I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 49

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Chapter 49

Nightsaber and Psychic Dancer went into battle.

Right after Bai Yan selected the two operators, the scene displayed on his screen began to change and morph into a grid-like map one won't see as being out of place in a turn based fighting game.

It is a deserted nighttime street, adorned with vividly hued grids on the ground.

At the very top of the grid stood a towering 3D silver-gray lupine creature whose fur trembled ever so slightly.

Surrounding it were twelve slightly swaying black-clothed individuals, among which ten had same character images. Only a man and a woman were completely different, undoubtedly boss-level characters.

Their names were "Number Three" and "Number Eight", respectively.

At the bottom of the grid map, two entry members appeared in the "first block". One is the 3D version of "Nightsaber", and the other is "Psychic Dancer".

Their bodies were swaying slightly in place, and the details, from the slight swishing of their clothes and to their weapon design weapons were portrayed extremely well.

Bai Yan fell silent for a moment, then complained, "Well, looks like a Fire Emblem copy."

Although the format of the game was familiar, the mission itself was entirely unknown.

"Clatter, clatter", the familiar sound accompanied by subtitles appeared.

"You really came!"

The profile picture at the bottom left corner is that of a silver-grey werewolf with a smiling and gratified expression.

"Go block them."

The profile picture visible in the lower right corner of the screen is No. 3, a dark-haired woman with her mouth sewn shut. Her face is fair and delicate, however, not a trace of humanity can be perceived from her.

The total number of grids from top to bottom of the entire map is 15, but even the phone screen cannot accommodate it completely, it requires scrolling up and down to view the entire map.

Ten black-clothed individuals without distinctive 3D features gaze at two young women.

The first round.

Six men in black moved down while four others in black remained in place.

Then it was Bai Yan's turn to operate the Core Operator, he could control the movements of "Nightsaber" and "Psychic Dancer", activate skills and utilize relics.

Bai Yan was not in a hurry. Instead, he took a look at the operational instructions and character values.

"Nightsaber" could move ten grids in a single round and reach the werewolf butler in just two rounds, whereas "Psychic Dancer" could only move three grids per round at a slow pace.

Their health points differed by a mark of several times, and the stats of "Psychic Dancer" in all aspects were weaker than that of the warrior-type "Nightsaber".

However, in terms of skills, the techniques of "Psychic Dancer" are somewhat more practical.

"Nightsaber" can only attack the target one grid in front of her, while "Psychic Dancer's" Psychic Domination has a wide range of three by three, which can manipulate two mobs at the same time.

Bai Yan, taking advantage of the opportunity for a second start, proceeded to explore the gameplay as per usual. He operated "Nightsaber" and "Psychic Dancer" to advance in front of the six black-clothed indiduals.

"Nightsaber" employs "Cleave", while "Psychic Dancer" uses "Psychic Domination".

Game tip: "When loved ones are threatened, 'Nightsaber' becomes extremely furious. The first attack is guaranteed to be a critical hit and stun the opponent."

The lights representing a critical strike on her body flickered on, and she raised her big sword high before swinging it down. The enormous power of the attack directly cut the body of a black-clad person in half.

Psychic Dancer used Psychic Domination to make two black-clothed individuals betray each other.

Then, she manipulated two black-clothed men to attack another black-clothed man.

The two black-clothed individuals joined forces to attack another black-clothed man by releasing a grey mist. The man who was attacked fell into a confused state, then his health points dropped to zero.

The second round.

The werewolf roared and charged towards the stone-wielding monster in front of him... Number Eight.

With a sharp claw attack, he was able to claw out a decent chunk of meat from No. 8.Causing him to bleed

No.8 swung the stone pestle calmly and counterattacked, but was quickly dodged by the werewolf.

No.3, the woman with black hair, remained in place, without making any movement.

The other four men dressed in black were also standing still.

Among the six men in black who stepped forward, one died, two were controlled, one was bewildered, and the remaining two launched attacks on 'Nightsaber' and 'Psychic Dancer' respectively.

They all raised their hands, releasing a gray mist.

"Psychic Dancer dispelled the 'Smokey Haze' attack."

"Nightsaber was wounded, but not bewitched by the 'Smokey Haze' spell."

Then it was a new turn for Bai Yan.

He directly manipulated Nightsaber to kill a full-health black clothed man and let Psychic Dancer manipulate two men in black under her control to kill the confused one.

"So, what will happen next?"

To put it bluntly, Bai Yan is waiting for when the werewolf will die.

The third round.

The werewolf took the lead in launching a sudden attack, scratching and biting wildly on No. 8. The BOSS immediately ran out of health and was thrown to the ground.

Bai Yan hesitated for a moment, then realized that this was not normal. A BOSS in the Babel Tower would not be defeated that easily without even having a proper fight.

He manipulated both "Nightsaber" and "Psychic Dancer", as well as the two controlled black clothed men, advancing forward together.

