. I now see that you are actually a proud wolf, not a stray dog."

"Would you perhaps, come and be my partner?"


From that day on, Huo Xin changed.

That man, who gave his life and soul in every single battle to expel the invincible existences threatening human beings, perished less than a year later.

But during his lifetime, he always smiled and never revealed any pain or sadness.

Huo Xin watched his descendants grow up, until that day...

He also looked after the little girl named Mu Ling since she had been born, experiencing joy and pain, persevering and making it to today with a strong will. And now, she became a proud hunter.

Huo Xin understood that that was the reason for which he lives!

"All that I had lived for until now was taken away by you! Except for her, my heart is filled with nothing but hatred. I'll let you taste the same bitterness. An eye for an eye!"

The towering werewolf howled under the moon with a desire to vent all that he had lost upon the black-clothed men.

Number Three remained indifferent, slowly parting her lips that were resting on her palm.

"Here they are."

Huo Xin was slightly taken aback, and suddenly he saw two figures appear at the other end of the street, one of which was oh so familiar to him.

"Face your sins!"

"Time for a true display of skill!"

The men in black also spotted the two women wearing white animal masks. Undoubtedly, the two women were the Babel Tower members they had been desperately searching for!

Mu Ling looked nervously at the surrounded Huo Xin, eager to rush over and save him, but she was unable to control her body.

But she knew that Huo Xin would definitely be fine, because she believed in that person.

Looking at this scene, Maryse was a little puzzled, only aware that this was a joint operation between her and Nightsaber.

In that case, perhaps there might be an opportunity to request her help with certain matters.

That was good.

"Stop them," The mouth in No. 3's palm opened again. Six black-clad figures immediately moved towards them at an extremely fast speed.

Mu Ling put on the pitch-black eye mask that was as dark as the night sky. Her body turned into several, transforming into shadows and running away from the side of the black-clothed men.

"Ah, a Civilization-level Relic?" The mouth in No. 3's palm expressed a hint of surprise.

Mu Ling rushed towards Huo Xin, while Maryse also started running and exerted Psychic Domination.

Huo Xin and Number Eight got into a fight.

Number Three gazed at Nightsaber, ready to unleash her ability.

In just a moment, she could burst forth from the shadow of Nightsaber, and no one could guard against their own shadow without prior knowledge!

Number Three was well aware that no outsiders in Noah know her abilities. After all, she has just come to this world not long ago.

However, Nightsaber suddenly stopped and precisely stopped just outside the scope of Number Three!

What's going on? Number Three showed an expression of perplexity, unsure if this was a mere coincidence.

"Why did I stop?" Nightsaber also didn't know the reason for the sudden stop, but could only trust the judgement of "the Savior".

When she looked at Huo Xin again, his mouth suddenly opened.

"We meet again, remnant of the hunter family. Do you still want to avenge your family? Or just attempt to escape your fears."

'Is it him?' She would remember that voice even if a hundred years had passed, Mu Ling heard the same voice that day. Undoubtedly, the owner of the voice was the mastermind behind the destruction of her family.

Mu Ling was expressionless, but many past scenes flickered in her mind. Those... fallen hunters.

And... her broken parents.

Mu Ling's heart began to beat rapidly, and her vision gradually blurred. An unprecedented sense of immense fear engulfed her.

'I can hardly breathe. Please help me.'

At that moment, Mu Ling prayed and felt the missing piece within her soul that she had been yearning for.

That is... weakness.

A long time ago, she had thought that she was no longer truly afraid, but it turned out that she had been afraid all along.

It is not fear of death, but rather the unwillingness to endure another loss.

The Black Star Faction had taken almost everything from her, and the only remaining relative was in danger. Mu Ling took a deep breath. This fear has been trying to overwhelm her all along.

It is precisely because of the enormous fear that she chooses to bear it.

"I want to..." Mu Ling didn't even notice that she had unwittingly opened her mouth.

"I want... to save myself."

There is irrationality in the world. People fight not because they are afraid, but to gain a pair of eyes that can gaze upon it and resist the world.

Four more black-clad figures approached, wielding weapons and casting spells as they mercilessly struck Mu Ling.

