I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: Moment of Truth

Bai Yan returned to the office of the Demon Hunt Agency and checked the time on his phone, realizing that the time flow in the two worlds was the same.

"Perhaps, I didn't go to other worlds?"

Alan said that there were no surveillance cameras in the Demon Hunt Agency's office, otherwise he wouldn't have entered the Babel Tower so easily.

But even if someone discovers his sudden disappearance, he can come up with many excuses and there is no need to mention the matter of Babel Tower.

He recalled everything he had experienced at Babel Tower just now, it was like a dream. In a sense, it was only now that he truly entered the extraordinary world.

After Bai Yan had been slacking off all day until late at night, he stretched lazily and took out his phone to check the latest updates on auto-play.

"Log records of Core Operator Nightsaber."

"Try to use her abilities proficiently and further adapt to the 'Nyx's cover'."

"The butler of Nightsaber didn't make dinner on time. She attempted to cook by herself, and failed. Mood -1."

"Order barbecue. Mood +1."

Um, in a sense, she still lives in a down to earth manner. But Bai Yan is a bit unsure on how to evaluate Nightsaber's ability to survive.

In his impression, members who used Nyx's cover would plunged into visual darkness for a period of time. For the future King of Night, this cost can be considered as a gain.

And that's why Bai Yan gave that relic to her.

Then it's Psychic Dancer's log.

"Log records of Core Operator Psychic Dancer."

"Attempt to use Sacred Rune Athena to activate dual self-abilities and control multiple targets."

"Exercise psychic strength. DEX +1."

"Record the roadmap of her family."


Bai Yan was a little surprised that Psychic Dancer seemed to have changed after the meeting that she started to work hard like never before.

'What does she want to do? She's even keeping a record of her family's roadmap?'

Although he doesn't know who Psychic Dancer is yet, it's easy to tell from the video and accent that she's a local resident of Tatsumi City.

And from her living conditions, Bai Yan could deduce that she was probably a member of one of the several prominent families in the Platinum Zone. After all, she lives so extravagantly.

"It seems like she has some plans, but I'm not sure what yet."

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Bai Yan looked forward to it!

He realized that he was somewhat anticipating the fun things Psychic Dancer was planning to do.

Just at this moment, a sudden mission popped up directly on the screen.

"Sudden mission!"


"Moment of truth!"

The large red characters suddenly occupied the screen, Bai Yan narrowed his eyes, and his expression became serious in an instant.

"Moment of truth" is a very important and special situation in Babel Tower. If the player doesn't make the right decision at these moments, it may lead to the collapse of the game!

In the first round, Bai Yan has failed to complete "Moment of truth" several times, half of which directly led to bad endings, and the other half also had obvious bad effects.

For example, the bad end of Psychic Dancer.

Queen of the Scarlet Moon went crazy and sucked her maid to death in a dying state, the loyalty of Psychic Dancer collapsed directly. During the auto-play, she induced by the enemy and manipulated the blood to commit mass suicide.

Afterwards, the Core Operators started to divide into two groups and conflicts escalated, everything was in chaos...

Although Bai Yan still couldn't figure out why the maid, who appears in the logs during auto-play and doesn't even have a name, is so important to Psychic Dancer.

Anyway, Bai Yan learned to value every "Moment of truth", just like dealing with exams after another.

The subtitles popped up word by word.

"The butler under the employ of Nightsaber made a mistake while purchasing necessary resources, leading to him being targeted by the "workers" of the sewer and reported to the Black Star Faction."

"Please control Nightsaber to save the butler before he dies."

Bai Yan understood the whole story. Nightsaber had killed too many cultists over the past half month, and had caught the attention of various parties. No one could perfectly hide themselves and their families.

Finally, the bulter was found by the cultists when he was purchasing daily necessities.

The Black Star Faction is not a kind villain who takes a beating without fighting back, on the contrary, they spare no effort in searching for the enemy.

The "workers" in the sewer actually refer to some existences living in the lower layers of the Otherworlds.

Most of them are ordinary people without a strong sense of justice or evil. They earn money by providing services to Super operators, for example, selling intelligence. And sometimes they get the opportunity to join the Super operators.

In fact, many cultists were originally "workers" who later joined the cult after their lives became increasingly miserable.

