I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 43

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"Why won't you answer me?" No. Two stared at her, and her expression suddenly went cold.

Maryse remained expressionless, still keeping silent.

"How dare you ignore me, human?" No. Two got really angry and she snapped her fingers.

A huge golden-red fireball appeared out of nowhere in mid-air, mixed with bursts and booms, rushed towards the little girl's location without mercy.

Maryse has already taken a step ahead, like a dancer dancing gracefully, moving and dodging in an extreme posture, among the falling fireballs.

"Hahahaha, watch out! Avoid getting burned by me! I still want to keep you!" No. Two opened her mouth widly that it was not the size of a human, but more like the bloody mouth of a demon or other horrible being!

Maryse remained silent, dodging expressionlessly, the golden-red flames had burned the surroundings in the blink of an eye, and the entire floor was surrounded by smoke and fire.

Many of the black-clad guards in the room yelled out, hoping that No. Two would show mercy and take care of them.

But No. Two was completely indifferent, even enjoying the fear of others.

Suddenly, Maryse found an opportunity and stared into No. Two's eyes with her silvery eyes!

She knew that would be the end of it!

Psychic Domination!

No. Two's eyes gradually flushed with confusion...

The next moment, No. Two suddenly disappeared without a trace, as if she didn't exist in this world anymore.

Then she reappeared in the same place, the confusion in her eyes had completely disappeared.

"It's useless, this level of Psychic Domination can't defeat me at all."

No. Two looked at Maryse coldly, her voice gradually hoarse, "I am Balrog from 'Padma Hell'. Little girl, don't underestimate me by placing me in the same category as humans."

Balrog from Padma Hell?

Maryse was slightly stunned, "Wasn't Padma Hell one of the Outer Worlds? This gal actually came from an Outer World? Why would she sneak into the territory of the Air Alliance?"

"Provoking us was your biggest mistake, now you must pay the price for ignoring me!"

No. Two's voice became heavy and hoarse. Violent golden-red flames emerged from her mouth, nostrils and ears, and two hissing flaming dragons coalesced around her, their hideous faces chilling.

Maryse looked at the fire dragons that filled almost half the floor and was tempted to swallow them.

'Is this guy planning to blow up the whole building?! That's too exaggerated!'

Then, she was actually sprinting towards the blonde Balrog!

No! Run!

Maryse was horrified, completely unable to understand this operation, she still wanted to live!

"You are coming closer to me instead of staying away?"

No. Two's voice was husky and magnetic, and several golden red fire dragons around her kept expanding and bursting. The light of the bright flames lit up the whole floor, and all the windows shattered under the huge impact.

"Die! Human!"

Her words were like the final judgment of hell, the fire dragon had engulfed Maryse's position in the blink of an eye, and the security guards hiding in other rooms on the floor screamed and were engulfed in flames.

"hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! This is the price for ignoring me! Arrogant human!"

No. Two laughed wildly, and her laughter echoed continuously as if it had its own stereo. The feeling of killing is more delicious than "sex" and "eating"!

Just then, she suddenly found a black belt jerking her way!

Maryse expressionlessly rushed out from the only opening in the flames, all her clothes were set on fire, but the slight burns were already healing due to the high-speed recovery power.


The black belt whipped hard against No. Two's chest, but she didn't feel pain, instead the demon's human body started spinning involuntarily!

"Damn it! What is this?"

No. Two spun in place incomprehensibly, trying desperately to stop, but with no chance of success. She had to wait for the spinning force to stop on its own.

However, Maryse had already come to her with the black belt.

The beautiful little face under the white mask was pressed against Balrog's flaming eyes, unafraid.

[Kill yourself, Balrog.]

Maryse looked calmly at the demon in front of her, suddenly realizing that the words were not said with manipulation, but with her own voice... She said them with pleasure.

'Nothing wrong with that, I've always wanted to... try and get the nasty guys... to kill themselves!'

Kill, wail! Delight me!

Her silvery eyes revealed excitement and joy!

No. Two was shocked to find that her body moved by itself!

The fierce golden red flame ignited the demonic core deep in the flesh and blood, and her body was instantly engulfed in a blaze of flames!


The demon's mournful and terrifying voice resounded for kilometers!

Outside White Night Pharmaceutica, there were many passers-by watching the fire, and they were all startled to hear the screams that seemed to be lingering in their ears!

No. Two's body turned into black charcoal, a huge black shadow from which spread across the burning floor, the shadow of the blood-red pupils staring at Maryse.

"Damn it! Humans! I'll be back!"

The black shadows dissipated and only the flames remained.

Maryse calmly looked at everything around her, with only one word in her mind, "warmth".

She felt very warm in the flames, especially her legs, which had become particularly warm...

Maryse kept moving forward through the fire, down the stairs to the empty seventeenth floor.

There is actually nothing here, no furniture, no rooms, no people.

How did this happen?

She could not understand why the seventeenth floor was actually empty, but her body automatically went to a blank wall.

