I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Move

Enveloped in the white fog, the streets of Tatsumi city became hazy and indistinct.

Bai Yan returned to the library and reclaimed his seat.

The students outside the library were creating a racket, but as soon as he entered, the clamor subsided.

Numerous students were engrossed in their studies within the library. Bai Yan quietly took the escalator.

He relished solitude, finding it conducive to immersing himself in the game.

Shortly after, he ascended to the second floor, secured his seat, and initiated the Babel Tower.

The scene remained unchanged—a black-robed player, known as the Savior, hovered in the sky above a pixelated city. The sky transitioned from night to day.

He clicked the “Operator” and was ready to check Nightsaber’s condition after auto playing for a whole night.

Daily record for Nightsaber:

She went home and took a hot bath. Mood +1.

She ate barbecue at night. Mood +1.

Lost sleep over worries. Mood -1. 2 hours later, she fell asleep.

Auto play earning: 0

“So lazy! You’ve been lying down all night?” Bai Yan shook his head.

He still remembered the first time he played this game, and he had summoned the Girl Psychic Elene. That girl had been practicing day and night without resting.

“Work hard, please! The world will be destroyed tomorrow. Babel Tower needs you!”

In fact, he knew that it was normal. Most of the time, the auto play earnings were zero. Even the most hard-working operators didn’t get stronger every day. The feedback from Babel Tower was not good, and the yield period was very long.

Bai Yan shook his head and clicked Nightsaber’s page.

Main Operator:

Name: Nightsaber

Gender: Female

Plane: Material

Level: Evolved

Race: Human

Main skill: Kill, Lurk, and Destroy

Class: Vigilante

Primary Attributes: STR: 42;INT: 35;DEX: 27

Secondary Attributes: Charm: 10;Loyalty: 3;Mood: 4


As nimble as a cat (DEX increased; Speed increased)

Glory and revenge (Greatly reduce the chance of Nightsaber’s mood dropping to 0)


Deep Blue World (Proficiency: 5%)

Crime hunting Blood—Dark (Bloodline)

Item: Night Blade x 1

Description: The disgraced successor of the legendary crime hunter clan. She was born with a huge responsibility. Revenge and reviving the family is her long-cherished wish.

Bai Yan was not in a good mood when he saw that Nightsaber's loyalty was very low.

Mood and Loyalty were essential to operators. Operators would be less efficient in training with low points in these two attributes. They would not be able to complete self-discipline missions and might even attack other operators or end up committing suicide.

Although they could not escape Babel Tower's control even if they committed suicide, reviving them would undoubtedly cost Bai Yan many resources.

“Well, maybe she should rest more.”

Then, he saw a small red logo on the upper right corner of the screen, indicating the presence of the main storyline in the game.

“99 days before the first apocalypse."

Bai Yan frowned slightly. He knew very well that he had to push the limit if he wanted to make a perfect completion.

He fell into deep thought and quickly had an idea.

Bai Yan glanced at Nightsaber. He knew that training would cause a decrease in mood and loyalty. Since these two points had not reached below 3, it meant that there was still room for training!

He could increase her mood and loyalty with other methods before she was ruined.

"The proficiency of Deep Blue World is only 5%. You need more training."

"In order to deal with the crisis, you have to become stronger quickly. Come on, Nightsaber!"

Bai Yan clicked on the “Training adjustment” and selected “Training simulation”.

“Operator Knight Nightsaber.”

“Training simulation, confirm.”

With no “Training adjustment Card", Bai Yan could only spend 10 points of Energy undergoing simulation training.

In Babel Tower, everything required a certain amount of Energy.

Currently, Bai Yan has 50 Legendary Points, which can be exchanged for 50 energy points. Since each new game gives 50 energy points, he now had 100 total.

Come on! Young Lady!

"Nightsaber, get up and train!"

The fog is dense, and it’s hard to see everything clearly.

Mu Ling was on her way to school.

There was no one in the Black Star Faction that knew her, so she still lived under the fake identity of a top and popular student at Helendor University.

The Babel Tower was more important for her, and studying was already put behind her.

Mu Ling raised her hand and looked at the black tower-shaped mark on the back of her hand.

