I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 45

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Chapter 45: Meeting the Savior

Mu Ling lingered in the familiar school hallway, shielding her expression.

She saw many old friends, but she was too timid to approach them and could only watch them from afar.

Mu Ling knew very well.

They were certainly being monitored by the DHA.

If she came forward to greet them casually, she would definitely hurt them, so Mu Ling buried her slight anxiousness.

The peaceful life of the world no longer belongs to her.

This was not a place where Mu Ling should be, but she still hoped to find some clues about her "Savior".

Although Mu Ling did not have much contact with this mysterious and great existence, she had already realized that it had completely changed every aspect of her life.

Be it granting her powerful strength, or manipulating her body to fight, Mu Ling rememberd these experiences deeply.

However, she had been looking for a long time, yet she had still not found the young man.

Where is he exactly?

Mu Ling kept wandering and searching, but felt very lost.

'Why do I have to meet him? To show my gratitude? Or due to my helplessness and fear.'

She suddenly thought of this idea and shook her head immediately.

As a strong-willed hunter, She had long been able to face all dangers and difficulties alone.

Moreover, she was about to avenge her family and recast its glory.

She mumbled to herself, "I just want to express my gratitude and get to know Babel Tower better."

Yes, everything about the Babel Tower made Mu Ling very curious.

This mysterious organization manipulated her to do many things, but it has always been hidden in the black mist, making it impossible for people to find out.

Before she realized it, she had reached the top of the teaching building, looking down at the students coming and going from school.

Suddenly, a male voice sounded.

"You are Nightsaber, right, Miss Mu Ling?"

Mu Ling was taken aback when she turned around and saw a young man wearing a purple stripe-patterned suit, his hands in his pockets and a large smiling mask on his face.

He was still holding a black magic wand in his hand, and Mu Ling's intuition told her that both the man and his wand were very dangerous.


Mu Ling's expression remained unchanged, and she reached out to hold the black cross on her fair neck.

Under the smiling face mask, Alan smiled and twirled his wand, saying, "Yes, it is necessary for DHA to ask you over for breaking the 'Mystic Principle'."

"I hope to avoid fighting. After all, fighting at the same level is really difficult to grasp."

"I can't go with you."

Mu Ling shook her head calmly, refused. Then she took off the black cross, and in an instant it changed into a heavy, pitch-black cross sword.

"Oh, what a pity. I didn't want to fight with a lady."

"However, your answer was as expected."

Alan stopped talking and his eyes became more serious.

Even if they may not be real enemies, and might even be opponents of cult groups, their different stances determined that this battle was inevitable.

However, fighting in the real world is different from games and anime. Unless there is a huge gap in power between the two sides, it is simply impossible to stop in the middle of the fight.

In other words, both of them are likely to fall here!

Suddenly, Mu Ling heard a familiar voice in her mind.

[Nightsaber, you are about to be summoned.]

She felt that everything around her was fragmented, and everything was turned into elementary particles and rebuilt again. After a moment, she realized that she was about to arrive at Babel Tower.

'Savior, is he summoning me?'

Alan only saw that a cloud of dense black mist suddenly appeared, enveloping Mu Ling's body in an instant.


He raised his hand and threw several magic throwing knives, but they passed through the black mist directly without affecting anything inside it, as if it was already in a different dimension.

"This is the power, of the master, of the Babel Tower?"

Alan was confused for a while. After seeing the black mist gradually disappearing, he raised his hand, and the magic throwing knife returned to him automatically.

"Now I'm glad that Bai Yan is no longer in school."

Alan fell into deep thought. Mu Ling came here for some reasons. If the ambivalent member of Babel Tower were to be disadvantageous because of him, it would be terrible.


Any relic has a price, and the "Rotating Copperhead Belt" is no exception.

Maryse was sitting on the bed and eating non-stop. Maid Irena unwrapped a large amount of snack packages and handed them over to Maryse with a helpless expression.

She felt really hungry, and no matter how much she ate, she still never felt full.

It's the cost of the copper belt.

Maryse was desperately eating cookies, ice cream, chocolate, jelly, crispy noodles, popcorn, and marshmallows.

Irena couldn't help asking, "Aren't you going to get fat?"

She was already 50kg and was forced to eat only diet salad.

Maryse stuffed a sausage into her mouth while answering casually, "No way. Elves are good at keeping slim, it's one of our race's features. What's up?"

