I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 40

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Chapter 40: Night Watchman

Bai Yan followed Alan and continued to walk around in the white building.

They arrived at an office at the end of the third floor. At the door of the office stood a tall man wearing a cyan crow mask and a light white suit.

He was tall, at least 5'9". He was guarding the door of the office, watching the people passing by.

Just by standing here, the man exuded an extremely special aura that makes people around him instinctively feel fearful.

It was as if he was the hunter and the others were merely his prey.

Alan lowered his head to Bai Yan's ear and muttered, "The man at the door is 'Raven Reaper', one of the three strongest men in DHA of Tatsumi City. He either guards this place or receives secret missions directly from the director."

He paused and said, "They are often shady tasks."

Bai Yan, who has dealt a lot with DHA in Babel Tower, of course he understood that organizations like DHA are never pure law abiders.

On the contrary, in at least one of the plot lines, DHA turned completely evil.

"Magician, what are you doing here?"

Raven Reaper looked at the two men who were talking, while laughing.

His tone was calm and indifferent, and Bai Yan could tell that the man under the mask was probably not very old.

With his usual smile on his face, Alan said, "I have something to talk to the director about, and as for this man, that's the 'thing' I want to talk about."

Bai Yan looked at this so-called Raven Reaper, and always felt that he had encountered this NPC in the game, but he was also the type that was not impressed.

Raven Reaper gazed at Bai Yan for a long time, nodded gently and stepped aside.

"Come in."

Alan didn't bother with him again, but continued with Bai Yan, "This is our DHA's great, important, and very frightening... director's office. Bai Yan, the person you are going to meet is the Director of Tatsumi City DHA, Mr. Trap."

"Even I can't see through him, so you should be careful." Alan smiled and pushed the door open.

"I'm here, how are you doing Director?"

Bai Yan followed and walked in through the door and saw a large office. In the office a smiling, thin old man, dressed in a neat and clean white suit, was sitting on the chair behind the office with his chin on top of his folded hands.

He looked very kind.

The old man, also known as Mr. Trap, spoke lightly, "Is this the man, Alan?"

Alan nodded and said with a smile, "Yes, that's right. He's the one I'd recommend."

Bai Yan walked forward, saw the old man's curious and inquisitive gaze, smiled and introduced himself, "Nice to meet you, Director. I'm Bai Yan."

Mr. Trap looked at Bai Yan and turned to Alan, "I can approve your recommendation, Alan. But you have to give me a reason."

Why are you recommending him?

Alan had known the Direcor would ask that, as he did every time.

"Actually, there's no particular reason, it's just my intuition. I do not think that it is a wrong move to make him a companion."

He paused for a moment and continued, "Think about it, the answer between the superpowers is also quite lame. Many things can be attributed to intuition, but we all know that the superpower's intuition is very useful."

Mr. Trap nodded gently and waved for Alan to leave first.

When there were only two people left in the room, he looked at Bai Yan, squinted and said, "Mr. Bai Yan, do you want to join the DHA?"

"Yes." Bai Yan answered very quickly.

Mr. Trap replied in no hurry as if he had no emotion, "As long as you pass my interview, you can officially become a member of DHA. I merely want to know what the real reason is for you to join DHA."

Bai Yan instinctively felt that there must be a spell to identify lies.

So he decided to say the real answer.

Bai Yan's face was full of glory, and he said solemnly, "I want to join DHA to help people and save the world."

"Save the world?"

Mr. Trap raised his brows, obviously he wasn't expecting this kind of answer!

Bai Yan was telling the truth. Of course, his purpose in joining the DHA was to get info to back Babel Tower, so the ultimate purpose was undoubtedly to save the world.

Mr. Trap was silent for a while.

"It turns out that your ambitions are very lofty, but what I want to ask is actually more specific things. What do you want to pursue, or what do you want to get?"

Strength, honor, power, women, satisfaction, or something else... what do you want after becoming a superpower?"

Bai Yan was a little bit confused by the question.

In fact, he would occasionally ask himself what he wanted in the new world.

'I have nothing left after coming here, so do I want family, friends and fetters of my own?'

No, in fact I'm used to being alone.

Strength? It was not particularly needed. Honor, no. And in a sense he already has power. As for women, it seems that it couldn't be ranked first. Satisfaction...

What exactly do I want?'

Bai Yan couldn't help but think that all the times he had been happy were when he was involved in superpower events, especially when... the moment he saw the game become real.

Isn't that interesting?

"So what I want may just be, an interaction with the abnormal, I guess."

Bai Yan eventually came to the not so lofty conclusion that saving the world was something that had to be done, but not something that he was really interested in.

He was already sick of a quiet life and didn't want a quiet boring life anymore.

"So that's it."

Mr. Trap nodded, still smiling and keeping his expression unchanged, and finally said, "Is that what you think? Then you are qualified, Bai Yan."

Bai Yan didn't know the reason why he was qualified. The Director was obviously a bit of a "riddler" and wouldn't tell him the answer.

But he could probably guess... It should be because he was honest.

If you can't even be honest with your superiors, you are not worthy of becoming a night watchman at all.


There was a light rain this afternoon, and the whole city was shrouded in mist.

Bai Yan had his own office, which is less than 20 square meters. And the office was arranged simply and cleanly with white walls, tables, chairs, bookcases, and storage boxes.

He got up from his chair and opened the window, feeling the drizzle blowing in slightly.

From here, Bai Yan can see the Platinum Zone not far away, where the great nobles of Tatsumi City gather and live.

"Am I an employee now?" He muttered to himself.

Bai Yan is now a third-level night watchman, working only as a clerk, responsible for approving various daily applications from the "origin" level superpowers on a poor street.

There are a lot of the superpowers in Tatsumi City, and their daily applications are also very common. Some Bloods need to apply according to the rules every time they purchase a large number of blood packs, and some werewolves must apply before each transformation - specify the estimated location and time for this time to change, so as to avoid unnecessary losses and conflicts.

The superpowers were still strictly controlled... Of course, only the registered superpowers were like this. At least half of the superpowers in Tatsumi City concealed their identities.

There were also those who didn't conceal their identities, but still disdained the existence of DHA, such as Queen of the Scarlet Moon and Pastor.

As for the school, Bai Yan applied for a temporary suspension.

In order not to disappoint the professor too much, Bai Yan said that he was hit by a dump truck and could only crawl on the ground, so he could not come to school for the time being.

Well, it's not that he didn't want to study anymore.

Bai Yan sat in his seat, took out his mobile phone, and clicked to start the next level of the new event "Black Star Faction".

The first level was "Night Visit Vampire", and the purpose was to obtain information about the Black Star Faction from Marquis Scarlet.


The second level is "White Night Pharmaceutica".

Game Tip, "Please choose one booster for this level, the other two will be counted as options for boosting future missions."

The second level still has three optional boosts, which are "White Night Pharmaceutica Roadmap", "Mystical Power - Photosynthesis", and " Relic - Rotating Copperhead Belt".

"Attention, Core Operators can't fight in consecutive battles! Please match the order reasonably!"

'What the fuck? I only have two core operators.' Bai Yan frowned slightly.

'Copperhead Belt... It sounds so funny. But the effect seems very strong.'

The first booster, "White Night Pharmaceutica Roadmap", like the previous "Secrets of Marquis Scarlet", is undoubtedly an option to lower the difficulty, but it will also be one less reward after the event is fully cleared.

Bai Yan chose the third boost without hesitation and wanted to swap it out after the event.

The only optional operator this time is "Psychic Dancer", he clicked.

"Psychic Dancer, selected."