Nightsaber with high speed was stopped by the remaining four black-clothed men, and a battle ensued between the two sides.

Number 3 suddenly disappeared from her original position and appeared beside "Nightsaber". She fiercely grabbed her arm and flung her away.

"Nightsaber" was unexpectedly thrown back to her starting position, losing half of her health, and fell to the ground in a daze!

"Teleportation, and she is so strong."

Bai Yan gazed calmly at this scene, not feeling very surprised, but silently noting the aspects that required attention.

The fourth round.

The fallen stone-wielding monster No.8 unexpectedly stood up again, and its already enormous form expanded to be double it's original size, and the 3D model changed from the height of two people to that of four in the blink of an eye.

"How can this be?"

The werewolf appeared to be extremely stunned and unable to comprehend the principle behind it.

"Well, the agent from the Demon Hunt Agency are coming. Let's withdraw for now... it seems this is the answer from the owner of Babel Tower."

No.3 spoke again and in a flash, moved behind the astounded werewolf.

Her fair arm penetrated his chest, and the black haired woman calmly extracted a crimson heart.


The werewolf shook for a moment, then crashed to the ground.

At the sight of this scene, Nightsaber emitted a inconsolable grief, knelt down on the ground, seemingly devoid of strength.

Then the black-clad individuals vanished from sight one by one.

The camera gradually zoomed in on the side of "Nightsaber"... she shed tears very rarely, and her body trembled.

Although they were only 3D cartoon-style figures, Bai Yan was stunned.

He could feel an almost tangible sadness, but facing this sadness filled him with an undeniable sense of resistance from the depths of his heart.

"The sudden misson has failed."

The large red font appeared, which seemed to announce that the tragic fate was irretrievable.

"Save the game? "Restart?"

The familiar options have appeared once again.

Bai Yan shook his head and came to his senses, calmed down and pondered over everything that had just occurred.

His eyes fixed on rows of grids, calculating how to arrange the fight in his mind.

"Okay, understood. It is essential to prevent Number Three from killing the werewolf after three rounds have ended!"

This is the victory condition of the checkpoint.


Bai Yan quickly experimented several times. Although he failed time and time again, he managed to grasp the action mechanism of the enemies in the field.

Finally, he was brimming with confidence!

"I'll definitely pass this time!"

There are only two difficulties.

One was the blocking and entanglement of the mobs in black. They would launch attacks and obstruct the movements of the "Nightsaber" and "Psychic Dancer".

Another one is the black-haired woman, No.3. She would forcefully throw back any enemies that come within six grids.

"It is necessary to entangle No.3 in the third round, making it impossible for her to kill the werewolf in the last round."

"Sorry, this time we need a certain amount of effort and cost before we can complete the task."

Bai Yan took a deep breath, realizing that it was impossible to pass through the level without injury this time.


The enemy's movements in the first round were the same as before.

Bai Yan manipulated "Nightsaber" to use "Nyx's cover" to leave behind illusions that confused the cloaked figures around her. Then Nightsaber charged forward and came to a stop at the eighth grid position without triggering No. 3's attack.

The positioning is actually the key to the whole game!

Be sure to get the second batch of mobs, so that "Psychic Dancer" has a chance to control them, at the same time, preventing 'Nightsaber' from being thrown back by the BOSS.

Then, he manipulated Psychic Dancer to control two enemies, guarded her back grid, and then followed suit.

The second round.

Nightsaber in the eighth grid was surrounded by the black-clothed men who advanced in the second batch, standing in the tenth grid to launch an attack.

The injured Nightsaber triggered a counterattack and slew one man.

The two black-clad individuals who stayed behind to hold off the attack were directly killed, while the Psychic Dancer herself continued to advance to the seventh grid.

Psychic Domination!

The two black-clad individuals standing on the tenth grid were immediately brought her under control and ordered to commit suicide.

"Sacred Rune Athena!"

Psychic Dancer once again took control of another black-clad man in the tenth grid.


The unimpeded "Nightsaber" rushed forward and arrived at the side of the black-haired woman in one breath!

Bai Yan has already tried it once. The boss will dodge it perfectly if he launches an attack directly. The enemy's strength, speed and DEX are all above "Nightsaber".

"Deep blue world", attack!

The entire game screen turned deep blue, and "Nightsaber" gained an additional turn to act independently.

She raised the broadsword once again, and fiercely smashed it down.

No.3 was knocked down to the ground and fell into a daze. A large hole was torn open in her chest, and black wailing shadows continuously overflowed from it.

This girl is a transformed shadow demon!

After the end of the third round, "Nightsaber" finally succeeded in meeting with the werewolf butler.

At the start of the fourth round, the stunned Shadow Demon No. 3 did nothing, and the burly No. 8 was in a "dead" state like last time.

The subtitles appear again.

"I knew that you would definitely come, miss."

"Well, I also know that I will definitely be able to save you."


"Just as you believe in me, I believe in someone else... he never disappoints us."