I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 47

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Chapter 47: Inside the Babel Tower

In a trance, Mu Ling had returned to the leaf-strewn yard of her house.

Huo Xin was not there, he should have gone out to do something.

She let out a long sigh of relief. She had been worried that she would be transported to the school and confront the Demon Hunt Agency again, but it seemed that the Savior was very thoughtful.

"That man is the Savior of Babel Tower, the mysterious being who manipulates us to save the world."

Mu Ling recalled all the miraculous scenes in the night sky, and was sure that Babel Tower was definitely a supernatural salvation organization.

Whether it is the so called "highest iron wall of the Air Alliance"--Eyes of the Empire, which is composed of the King's guards. Or Noah's biggest cult, Dead Silence, which has tens of millions of die-hard followers and worships peace and peace of mind. Or the Time of Chord, an association of high level wizards established by the "Lord of Rainbow" who pioneered the modern spell system. None of them are comparable to the great Babel Tower!

Mu Ling can't help but feel overwhelmed by the thought of it!

She is fortunate to be part of an organization that is so great and about to accomplish an equally great mission.

If it really succeeds, she could restore the glory of the Hunter family. And it's a way to add luster to her family.

Saving the world is a great feat that even her legendary ancestors have never done.

But if the Savior was so powerful and unfathomable, why didn't he take it upon himself to save the world? She suddenly thought of this very puzzling thing.

"Maybe this is the "possibility" that the Savior is talking about. Fate decided that the world must be saved by the operators... Maybe that's the reason."

The existence of the so-called "Fate" is still being debated by various schools of thought in Noah.

And the hunter's attitude to this is... Inherit the destiny of being a hunter and break the miserable human fate.

The hunters, born from the blood of the Outer God, are always moving forward on the road against Outer God, searching for hope and light for humanity.

Mu Ling soon thought of another possibility.

"Or, the Savior, as an extremely powerful ancient being, has recovered and is temporarily unable to project his power into Noah due to some limitation."

She calmly made up her mind.

"No matter what the reason is, I will continue to fight as the sharp blade of the master of Babel Tower."

Whether it's for the Hunter family, or for the world that is about to be overturned.

In Mu Ling's mind, there seems to be no place for herself.

Maryse was back on the big pink bed when she came back to her senses once more.

What she just saw was like an illusion, as if it had never existed.


She faintly froze, realizing that her psychic power had returned.

Irena was standing right beside the big pink bed, staring at her with a worried look.

She was a bit like a mother whose child was lost for a moment, and even wanted to scold herself for wandering off without permission.

[Phew, you're finally back. I was so scared.]

"I was worried about you. Just a little! I know you can come back. You always give me trouble!" Irena spoke with displeasure.

Maryse didn't retort, but suddenly smiled as she stepped off the bed and gently reached around her personal maid.

She said with a calm expression, "Well, I'm sorry."

Irena was slightly stunned. She had never seen such a serious Miss Maryse.

"What's wrong with you?"

[What happened to her?]

Maryse's expression grew grave, thinking about her own fate in a few months, and everything that the owner of Babel Tower had told her.

"Irena, thank you so much for always caring about me. I've just figured out a lot of things."

"Since this miraculous chance has been given to me... I will never give up!"

Goodbye, my cowardice.


After sending back the two core operators, Bai Yan sat on the night throne and breathed a slight sigh of relief.

"Well, now I am becoming more and more like a real mysterious leader."

He clicked on the option "Go elsewhere" and found that the only places he could go were the second and third floors of Babel Tower, and the fifth floor where he was.

All other areas are grayed out and temporarily inaccessible.

"Go to the second level."

After Bai Yan made his choice, a new option soon appeared in front of him. In fact, the second level of Babel Tower currently has only one option available.

"Recovery Spring (Female)"

Everything was once again disintegrating and reconstructing.

Bai Yan was already standing in front of a golden beach in a trance, and the smell of the sea breeze was in his nostrils.

"I finally understand why the Recovery Spring is so large." He quickly responded after realizing that this was the so-called Recovery Spring.

He dipped one of his feet into the sea, and felt that there were no special feelings.

It seemed to just be ordinary seawater completely devoid of the imaginary super effect.

"They bath in seawater to increase their mood? A good mood is too cheap."

Bai Yan shook his head gently, took off his shoes and walked alone along the coastline for several hours, but never saw the end of the coast.

He noticed that the six suns in the sky had now become three, and the number of suns in the sky seemed to vary on each level of Babel Tower.

"It's so boring, there's nothing."

Feeling bored, Bai Yan once again clicked on the "Go elsewhere" option.


"Go to the third level."

"Institute for Alienation Technology."

The familiar sight was crumbling once again, Bai Yan was indifferent and went to the third floor of Babel Tower.

