I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 42

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The large room on the seventeenth floor of white night pharmaceutica has a long and narrow design and is luxuriously furnished.

A small artificial fountain is constantly spraying chocolate syrup, and a extravagant table filled with a variety of food and freshly unwrapped packages sits in it's center.

"Clack, clack..."

A woman with long blond hair is sitting on a long, brown and expensive sofa, playing with a silver lighter.

She looked to be in her early twenties, with long, flowing blond hair that fell from her shoulders to her hips. Her slender and tall figure is extremely outstanding, and she wore expensive black high-heeled shoes, revealing her white and smooth feet.

Her clothes are slightly messy, she is playing with a silver lighter in her right hand, and her left hand is covered with black chocolate paste.

Beside the sofa was a black leather belt that had just been taken off.

She stuffed her fingers into her mouth with a smile on her face, and sucked the thick chocolate syrup on her fingers one by one.

Normal people probably wouldn't eat like this.

"It feels good to be a 'human', and both 'food' and 'sex' are very novel experiences."

Not far from her stood several burly men in black clothes. Each one of them was muscular, and they seemed to be calmly guarding the place.

In fact, as the blonde woman's temporary "drones", the burly men in black were always terrified, for fear that one day they will run out of soft tissue!

"Number. Two." this is what Mr. Mystery called her.

Since she came to White Night Pharmaceutica, all the security issues were under her control, but she didn't want to manage these boring chores herself.

In fact, she was not a human, but a strange creature wearing human skin from the outer world. But no one had ever seen her real body, only heard that her appearance is quite different from that of a human being.

No.Two smiled and said to the terrified strong men, "There is a human saying 'If you don't work, don't expect to be paid', It has been several months since I was summoned here, but I still haven't gotten a job, and now I'm starting to get very irritable."

"Just kidding, I actually wish I could be idle like this."

She suddenly stretched and said with great interest, "Come on! Don't be idle! I want to play again!"

"Please, Ms. Two, it's been eight times today!"

The burly men in black were trembling, their faces pale.

The blond woman laughed happily, the flame in the lighter swirled and danced while the temperature rose, forming a small and ferocious fire dragon nearby.

Her pupils turned blood red and a huge gap was opened in her mouth.

"Didn't I ask you to take medicine? Answer me... do you want a hot body or do you want real fire?"

The burly men finally realized they had no choice at all. They could only painfully undress and pray for a hero to come to their rescue.


I'm about to piss.

Maryse sat calmly on the bus, looking straight ahead, her petite and lovely body sitting straight.

When her body was under control, she couldn't even speak independently.

But Maryse also knew that she was not completely controlled, she could blink and move her muscles slightly.

For example, "holding urine" is done entirely by her own will, but it also means that she cannot automatically hold her urine, she must do so voluntarily in this state.

Hold back!


The bus stopped at a stop and Maryse felt her legs move on their own, following the other passengers. She slowly lined up to get off.

It was dusk and the light of autumn leaves shone on Maryse's exquisite face.

Downtown? She realized where this place was.

There is a lot of traffic around and there are people who have just left work everywhere. Of course it is not the biggest wave of people getting off work, because it is not yet 9pm.

Maryse soon noticed that there was an extra white mask in her hand. She put it on, revealing only her emerald eyes.

She looked at the building not far ahead of her and recognized the famous White Night Pharmaceutica in Tatsumi City.

It seems to be a company her uncle invested in, and far as she remembered, the person in charge of this company has been from the Augustus family several times.

Uncle... Thinking of that disgusting man, she has goosebumps all over her body! The few times she accidentally read his mind, it would send Maryse into a state of terror and nausea.

She didn't have the guts to tell her father those thoughts before, but now she feels that it doesn't matter anymore.

The Augustus family is not worth keeping to her.

Babel Tower will be her new home...

Well, while Nightsaber is a good girl, the only problem is that the Savior is a big-boobed freak who likes to make sweet and cute little lolis hold their urine and fight!

'Ah, I accidentally cursed in my heart!'

Maryse's heart sank, wondering if her words would be heard, or would she be punished by the Savior?

But it's really good.

Maryse marched through the mediocre crowd towards the White Night Pharmaceutica, while inwardly fretting over the insult to the Savior.

After a while, there was no response in her mind for insulting the Savior, and she finally felt relieved.

Maryse suddenly started talking to herself.

"Received important information from Nightsaber, White Night Pharmaceutica is doing shady business for Black Star Faction."