"No, it's nothing." Irena turned her head and pouted unhappily.

[I can't believe you don't have to fear eating anything, that's so annoying. I curse you to have an A cup forever!]

Maryse paused for a moment then angrily said, "Come on, you're actually jealous of me? I'm gonna pinch you! Taste my Dragon Claw!"

She lifted her hands up to grab Irena, but was held in place by Irena's quick hand on her head. She was unable to inch forward, both of her arms were flailing around like cat's claws.

Irena said helplessly, "Behave yourself, my lovely elf lady. But, I really envy your long life and puberty."

"The long-lived races are truly special. I really envy you."

Irena's words can only be said to Maryse, and it would be a disrespectful act to say them publicly in this elf family.

[I won't be able to accompany you after 100 years... Maryse.]

Maryse was slightly taken aback, and suddenly said, "Actually, you can also prolong your life. Even if you are just an ordinary person, there is a way."

Irena was silent for a moment, then shook her head and said, "Don't do too much for me."

[What should I do, she wants to do something for me. Damn it, I have to control my feelings. But I'm still so touched, I even want to agree.]

Irena immediately stepped back and said, "Don't listen to me, I'm just a little hesitant. It's not duplicity."

Just as Maryse was about to say something, a dense black mist suddenly rose up.

Irena was startled. Seeing the black mist enveloping Maryse, she immediately ran over and subconsciously stretched out her hand to grab Maryse. Her palm passed directly through her friend.

"The master of that Babel Tower, Maryse where are you?"

Irena thought of Maryse's explanation, and she was a little relieved. But seeing the little girl in front of her disappear, she was still twitched.

"I will wait for you here."

[You are about to be summoned, Psychic Dancer.]

Everything fell apart in front of Maryse, and she tried to grab Irena's hand, but there was nothing at all.


The stars in the night sky twinkle and the constellations are constantly changing.

"Where is this?"


The voices of the two girls sounded at the same time, and they quickly looked at each other.

Mu Ling saw a lovely girl across the table wearing a white cat mask, with golden sand-like hair.

It's her, "Psychic Dancer"!

Mu Ling immediately recognized the other girl.

The girl wore a white dog mask and had white hair. Maryse recognized her as Nightsaber.

The two girls felt a lot better after seeing a familiar person, but they were shocked by what they saw in front of them!

This was a very magical place, like an ancient relic. The stars in the night sky were dazzling, and the constellations moved as if they were alive.

There were dynamic murals on the surrounding walls, interpreting ancient heroic epics. Everything made them feel their own insignificance.

But what they cared most about was not the mysterious surroundings, but the mysterious person sitting on the throne of the night sky at the head of the long table.

He was shrouded in thick fog from head to toe, hidden by a black cloak so that his true appearance was indiscernible.

A special kind of pressure emanated from him, as if there was an invisible connection between them, making Mu Ling and Maryse subconsciously hold their breath.

'Is he the master of Babel Tower, Savior?' Maryse thought to herself, and gradually clenched her hands.

Then she was afraid for a while if her mind was peeped, she would be finished.

'But scolding him is really cool!'

Maryse suddenly realized something, her psychic powers have failed!

There was some kind of invisible thing that completely blocked her out so she couldn't hear not only the heart of 'Savior', but also that of 'Nightsaber'!

How is this possible?

Maryse couldn't believe it at all. Her psychic power had the highest priority among similar powers and the family tried their best but couldn't find a way to resist it!

For her, the current situation is really a special experience. Her psychic power has disappeared.

It was as if she suddenly lost her sense of smell, which made Maryse feel very uncomfortable.

Mu Ling got up, put one hand before her chest and bowed.

"If I am guessing correctly, you must be the Savior of Babel Tower, our master."

Maryse just watched without saying anything. She could feel it without any psychic power. "Nightsaber" was much more loyal than her.

Bai Yan didn't say anything. But his voice reached both girls at the same time.

[This is the Babel Tower and I am it's master.]

As always his tone was cold and heartless without the slightest warmth; as though he was the man behind the game. The two girls quivered slightly under the strain of this sound.

That's him!

[Nightsaber and Psychic Dancer, you both have done a lot for Babel Tower in this period of time.]

[I thought...]

[You must have wanted to see me and have lots of questions to ask.]