Her skin was damaged, and fresh blood flowed down from her body. Mu Ling came to her senses from the pain and swung her long sword backwards to kill one of the black-clothed individuals.

Mu Ling's self-healing began immediately, thanks to the power of the Blood of Darkness.

Maryse was also running desperately, miraculously dodging the black-clothed figures in front of her. She was exhausted to the point of gasping for breath.

Psychic Domination!

Maryse's eyes went silver-white. And the two black-clothed men blocking in front of Mu Ling soon lost themselves.

Sacred Rune Athena.

The lines on Maryse's back emitted a golden glow, and the last cloaked figure was no longer blocking Mu Ling.

"What is this power?" The voice in the palm of Number Three suddenly became extremely puzzled and shocked, as if her worldview had suffered a great shock.

The unknown power! She has never seen it in Noah for hundreds of years. It is very similar to the Secret Rune, but not quite the same thing!

His voice became incredibly cold.

"It's more like the power of the ancient gods... and you, you are his lapdogs!"

Just as Number Three was talking to herself, Mu Ling had already arrived in front of her.

She swung the black sword in her hand without a trace of emotion.

'Too slow,' Number Three gazed at the sword blade calmly, thinking.

"Deep Blue World."

The sword strike not only ended her opponent's life, but also Mu Ling's own long-standing fear.

Number Three suddenly realized that her gaze was floating upwards and her body had flown out without noticing.

'I got hit?' She fell heavily to the ground in confusion, and was shocked to find that her chest had been ruptured by a terrible gaping hole, and the black shadow inside was howling in agony.

The hunter's blood inflicted actual harm upon Number Three.

"How is that possible? The power of the King of Deep Blue, who are you..."

The normally calm Mr. Mystery simply couldn't bear the impact today.

"What you face is nothing but the hunting dog of the Babel Tower."

Mu Ling calmly watched the fallen humanoid monster, without the slightest relaxation of vigilance.

'Thank you, Savior.'

She could feel that when the sword was just swung, she was not under the control of anyone.

It was herself.

"DHA is coming, we must retreat." Number Three calmly issued the order to evacuate.

One by one, the black-clothed people wanted to leave, but a bunch of black mist floated around them, sucking all the frightened black-clothed men in.

Number Eight, now over six meters tall, calmly sprinted forward, effortlessly knocking over the small werewolf, and fled the street in a rampage unable to be stopped by the black mist.

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Number Three struggled to get up, but suddenly saw that her surroundings have been shrouded in thick black mist!

It's an unknown, unimaginable force that doesn't have even the slightest malicious power against her.

She just felt shivers down her spine.

The voice sounded again.

"Don't be afraid. He loved us."

"He loved us."

The white light appeared again in the sky, falling straight down as if it was trying to take away the already miserable Number Three, just like the last time.

But it only passed through the black mist, without affecting her who was already in the black fog.

Number Three displayed an expression of immense astonishment.

"This is absolutely impossible!" She suddenly roared like crazy, as if watching her admired boxing champion being pummeled by a wildcat. And then, Number Three disappeared into the black fog.

"Yeah, it's over!"

Maryse breathed a sigh of relief, almost jumping in the spot. She turned around and wanted to talk to Mu Ling, but just as she was about to walk over, she was engulfed by a black mist and vanished into the air.

"Hey, wait! I..."

The streets of the evening became tranquil in the twinkling of an eye.

The tall and imposing werewolf lowered his head, gazing upon the little girl who he watched grow up.

She also lifted her head and revealed a smile.

"I knew you would come, Miss."

Mu Ling smiled as she reached out to stroke Huo Xin's furry chin, saying, "Well, I also knew that I would be able to save you."


"Just as you believe in me, I also have faith in another person."

'Every time, Savior brings a perfect ending. ' Mu Ling silently thought to herself.

She hesitated for a moment, suddenly realizing that she had omitted a sentence.

The DHA had appeared, and the surrounding black mist gradually surged around them. Mu Ling's smile remained unchanged, and she spoke with an unprecedented relaxation and peace of mind.

"Mission completed."