He stepped on a short meadow, the sun made it as magnificent as the vast golden waves. There was a soft music giving a faint sense of sadness.

In front of Bai Yan is a huge and tall white building. It was full of science fiction-y colors that gave it a unique flavor, making him become immediately curious.

'Alienation Technology Institute? Looks interesting.'

He looked up and noticed that there were 4 golden shining suns in the sky.

Bai Yan understood the pattern in an instant.

"So, the number of suns in each floor is the floor number plus one."

What is the true identity of Babel Tower?

Bai Yan had too little information, only to knowing that it temporarily fell under his control.

He wanted to take a look at the building, but after walking to the front door... he absolutely didn't know how to open the door.

After wandering for a while in front of the huge 100-meter-high doorway, Bai Yan pinched his chin and fell into contemplation.

"Anyway, being able to go in or not doesn't really matter."

He shook his head and decided to leave the Babel Tower. There were too few things to visit and play in the Babel Tower in the current situation.

"It's better to go out and play with the operators."

Bai Yan smiled and selected the "Go elsewhere" option, then selected "Leave Babel Tower".

The next moment, he disappeared from where he was standing.


The soft music is accompanied by a neutral voice without emotion.

"It's time to relax."

"The sinners are invited to relax for 1 hour, then the research will continue."

With a loud roar, the huge white door slowly opened, three Babel Tower logistics staff who were originally Dark Sorcerer's Apprentices, appeared behind the door with numb looks.

When the doorway opened completely and there was no longer any movement, they immediately ran out from the gate, then came to the endless green meadow.

"Fuck!" The bald man yelled, then his expression returned to numbness.

Whether they run out before the door is fully opened, or stay too long after the door is fully opened, they will receive a "soul tremor" on the spot of fainting incontinence.

The Bald and short fat old man sat down in the meadow, they lied down on the ground, as if they have no expectations for the future.

The red-haired Sella stared off into the distance and took a deep breath.

Seven hours of sleep, one and a half hours of meals, half an hour for toiletry needs, and one hour of rest... The rest of the fourteen hours, they must "work" and are forced to cleanse their body twice a week.

The so-called work is also not engaged in any real research, in fact, almost everything in the facility is fully automated.

The sinners only have to do two things.

One is to put their hands in the special ring inside the facility and keep getting their life-force sucked out of them.

The other thing that happened was that they were used as rats to receive various semi-finished pharmaceuticals and then were observed for experimental results.

"So you're a logistical researcher at Babel Tower... Oh, what kind of research do you do? Ah, being researched!"

They have been forced to inject some kind of magical drugs and have been tossed for so long, however they didn't die and even became very healthy.

Her endocrine disorder also had been cured.

But this life is extremely grueling, the two men are about to break down. The grumpy bald man has also become very quiet.

Of course there was also an important reason that harming others is strictly forbidden by the Babel Tower, otherwise they would have probably join forces to make fun of Sella.

Sella leaned down slightly and suddenly took off running to start this quest.

"The fifth exploration, in the direction of fifty degrees outside the main gate."

Must keep enough physical power to go back to the white research building within the specified time, otherwise... Just thinking about the horrific consequences made her scared.

Sella ran in the endless meadow for a long time. To the point her legs were heavy like lead, but she never found anything useful.

Just like the first four times.

But she didn't want to give up easily like the two desperate and numb men.

Some things once lost were not easy to get back.

Run, Sella!

She calculated the time and strength to keep running, things in front of her remained unchanged, and the despair in her heart gradually surged up.

It was the fifth time, and each time she explored, she couldn't see anything new beyond the meadow.

Not to mention other strangers and buildings, even new animals and plants!

What the hell is this place! Sella felt like she was going crazy!

Just as she was about to fall into despair, her eyes suddenly lit up.

A low bush suddenly appeared ahead, on which grew a large number of fiery red fruits, and there seemed to be golden flurries floating around.

"This is..."

Sella ran over excitedly, lying next to the bush and gazing up, instantly recognizing what this fruit was and her eyes widened!

It's golden fire dragon fruit, an extremely precious and expensive raw material for advanced magical pills. Why was there so much of it here?

Sella immediately plucked a fruit, put it into her mouth and bit through it, the juice and power flowed down her throat and she regained all her strength in the blink of an eye, while a pleasure like having just smoked a cigarette filled her heart.

She closed her eyes and almost shed tears, she was overwhelmed with joy.

"With this, I'll be able to explore more of the area! This place is like a complicated world... The owner of Babel Tower is a great being like a god."

She took a deep breath and prayed to the owner of Babel Tower as she contemplated the future.

Sella always felt that there would not be only three of them here forever, and that more sinners would surely join in the future. When there were more and more people, any resources found now would become useful.

She even had a wild guess.

"Perhaps at some point, this place will form a new small society."

There will always be someone playing a more upwardly mobile role in society, so why can't it be me?