Then, Maryse went right through the wall. There is a brand new dark blue room.

She immediately smelled a peculiarly irritating odor, and here was an obvious laboratory with a large number of culture containers and various unreadable alchemical equipment.

The experimenter in the white coat held their heads and knelt on the ground, desperately begging for mercy.

"We were coerced by the cultists. Don't kill us, please don't kill us."

Maryse was eager to smile, the feeling of controling people's lives made her feel good.

She walked over to a cabinet full of dark blue potions, "Deep Ones Transformation Potion".

[Overthrow it.]

Maryse gave the order to the experimenters, their eyes gradually became blank, as they got up from the floor and came over. They pushed the cabinet containing the potion to the ground together.

All the dark blue potions were crushed on the ground, and Maryse calmly spoke, "Mission accomplished."

She can move!

Maryse, covered in sweat, let out a long breath and immediately ran to the toilet to get paper to dry her body, then she found that the black mist actually didn't arrive as expected.

"What? Do I still have free time?"

She was not at all afraid of the fire downstairs, but came to be interested in wandering around the laboratory, which covered a huge area.

Until Maryse walked to a special altar deep in the room, her pupils instantly widened, trembling.

The altar is dedicated to a huge black sphere, and around the edge of the sphere are several terrifying monsters, like its satellites.

The Chaos Star!

Maryse didn't dare to look, she lowered her head, but then trembled and covered her mouth.

Corpses were piled up on the altar. Most of them with fish features, apparently all of them were failed experiments.

The waste is placed here as an offering to the Chaos Star.

Some of the bodies could even be seen to be girls younger than Maryse's physical age.

'Why?' Maryse, unlike Mu Ling, is not a true warrior and was completely unable to accept the scene before her!

Countless terrified faces and the strong stench of corpses caused a sudden and violent nausea in her stomach.

She bent down and tried to vomit, but was only able to dry heave, because she hadn't eaten anything today either.

Maryse dry heaved for a long time, finally being able to slow down a little after a long time. Then she was buried into a very long silence.

"You did all of this? Were you all completely coerced?"

She let go of Psychic Domination with a tremor in her voice and asked the experimenters who were following her behind her.

The experimenters shook their heads repeatedly, and many of them fell to their knees.

"No! We were just coerced by Black Star, there is no way for anyone to go against those cultist in this situation, please let us go!"

"My family is still waiting for me, please spare me, my son is only three years old, and his birthday is in a few days!"

"Thank you for saving us, thank you, thank you! We're leaving right now and will never tell anyone we've seen you!"

Maryse nodded calmly and gently, with a slight hint of pleasure, "Your hearts are exposed."

The experimenters all froze.

[I command you, kill yourselves.]

For the first time in her life, she was particularly grateful for this ability.

It keeps her from getting bogged down in judgment.


"New level completed, Babel Tower Legendary Points increased by 80."

"Level reward: 100 Energy Point has been earned."

From the seat in the office, Bai Yan calmly looked at his new awards and thought about them before finally deciding to invest them in the construction of a new facility.

It was one of the most important facilities besides Recovery Spring.

It is not only a prep facility for the "resurrection" facility, but also serves as the Savior's summons to Babel Tower operators.

Yes, summons.

If a group summons is conducted, it can also become a meeting.

Any proper organization would be unable to escape from meetings, and it is also the same with Babel Tower.

To promote cohesion among the members of the organization, the Savior can call upon the core operators at will to discuss matters of salvation.

The performance in the game is that every time there are a few more options for the player to choose, dealing with something about the core operators.

But Bai Yan thinks this round "summoning" manifestation is likely to be different.

Perhaps he will meet the core operators directly.

Only it must be opened with two existing constructions, so Bai Yan didn't build it directly.

But it's not too late.

Bai Yan felt the need to establish a more direct connection with the core operators. They are not characters exists in works of fiction, but living people.

He should prepare for salvation not only on the level of the game, and it is too arrogant to put everything on it.

"The Temple of Babel Tower."

Bai Yan invested 100 points and chose the fifth floor of Babel Tower to build the "Temple of Babel Tower".

A small golden palace icon quickly popped up on the pixel map of Babel Tower.

He clicks on the Babel Tower temple icon and two options pop up.

"Upgrade the temple", "Summon the operator".

"The option for the Savior to summon the operators in the game, put in reality... Would I meet with them?"

Bai Yan was silent for a while, took out a prepared white mask and put it on his face.

Then, he moved the "Disguise Mask" in the item bar in his phone to "the Savior" to put on.

"If I can enter Babel Tower myself through the summoning option, that means my guess is correct. Presumably, according to the principle, this mask should also come to my face at the same time."

After making preparations, Bai Yan reached out and clicked on the "summon operator" option.

The next moment, everything around him fell apart, all the elements collapsed, disintegrated and finally reconstructed into a new form.

Bai Yan entered the Babel Tower.