These people living in the cracks of the lower levels of the Otherworlds are the most numerous inhabitants.

Becoming a Superoperator; even if it is only the lowest level of "origin level" Superoperator; is actually a very rare and valuable chance.

Major forces that can directly create Superoperators will tightly hold onto their methods. The publicly available methods are either very expensive, or are impossible to do.

Bai Yan reached out and clicked on "Moment of truth," only to be shocked to discover that there were actually two members available for the battle!

"Yes! I finally have a team for battle."

Bai Yan was not surprised at all, in fact, group battles are extremely common in "Babel Tower".

So, he lightly clicked on the screen, selecting the character to be deployed for the sudden mission.

Nightsaber and Psychic Dancer.


There are no stars in the sky tonight, only a bright and shining moon alone up high.

Huo Xin calmly parked the car by the roadside, got out, and took a deep breath of fresh air while looking at the moon.

He loves the moon.

He came back a little late, worrying that Mu Ling might be starving.

Today, Huo Xin went to visit the graves of his former master and other hunters.

In order to ensure safety, he just stood on a mountain one kilometer away and watched with a telescope for a while to mourn.

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the death of the former head and his wife.

Huo Xin will always remember that day, when he couldn't do anything and could only regret it.

At that time, Mu Ling was greatly shocked and lay in bed unconscious for several days. When she woke up, she was a little different.

She rarely smiles anymore, always worried and anxious. She doesn't remember the specifics of the day, but is very persistent when it comes to her family changing.

Yes, Mu Ling was not born with her current personality. No one is born filled with ideals of honor and a desire to fight, but hardly spend much time thinking about themselves.

Recently, Mu Ling has become stronger, but Huo Xin is very worried. Besides her identity as a crime hunter, what else does she have?

At that moment, his nose twitched slightly and he suddenly became aware of a strange scent.

In the nearby alley, two groups of black-clad individuals wearing grey masks slowly emerged at the intersection.

They didn't even make a sound of footsteps, they were soundless, like ghosts in the dark.

Huo Xin frowned and noticed that there were no pedestrians around.

Out of the many men in black walked out two strangely shaped cultists who could be recognized as the leaders at first glance.

One is a tall and robust man with a height of more than three meters. He had a slightly decaying body under his black belt. He also wore a gray mask with a broad smile on his face.

He held a giant white stone pestle in his hand that was over two meters long. It didn't look like a weapon, but more like a simple big stone.

The other black-haired woman is only slightly over 1.6 meters tall, with a slender figure. No emotions could be seen in her black pupils. She had delicate facial features , but her mouth is completely sewn shut with thread.

The woman in black calmly looked at Huo Xin, extending a palm with a human mouth on it.

The mouth opened, revealing an unusually flat young male voice.

"I am...Mystery."

"I hope to have a talk with the owner of Babel Tower. We should not be enemies."

Huo Xin's eyes narrowed and every muscle in his body tightened up!

It's him!

Mr. Mystery! The Black Star Faction's high priest in Tatsumi City, the mastermind behind the destruction of the hunt families!

"Mr. Huo Xin."

"I no longer hold any grudge against the hunter. As long as you are willing to sign a 'contract' and help me contact the owner of Babel Tower, you can live here."

Huo Xin's expression became very subtle.

"No grudge?" His tone grew increasingly heavy, and the anger in his words was impossible to ignore.

"You killed so many crime-hunters and completely destroyed the family I was loyal to. For so many years, I have been hiding because of you."

"And you destroyed Miss Mu Ling's life. Joy, love, and laughter that she could have were all taken away by you!"

"Now, you say you no longer have any grudge?"

Huo Xin's eyes became increasingly red, his muscles swelled to an inhuman degree, and his facial hair grew thick.

"But I have always hated you guys!"

"I wish to tear you apart and devour you!"

The mouth on the hand of the black-haired woman continued. "So, it was actually a wolf raising up the hunter."

The slim and exquisite suit has been torn apart. Covered in silver-gray fur, he looks like a work of art under the moonlight, showing all the charm that violent aesthetics can bring.

The tall werewolf stood in the moonlight, elegant yet filled with slaughter. Its blood-red eyes contained years of pent-up hatred.


The werewolf howls mournfully under the moon!

"Because, wolves were raised by former hunters!"