"Black Star is a cult group. The ultimate goal is undoubtedly to let the Outer Gods invade this world. It is the responsibility of Babel Tower to eliminate them.".

Maryse understood immediately, it turned out that Nightsaber was dealing with the same enemy as her.

Finally, she came to the glass gate of White Night Pharmaceutica, and two security guards in black immediately stopped her.

"Little girl, this is not a place you can enter casually. Where is your mother?"?

They never imagined that this little girl was the end of White Night Pharmaceutica, they just thought it was a little girl who got lost out of curiosity.

The girl's small cherry mouth opened. "It's time to show real skill!"

Maryse felt helpless, but she knew what she was going to say. The expressions of the two security guards in black changed, and they were about to take out their pistols from their holsters without hesitation.

They all obviously knew Psychic Dancer from Babel Tower, Psychic Dancer in that video will say this constant line every time!

Maryse's heart tightened, and she shouted in her heart, 'hurry up and control them!'

The next moment, her eyes turned silver, and she once again displayed her powerful spiritual power!

There are some SuperPowers that possess psychic type powers, but a mind-based SuperPower as dominant and powerful as Maryse is extremely rare. Even spells and relics have a hard time stopping her, which is why the Augustus family fears her.

The eyes of the two security guards in black became confused, and they were obviously under control.

[I order you to ignore my existence.].

The two nodded gently.

Maryse calmly walked into the first-floor lobby of White Night Pharmaceutica, where the staff came and went.

Not all of them knew about the Otherworlds. Many people saw Maryse walking in and thought she was a child brought by the company's management.

So she swaggered onto the elevator and pressed the button to go to the fifteenth floor.

White Night Pharmaceutica has seventeen floors, but the elevator only leads to the first fifteen floors and is the only way to reach the fifteenth floor.

The stairs on the fourteenth floor are not even connected to the fifteenth floor either.

The elevator door opened, and in front of Maryse was a spacious corridor. Four security guards in black were standing at the door on both sides of the elevator. They were all taken aback when they saw Maryse.

One of them immediately said, "This is a restricted area, please show your ID!"

Maryse stepped out of the elevator nonchalantly.

"Again, show your ID immediately!"

The security guards mercilessly pulled out pistols and electric batons, even though they were only facing a cute little girl in pink dress, they didn't dare to relax at all.

They are all professional security guards. They have been in contact with the Otherworlds and Outer worlds all year round. They are well-trained and understand that the power of a SuperPower is often irrelevant to age. Even babies can kill people. Even the slightest amount of carelessness can lead them to their deaths!

Just when Maryse thought she was going to exercise mind control again, the situation changed.

A strange black copper head belt appeared in her hand, which looked very... strange, to say the least. It gave the same feel like the heavy style of an old father whipping shitty descendants.

'What's this?' She completely froze.

Maryse has learned about the existence of many relics from the illustrated book since she was a child, but she really doesn't know about this thing!

She suddenly picked up the copper-headed belt, aimed at the four men in black around her and whipped it vigorously. The men in Black flickered mid-air, and immediately began to spin on the spot as if possessed by a demon.

"What's going on here? What the heck!"!

The people in black struggled in amazement, but they couldn't get rid of their state at all, as if their bodies were under the control of hypnosis, they couldn't control them at all.

'Wow, this is interesting!' Maryse's eyes lit up! She wanted to use this magic on the people she hated!

So good!

Maryse ran in the corridor, and many men in black ran out of the room in all directions, trying to stop her.

But their bullets were easily dodged by Maryse, and then their bodies immediately spun under the attack of the belt!

By the time the spinning stops, these people are basically exhausted.

Maryse found that there were no SuperPowers among these people. But how could that be? If the opponent is the Black Star Faction, then the enemy should not be just ordinary people.

She thought about it and whipped all the way, defeating all the guards in this way, and came all the way to the sixteenth floor.

In the middle of the wide corridor on the sixteenth floor stood a blond woman in a white suit, also known as "No. Two"."


No. Two clapped her hands and smiled, "Do you know why the security guards in this company are basically ordinary people?"?

"Because with me alone, there's no need for other SuperPower guards."

Maryse had no expression on her face, holding her urine and listening to her talking nonsense.

No. Two frowned as the girl ignored her, "You're good looking, you should be a nice toy, huh, I haven't tried this particular flavor of the same gender yet."

She suddenly said, "You are the 'Psychic Dancer' from Babel Tower, I guess right?"

Maryse was still expressionless and didn't say a word, only knowing that she really couldn't hold it anymore!

'Stop talking nonsense!'