“Babel Tower…”

From what she knew, Babel Tower was an ancient and mysterious organization. Its leader was called “Savior”, and she was “lucky” to be chosen as one of its members.

Mu Ling knew that the person who could control her without anyone noticing was definitely a very powerful existence. Perhaps he had also controlled many others like her.

Babel Tower might be an extremely large and mysterious organization that has existed for a very long time.

And their goal seemed to be… to save the world?

Mu Ling was confused. Was the world about to be destroyed?

Right at this moment, the surroundings suddenly became silent.

When Mu Ling came back to her senses, there was no one beside her.

Today's streets were very quiet.

What's going on?

[This is Imaginary Space. You will take Training Adjustment and Training Simulation here.]

A familiar young man's voice sounded in her mind, and Mu Ling subconsciously became nervous.

"Hmm?" She swallowed hard.

The Savior could bestow the power of an Outer God to her. He was definitely no ordinary powerful being.

In short, she was unable to resist any of his arrangements!

[Training begins.]

On the misty street, a huge black monster appeared out of thin air, with a large number of tentacles swaying.

Mu Ling was stunned as she realized that the black monster in front of her was actually the shadow of the Gravity of Darkness!

The next moment, the tentacles of the shadow shot out with great power!

Mu Ling stood rooted to the ground in shock.

And her body had split open!

It hurt, but it didn't seem as bad as she had thought.

Mu Ling fell to the ground, unable to move. More than half of her upper body had been shattered by the merciless tentacles. Her body was too badly mangled to be recognized.

[The pain level is 15% of the real world.]

When Mu Ling heard this, she gritted her teeth, and sweat covered her forehead.

"Why… why can't it be adjusted to zero?" Even though it was only 15% pain of the real world, it still hurt. However, she endured it and did not scream.

[It is possible. However, training with zero pain would be meaningless, and might even be detrimental instead.]

[Complete real pain can also cause you to break down. 15% is just right for training adjustment.]

'Damn! I don’t need an explanation!'

Mu Ling gritted her teeth as she clearly felt the pain.

The huge shadow monster roared and howled, spreading despair and darkness.

Fight! Right now!

Her shattered body quickly fused back together.

The battle began again. Mu Ling immediately hid and jumped into an empty mall nearby.

This time, she began to fight seriously, thinking about how she had won yesterday.

I can do it. As long as I perform perfectly…


The huge monster smashed through the wall and rushed into the deserted mall. Dozens of tentacles lashed out!

Mu Ling's expression turned cold as she gripped her black broadsword tightly and stepped forward.

Then she died again.

Her head was smashed into pieces.

What happened next was repeated again and again. After experiencing countless deaths, she felt like she was about to get used to the pain.

However, every time she was hit, she would realize that it was impossible to adapt.

"I’m done. Stop for a while."

"Let me rest for a while. I won't escape. Just a few minutes."

However, begging for mercy was useless. The voice in her mind didn't give her any feedback at all.

Mu Ling was about to break down, but she held it in.

The Savior had no emotions.

“I have to fight. I must use my weapons more skillfully.” Mu Ling took a deep breath and began to think about how to break through.

The black cross blade flew in her slender hands. She challenged the monster again and again but failed again and again. Gradually, Mu Ling found some skills.

Unlike other opponents, she had to have a wider battle awareness.

The attacks of large monsters could cover multiple angles, so she had to dodge with a larger range instead of using small angle movement techniques…

Gradually, Mu Ling persisted longer and longer!


The black blade came slashing down. Mu Ling gritted her teeth and struck the monster many times, but it did not feel like it was tearing flesh.

After all, it was just a shadow.

Finally, she successfully defeated the black figure in front of her.

[Congratulations, Nightsaber. Training is over.]

[Training Successful... Returning to real world...]


Mu Ling didn't reply and didn't even have the strength to speak.

Suddenly, everyone returned.

She was still standing in the street and immediately sat down.

People on the street saw a beautiful girl suddenly sitting on the ground, panting with a pale face.

Mu Ling lowered her head. She was so tired that she could not move a finger. Her eyes were lifeless, and her body was covered in sweat as if she had been thrown into a washing machine for three days.

“Finally, I’m out.” Mu Ling felt relaxed.

The Savior was crazy!